The Captain's Second Life. (1960)

Film-document №5283 2 parts, Duration: 0:20:08, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Semenova M.

Script writers: Braslavskiy L.

Operators: Epifanov G.


About captain II rank who became a Boarding school director.

Temporary description

Captain II-rank retired AT Kumpan - Director of the Tallinn Children's Home. AT Kumpan with orphans in a boat on the lake, the office talking to the offending pupil discipline. Meeting children with sailors of the Estonian fishing fleet. Sailors handed gifts to children. Visiting orphans Tallinn seaport. Daily life of children in the orphanage: at school, homework, discussion on children's behavior pupil council B. Volkhonskoje exploding wall newspaper that criticized him. Go V. Volkhonskoje at a children's rehabilitation receiver. AT Kumpan riding the train, meets with V. Volkhonsky; both returned back to the Tallinn Children's Home. Correspondence school inmates with the sailors of the Estonian fishing fleet.

Reel №1

Baltic sea coast under a cloudy sky - MS.

On the shore is AT Kumpan - captain II rank in retirement.

Baltic Sea (near the coast) - LS.

Waves domyvayut human footprints in the sand - CU.

At the orphanage in Nõmme in Tallinn came sailor AT Kumpan, children welcome guest with interest, consider a sailor.

Dagger on the belt of a naval officer - CU.

On a lake boat ride Nõmme children from the home, along with his director of AT Kumpanovym.

Lake landscape in Nõmme - LS.

Part of the building of an orphanage in Nõmme - MS.

Orphanage director Captain retired AT Kumpan with children standing at the window.

PNRM. the building - MS.

Bedrooms orphanage.

Children learn lessons in the classroom under the supervision of teacher.

The building and the orphanage - LS.

Orphanage director in the office talking with students who violate discipline (synchronously).

In the study included a group of boys, the director talks to children (synchronously).

Director talks with Tanya (synchronously).

AT Kumpan at home talking to their children.

AT Kumpan is home to a children's home, goes the bedroom, where the children are asleep, not sleeping boy calms Qurna.

AT Kumpan office scans personal files guys.

Face the orphans with different characters - CU.

Sailors fishing fleet in Tallinn are on a visit to the orphanage children, hand them gifts, talk with the children.

Reel №2

Sailor fishing fleet gives orphanages Valery Volkhonskaya his belt with a broad buckle.

Naval chiefs walk with children from an orphanage in the city, show them the fishing boats in the harbor.

Children's home in a pine forest - LS.

Orphanage director AT Kumpan in the office talking to a pupil Volkhonskaya (synchronously).

Wall newspaper with a caricature of Volkhonskoe who violated discipline.

Volkhonsky rips wall newspaper guys condemn his actions and detsovete decide to make a boy to make a new wall newspaper.

The children have lunch in the cafeteria.

Director AT Kumpan, teacher and detsovet discussing Volkhonskoe behavior.

The teacher drove the Volkhonskoe in detpriemniik.

Talking to the boy at the station (synchronously).

By train platform suited - LS.

The passengers and the teacher and the boy sit in the cars.

Train departs.

The children in the orphanage to receive and read the letter from the crew chefs, respond to the letter.

Fishing boat in the sea - LS.

Seagulls over the sea - LS.

Sailors read letters to children from the orphanage (synchronously).

AT Kumpan evening bypasses kids bedroom, went to train in Volkhonskaya.

White crests of the waves on the beach, towards Kumpanu runs and hugs his pupil Valery Volkhonsky.