Moving to the Equator to Get Tunas. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Operators: Trankvillitskiy U.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Zenin S.


About the performance of Soviet fish trawlers to find out whether it is possible to work in the equatorial Atlantic Ocean to fish tunas.

Reel №1

The ocean is a trawler (in waves) - MS.

Gulls in the sky - LS.

Aboard the trawler ichthyologist Solonin, hydrologist Hinetov engineer Kolesnikov, engineer ichthyologist Komarov, engineer hydrochemists Torin, head of the expedition Dolgov conduct scientific research (measured by the speed and direction of ocean currents, water temperature, etc.) - MS., CU.

The commander of credits and other members of the expedition looking through binoculars.

Carried by a flock of dolphins - LS.

Trawler on the waves (shakes).

Shoal of tuna in the ocean, seagulls - LS.

Members of the expedition to catch tuna bait fishing rods.

To recharge profit sailors trawl catch sardines.

The sailors on the deck is cut fish.

Tuna are large.

Ichthyologists measure the length of the tuna.

Evening over the ocean.

Members of the expedition on the deck with the devices.

Sailors determine the position of the vessel in relation to the equator.

Soviet flag on the equator - MS.

Re-enactment: the god Neptune presents the chief of the expedition sesame from the seas and oceans.

Beginners, crossing the equator, bathed in the font, all award diplomas certifying the intersection of the equator.

Longline tuna fishing practices.

Falls overboard cord length of 50-100 km.


Animation: circuit stage.

Reel №2

Seagulls - MS.

The captain tells the Lipatov choose tier.

Sailors selected tier.

With the gear on the deck pulled out a few sharks.

Pull a 70-kg yellowfin tuna.

Meeting the crew and members of the expedition, to celebrate the 7th of November.

Captain presents all the greetings and congratulations - letters from home.

Ship in the ocean.

Seagulls over water - LS.

Meeting with fishermen - Senegalese.

Sailors share with the Senegalese fish, treat Russian bread.

Scientific staff treated materials expedition.

The ship is in the ice Baltic.

The sailors on the ship cut away the ice.

The meeting of sailors and members of the expedition with family and friends - MS., CU.