For a Technical Progress. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Nebylickiy B.

Script writers: Zlobin A.

Operators: Borodyaev U., Mikheev I., Nebylickiy B., Tsitron V.


About fastening the scientific and technical progress.

Temporary description

Film about the implementation of the June Central Committee Plenum of the CPSU the acceleration of technological progress in practice. The development of new products, machines, devices, mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes in industrial enterprises of Moscow: the machine-tool factory "Red Proletarian" Ordzhonikidze, the plant of small cars Likhachev, factories Red hero, "" ball bearing " "Frazier", "Fizpribor; at shoe factories" Proletariat "," Puffin on the perfume factory, "New Dawn", on Scherbakovskaya combine artificial tissues, Second Watch Factory, at the First Moscow Furniture Factory and others. Remote control heating and power plants. Engine automatic control and alarm "Mars" used in industrial enterprises. Director of the Institute of Automation and robot Academy of Sciences. VA Trapeznikov says (synchronously) on the prospects of automation in the relationship of science and production.

Reel №1

Moscow - LS. (From the top point, summer).

Industrial districts of Moscow - LS. (Helicopter).

A new residential area of ​​Moscow - LS. (From top position, with movement).

The building of the Moscow City Economic Council - LS. (Top point).

Sign Mosgorsovnarhoza - CU.

Trucks in the courtyard of the Moscow Likhachev automobile plant (ZIL) - LS. (From top position, with movement).

Ready buses in the yard of the plant, is loaded trucks on the railway platform - LS.

A crane transports trucks - MS.

On the streets of Moscow, passing car "Moskvich» - LS., MS.

Passing new limousine car factory Likhachev - LS.

The test of a powerful all-terrain vehicle "ZIL - 131."

Running the new high aggregate machine created at the Moscow plant Ordzhonikidze.

Hand holds the women's watches with Moscow mark - CU.

New bottle of perfume - CU.

Moscow ready to vacuum production.

Ready refrigerators "ZIL" in the shop of the plant - LS.

The street is a turner plant "Red Proletarian" Kuz'min - participant of the June Plenum KPSSS.

Kuz'min a group of his comrades.

Shop factory "Red Proletarian" in working time - LS.

Kuz'min at work at the machine.

Improved working lathe - CU.

Plot the first brigade of communist labor in the shop of the plant - LS., PNRM.

Works automatic machine for the production of gears - LS., MS., CU.

Adjusters serving line.

Fitters foreman Nikolai Minaev at the bench.

Comrades congratulated N. Minaev with successful completion of college (synchronously).

The workers of Communist labor brigades of various plants of Moscow - CU., MS.

Poster: "It employs a team of communist labor foreman Varvarkina Faith" in the shop of the Moscow Automobile and Tractor Plant equipment.

Varvarkina faith and her team in the shop for production of electromagnetic relays - LS., CU.

Anatoly Pozdnyakov the plant named after Vladimir Lenin, the initiator of the movement for the revision of the design technology of machines in the shop talking with their colleagues.

Valentine Petrischeva, factory worker Frunze, the struggle for the reduction of production costs by every worker in the shop at work at the spinning machine.

Hands spinners - CU.

Muscovite Sergey Siviglia at the Leningrad Metal Works demonstrates his method of work.

Boring Machine Works - CU.

Leningradets Alexander Semenov at the Moscow plant Ordzhonikidze demonstrates their tools for high-precision coordinate boring.

Small machine, created by Hero of Socialist Labor fitter Yegorov for winding transformers finest impulsive - CU., MS.

Animation: diagram of the machine.

Boris Yegorov in the shop at work at the machine.

Detail of the clock at the tip of the tweezers - CU.

Second Watch Factory locksmith George Cowards in the shop at work.

Girls work at the bench.

Powered mechanical arm and vibrating hopper by George Troussov to install blanks hours.

Operate machines that replace human labor.

Moscow factory assembly shop small cars (ZMA).

The shop is Tamara Eljanov technologist.

Tamara Eljanov in the shop talking to the members of the Public Commission for the SEE processes.

Worker produces pumping the brakes manually.

Automatic pumping the brakes with a mechanical arm.

Worker builder takes wheel of a car on your hands.

Transport machine takes the wheel.

Garbage tightening the screws on the wheel of a car key.

A new way of tightening the gulls with the wrench, increasing productivity by five times.

Wrench - CU.

Car assembly shop ZMA - LS.

Conveyor at Moscow perfume factory "New Dawn."

Bottling spirits manually.

New Equipment for bottling of spirits in the factory.

Reel №2

Department of chemical and pharmaceutical plants; workers manually packed biomitsin - PNRM.

Hands packed biomitsin - CU. PNRM.

The car, which replaced manual labor, packs tablets biomitsin - LS., CU.

Varnishing furniture old manual way.

The new machine will automatically cover the panel with a thin layer of varnish - LS., CU.

Varnishing galoshes in the shop plant "Red Hero" by hand.

New installation for coating galoshes in electrostatic field.

Lacquered galoshes on the conveyor.

Manual winding anchors on EQUIPMENT PLANT.

Armature winding process produces a machine designed by Moscow engineers.

Ready anchor - LS.

Welding booths old way on car Likhachev.

Welding shop of the plant body in a new way of welding machines.

Shop blank soles for footwear enterprises in the factory, "Workers".

Master B. Tolkachev works at a machine with a large selection of stamps.

For the machine working woman - CU.

Conveyor finished products at the factory, "Workers» - LS.

Production hall in a shoe factory "Puffin» - LS.

Shoes on the conveyor - PNRM.

Ready men dress shoes - MS.

Ready ladies dress shoes - MS.

With looms Shcherbakovskaya plant go silk fabrics of different colors.

Workshop for production of faux fur at the plant, machines work - LS., MS., CU. PNRM.

Women try on fur coats faux fur.

Demonstration samples of artificial fur garments and printed fabrics of the new bright colors, the costumes of nylon.

Demonstrated new furniture made in Moscow.

First Moscow shop furniture factory - MS.

Has one of the production lines - MS., LS., CU.

Assembly line furniture - PNRM., LS.

Auto production line of fluorescent lamps to electric lamp factory.

Individual mechanical line in action.

Control department at the factory - LS.

Plant engineers Marshak and Vasiliev have a powerful electric lamp of 30,000 watts, they have created.

Workshop 2nd Watch Factory - LS.

Pickers working hours - MS., CU.

The device of automatic control and regulation of movements.

Hands collect men's watch - MS., CU.

Ready Digital Watch - CU.

Alarms various forms issued by the second watch factory.

PNRM. Time to hand.

Assembling TV "Temp-3" on the production line of the Moscow radio factory.

Ready TV on the conveyor.

Verify the new TV model, "Temp-7" in the plant laboratory.

Kinescopes - MS.

Ready TV "Temp-7» - CU.

Color image on the TV screen (Day demonstration on Red Square) - MS.

Design Bureau; designers at work - PNRM., LS., MS., CU.

Designer M. Korchiin and others for the development of the automated line.

Automatic line layout.

Ready automatic line created on the layout in the factory for automobile Ordzhonikidze Likhachev.

Testing of the new automatic line.

Reel №3

Shop factory "Red Proletarian" in working time - LS.

Leading designer of the plant V. Gurov in the shop to test and debug the automatic line for the production of trees.

Handling metal shaft on machine automatic line - LS., MS., CU.

From the machine goes finished part - MS.

Finished part - MS.

Shop-machine at the first State Ball-Bearing Plant - LS.

The woman at the controls.

Machines to produce parts and assemble bearings - MS., CU.

Electronic check the ball surface.

Automatic control of the finished products.

Automatic line of designer Sigodzinskogo bearing plant in the shop - LS., MS.

Machines make cases for hours - LS., MS., CU.

Machine works in the office of the plant "Frazier": the machine copies the drawings and wire transfers them to the shop.

Steel hand machine produce galvanized parts for televisions.

The woman at the controls of a gun.

The shop chemical-pharmaceutical factory machines perform operations for the production of vials.

A worker at the machine.

Automatic devices monitoring manufacturing processes antibiotic - PNRM.

Boilers, which is preparing glycerol.

Finished medicine - CU., PNRM.

Automatic instruments that monitor the operation of thermal power plants.

Hall TPP - LS.

The working mechanism of a thermal power station "Mars" and alarm shop vulcanized rubber footwear factory "Red Hero".

A worker at the Eugene Nemchinov machine.

"Mars" will signal a fault press № 55.

Master troubleshooting.

Automatic devices off the production line of the plant "TIZ - the device."

Institute scientists automatically teplomehaniki Academy of Sciences of the USSR in the workers inspect they created a device for monitoring and controlling chemical processes - oil and other materials.

Among scientists - Director Academician VA Trapeznikov.

VA Trapeznikov speaks of the importance of automata (synchronously).

Cathode mathematical machine "MH-10".

Animation: aircraft, missile, rolling mill.

A large group of engineers gathers individual parts of the computer, "MN-20."

The finished machine "MN-20» - PNRM., CU.

Academician SA Lebedev - the creator of the "MH-20" - the car.

Machine solves the first math problem.

An operator at the control panel.

Machine "MH-10", the author - working Egorov.

Hero of Socialist Labor, Academician SA Lebedev and working Egorov talking.

Operate machines in various industries.

Industrial district of Moscow - LS. PNRM.

Plant "ZIL» - LS. PNRM.

The workers go to work - LS., MS.

Moscow - LS. (Top point).