Over the Highest Mountains. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev F.

Script writers: Kiselev F.

Operators: Efimov E., Levitan A.

Text writers: Shpikovskiy N.


The film is about Afghanistan, about assistance of the USSR to Afghanistan.

Temporary description

Mountains, canyons, ruined castles, statues of Buddha; desert; is a caravan of camels. Mountain river, waterfall. Jalalabad oasis: palm trees, sugar cane, fruit trees. City of Kabul. Palace of the King. King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah. Meeting of the Council of Ministers, the presence of Prime Minister Muhammad Daoud. The meeting of Parliament. Newsreel: reception Nikita Khrushchev, King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah, the signing of the Soviet-Afghan documents. Khrushchev's stay in Afghanistan (March, 1961.) Soviet-Afghan documents signed by Khrushchev and Mikhail Yes bpm. Economic assistance to the USSR in Afghanistan: the delivery of road equipment for the construction of highways, the Kushka-Herat-Kandahar, Soviet specialists and workers are working on building highways, hydroelectric plants, water reservoirs; scientific staff of the Leningrad Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering experience mock hydropower, which will be built in Afghanistan. Production at the plant Gidrouralmash turbines for power plants under construction in Afghanistan. Inauguration Dzhengalakskogo workshop factory. Speakers: King Mohammed Zahir Shah, the minister of mineral resources and industry Dr. Yusuf. Gorky Automobile Plant Specialists trained workers Dzhengalakskogo Automobile production processes. Rally to mark the opening of the construction of Jalalabad channel. Present: M. Daoud and the Soviet Ambassador SF Antonov. Soviet engineer Petrov introduces participants of the meeting with the project and plan to build a canal. Construction of a cement plant in the town of Puli Khumri with the Czechoslovak specialists. Production processes at the Kabul bakery, built with Soviet assistance. Construction of the terminal at Kabul Airport. Says (synchronously), the chief architect of the construction of SA Vorobiev. Afghan oil together with the Soviet, Czechoslovak and Romanian experts are exploring oil fields, working on the oil derrick. Afghan students are studying in higher educational institutions of the USSR. Classes with students of Kabul University, is Professor Voronin.

Reel №1

Sunrise over the mountains and fields of Afghanistan, on the Amu Darya and the port on the river, and the power of the oil production - total, average plans.

The mountain peaks covered with clouds, Afghanistan - panorama of.

Panorama, the ruins, the


The remains of an ancient temple with a statue of the Buddha - a common, medium, large plans.

Ancient coins found during excavations in the ruins - close-up.

Iskander Gorge - a common, average plans.

Card with roads connecting Afghanistan with other countries (Animation: beading - footage of past events in Afghanistan).

The ruins of the ancient fortress - a common, average plans.

Palagissar fortress - an outline of the top point.

The walls and towers of the fortress Palagissar - large, medium plans.

The city at the foot of the mountain - the overall plan.

The obelisk in the town of Maiwand, established in honor of the victory over the British - the general plan.

Tomb killed in battles with the colonizers - a common, average plans.

Apartment building - a fortress at the Khyber Pass - a common, average plans.

Farmers working in the fields in northern Afghanistan.

The Amu Darya River - the general plan.

Steamboats on the river - a common, average plans.

The Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow - the general plan.


Views a study of Lenin in the Kremlin - the average plan.

Cabinet of Lenin in the Kremlin - medium, large plans.

The message Lenin King of Afghanistan - close-up.

Kabul - an outline of the top point.

Palace of the King - the general plan and the top point.

Entrance to the palace of King of Afghanistan - the average plan.

King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah, in his office.

The building of the Council of Ministers of Afghanistan.

Prime Minister M. Dowd at the meeting.

Session of the Afghan Parliament.

Treaty of friendship between Afghanistan and the Soviet Russia, concluded in 1921 - close-up.

Khrushchev in the Kremlin takes Mohammed Zahir Shah.

Present AA Tromasko.

Khrushchev and King Mohammed Zahir Shah signed an agreement on further economic assistance to Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.

Agreement - close-up.

In different plants of the Soviet Union made machines, machines for Afghanistan.

Powerful cranes loaded truck to be sent to different countries under the agreements.

Train with cars, machinery and other goods in transit.

Convoy with goods in transit on the Amu Darya from the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

River Port Kyzyl-Kala on the Amu Darya in Afghanistan, built by the Soviet project and with the help of Soviet engineers and workers - a common, average plans.

Unloading of ships in port - the overall plan.

Runs on a powerful crane driver-Afghan - the average plan.

Loading on Afghan court cotton for shipment to the Soviet Union.

For the vessels unloaded the car, timber, oil, brought from the Soviet Union.

Cargo Ship "Kuban" in the port.

The well-equipped tank farm, built with Soviet assistance - general, A panorama.

The second phase of the port "Kyzyl-Kala" - warehouses.

Afghans working on a construction site.

Panorama, a variety of goods stamped "Made in the USSR" is based in the port.

Delivery of goods from the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, a new overland - by rail, going across the border to the border of the village Turgundi - the general plan.

Part of the railway - the average plan.

Composition is the engineer Ivanov.

Trains with goods in transit.

Reel №2

Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Mohammed Daoud Turgundi arrived at the station to meet one of the first trains arrived from the Soviet Union.

The new road is part of the machines, machines, road machinery.

In Turgundi is overloaded with platforms on car road equipment for motorway construction Kushka-teratoma-Kandahar.

Panorama, transfer station Turgundi - an outline of the top point.

There is a construction site on Highway Kushka-teratoma - a common, average plans.

Afghan workers are working and Soviet specialists.

Operate excavators, bulldozers and other road vehicles of Soviet manufacture.

Laying gravel road base - the average plan.

City teratoma - a common, average plans.

The streets of the city.

The ancient mosque.

Alisher Navoi tomb - the average, the overall plan.

Soviet people - road builders Kushka-teratomas laying flowers at the tomb of the poet.

Herati carpet-weaving carpets.

Finished carpets - the average plan.

PNRM., Skullcaps of Herat zolotoshveev - the average plan.

Work chasers and jeweler.

Young Afghan operates the machine - medium, large plans.

Soviet specialists in the school to train future mechanics tractor, excavator and others.

Shifting sands in the arid desert - a common, average plans.

Snow-capped mountains - the average plan.

Footbridge across a mountain turbulent river, built by the Italians.

Soviet explorers in 1956, came to the valley of the river to explore the Salang highway and road design in the Hindu Kush.

Engineer AB Toroziya, PA Putkaradze at work in the exploration of the road.

The first construction explosions rock in the Hindu Kush mountains on the future site of the road.

Working on the construction machinery, specialists and workers.

Along the Salang built stone retaining sidewalls prevent collapse.

Construction of the road in difficult conditions, steep peaks pass Zimistan.

Laying the way blasting.

Eagle sits on a high cliff.

Bird soars above the mountains.

Powerful explosion in a valley - the general plan.

Machines remove snow on the peaks of the Hindu Kush.

Head snezhnolavinnoy station Soviet engineer explains Chertanov bulldozer Sandu Mamat Aidarova hazard work snowbeds - total, average plans.

Machine leveled road surface on stony ground - a common, average plans.

Settlement construction dear soul at the foot - panorama of.

Hindzhan settlement - the general plan.

Hindzhan river.

Hindzhan village street.

Installation of the bridge on the river Hindzhan.

Afghans working-riveters, crane.

Builders truss bridge being moved from one coast to the other by cranes.

Old people who have come from the mountains, stare on new cars.

Young Afghan operates the machine.

92-year-old Mohammed Salih talks with the head of the construction.

Old men go on donkeys on the new road.

Constructed single-span bridge.

Ready two-span bridge.

Ready bridge - four-span over the river Anderab.

Ready pyatiproletny bridge over Khanabad.

On the bridge is a car.

Ready part of the road - the general plan.

Cars on the road.

Landscapes shot with motion - the average plan

Reel №3

Farmers Kashtaganskoy province in the north of the country are treated seedlings of rice, cotton green bushes - an outline of the plane, the average plan.

Blooming cotton - medium shot.

Eared wheat field on a background of mountains - the overall plan.

Layout northern Afghanistan, indicating the road that runs through shibari to Kabul (to motorway construction) and the new freeway will shorten the way to 200 km, with a tunnel at the pass Zimistan.

Pass tunnel in Zimistan - the average plan.

Landscape areas to the south of Hindu Kush - a common, average plans.

Vegetation, glaciers, waterfalls, mountain river, palm - Panorama.

Sugar cane plantations.

Orchards and vineyards with a plentiful crop of fruit on irrigated desert - a common, medium, large plans.

In Jalalabad basin lie parched sands with prickly grass - an outline of the top point.

Grand opening of the Jalalabad canal construction in the summer of 1960 at a large jirga of the tribes: the old farmer - close-up.

Came to the rally, Prime Minister Sardar Mohammed Daoud.

Soviet Ambassador Antonov among the guests at the rally.

Soviet engineer Petrov familiarizes participants with the project and the plan to build a canal.

At the rally, advocates Mohammad Daud.

Rally participants listen.

M. Dowd presses the detonator.

Symbolic explosion on the ground, where they will feed.

River Kabul - a common, average plans.

PNRM., Darunita gorge where the dam will block the river Kabul - the overall plan.

Construction of dams and reservoirs on the river Paghman Hag near Kabul - a common, average plans.

Machines work Afghan workers, Soviet specialists - a common, medium, large plans.

Minister of Public Works and the Chief Kabir building tanks with engineer Luradovym Sidorenko and direct its work.

Vast reservoir Hag - the general plan.

Irrigation system that provides water fields Kabul province.

Wheat field - the general plan.

Among the fields is a new elevator.

New cement plant - the overall plan.

Kshilaa Puli Khumri - the general plan (25 years ago).

Large industrial city, which grew on the site of the village Puli Khumri - panorama.

Textile mill - the average plan.

Construction of a cement plant in Puli Khumri, in cooperation with the Czechoslovak specialists.

Czechoslovak and Afghan engineer working on the construction.

Miners working in the coal mines in the car.

Kare (by hand).

Hydroelectric dam in Puli Khumri.

Construction of a new thermal power plant in Puli Khumri with Soviet assistance.

People work machine.

Construction managers sit TPP - Soviet engineers and Afghan experts.


A device that allows to use the river water twice Kunduz.

Hydroelectric power plant in Sarov at the Kabul River - a common, average plans.

Turbine Hall TPP.


Holiday workers TPP.

Reel №4

Landscape of the Kabul River near Naghlu - panorama, general plans.

The planned model in Afghanistan's largest hydroelectric power station (60 sq. m.), Which will be built on the Kabul river in brazen.

In Leningrad, the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering PhD folding and senior engineer Lobashov has monitored the action of water on the planned layout.

Authors of the project TPP Naghlu the Tashkent branch of the institute "Hydroenergoproject" make a mark on the master plan.

An explosion at a thermal power plant construction projects.

Builders at work on the preparation of the construction site.

Drummer playing on a building site - close-up.

Plant "Uralhydromash" - the average plan.

Factory workers made turbines for Afghan TPP.

Figures future TPP.

Cement plant in Dzhabalde-Sarid-general, close-up.

Dzhengalaksky automobile plant - the overall plan.

King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah, the ministers and government leaders arrived for the opening ceremony of automotive factory in July 1960

Rally opens interior minister and industry Dr.


The King congratulated the builders with the end of the work and cuts the ribbon.

Guests visiting the shops and factory products - hardware, spare parts.

Mark of the milling machines in

Tarvion - close-up.

Guests visiting the shop floor equipment, supplied from the Soviet Union.

Soviet workers trained Afghans working on complex machines in the machine shop of the plant.

Workers assemble cars.

Young factory workers engaged in educational groups combine.

Soviet engineer instructor Fadeev deals with the workers.

Frezerovschitsa Mamed Yasan in class.

Linear shop car repair plant; work in electric-caster Afghans.

In forge smiths-Afghans.

Afghan workers are trained in Tashkent repair plant.

Afghan workers return after practice to his home (new bus ride).

Operate a motor vehicle in the Kabul bakery, built by the Soviet Union.

Former peasant Mehamed Aline manages complex machines for bakery.

Soviet engineer Malin, Afghan Ahmadjan Saeed, chief engineer of the elevator Mohammed Aziz, Ahmed Lemar at work in the bakery shops.

Chief Engineer bakery Sultan Mohammed Ghulam Dostagir chief power in the dough factory shop (Mohammed Aziz, Sultan Mohammed Ghulam Dostagir will go to Moscow to learn).

Young workers and workers in the confectionery shop preparing pastries.

Meetings of the Technical Board of the plant.

Head of the pieces of grain, CEO Asaf Mahammad, Chief Engineer Abdul Wand performing on technical advice.

The workers go on bakery.

Bread Factory in Kabul - the overall plan.

Layout of the new airport - the overall plan.

Soviet specialists, designing and helping to build the airport, talking with Afghan builders.

Surveyor works - the average plan.

Site clearance for the airport.

Exploding mountain that prevents build the runway - the average plan.

Machines work on the construction of the airfield: excavators, bulldozers and other.

Reel №5

The construction of the terminal building - a common, average plans.

Chief engineer and director of construction Fedorov construction Hazyk Khan at the facility.

The chief architect of building SA Vorobyov says what the air terminal (synchronously).

Paintings from the album of the airport - close-up.

Engineer Gusev rolls Afghan friends in a car at the airfield airfield.

Ready airfield (removed from the movement) - the overall plan.

The first oil rigs in Afghan promvenah steppes Mazar Chierifskoy province - panorama of plans.

Soviet, Romanian and Czechoslovak specialists are working together oil exploration.

Seismic exploration.

Seismogram with indicator of the presence of oil - medium, large plans.

Test the flow of oil and gas in the area Yakhita-Tag.

Is gas - burning torch - close-up.

Went first oil.

President of Oil Ghulam Ali Khan, chief engineer Lukyan Ion and chief Dontsov make the analysis of the sample.

Thorez Mazar Sherif - center of the oil industry in Afghanistan - the overall plan.

Blue Mosque in the city - a common, medium, large plans.

The streets of the city.

Baku - the general plan.

Young Afghans get experience in the Baku oil fields from the Soviet oil industry - engineer Ali Agha Hasanov and others.

Afghan Ammanula Reza learns turbodrills repair the older mechanics Bogoslavskaya.

Afghan oil studying in Baku, meet with offshore oil.

Noble oilman Dadashev tells visitors about the turbine drilling directional wells in the open sea.

Panorama, MSU on Lenin Hills - an outline, summer.

Afghan students are engaged in the laboratory of Professor Kupritsa in food technology institute.

Professor Kupritsa talks to Afghan Sultan Mohammed and Mohammed Aziz.

Students at a lecture, reading a professor Tatalin.

Afghan students studying at MSU - the future of nuclear physics at the student party.

Mohammad Nouri Sheriff speaks on behalf of all Afghans (synchronously).

MSU students - Soviet and foreign young men and women dancing.

Russian textbook.

Reading room in the library at Kabul University.

Radio Electronics Laboratory, part of the equipment which is manufactured and presented to the University.

Professor Voronin is engaged with the students in the lab.

Afghan girl, who shot a veil, are engaged in the Kabul University.

In the streets of Kabul are a girl without a veil and chador.

Buses, pedestrians, cyclists on the streets of Kabul.

Traffic in Kabul.

Pass the school bus.

PNRM., Building houses in Kabul - a common, average plans.

The machine crushes gravel for construction.

Afghans work.

Machine pours out in Kabul.

Wide, green streets with new beautiful houses, decorated in honor of meeting Khrushchev.

Panorama, Kabul (filmed from the top of, the general plan).

Residents in the streets of Kabul welcomed Khrushchev, who arrived here in March 1960 with a friendly visit.

Khrushchev accompanied honorary escort passes through the streets of the city to meet him and welcomed the Afghans.

Khrushchev speaking at a rally held at the Kabul stadium after his arrival.

People warmly welcomed guest.

Khrushchev and Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud signed the Soviet-Afghan communique.

Obelisk independence of Afghanistan.

The national flag of Afghanistan - close-up.