The Art Of Folk Craftsmen.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Fomina Z.

Operators: Prudnikov M.

Text writers: Ryss E.


About the exposition of applied arts of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in the Central Exposition Hall of Moscow.

Historical background

Exhibition of folk applied arts Russia in the main exhibition hall of Moscow in the summer of 1960

Temporary description

The exhibition of folk applied art of Russia in the central exhibition hall (the Manege), wooden products of carvers from the village of Bogorodskoye, Khotkovo Zagorskogo area; Gorodetskaya Khokhloma and painting; Gzhel china, silverware, and rugs of Daghestan masters, Russian manual lace lace Vologda and Kirov regions, city Yelets; made of bone masters sat Lomonosovo Arkhangelsk region. Boxes, utensils made of silver, of iron masters of the Red Village (near the town of Kostroma), Artel "North black" from the city of Veliky Ustyug. Stand with products from Stone of folk artists of the Urals. Products from papier-mache, painted with lacquer painting masters villages: Fedoskino, Palekh, Mstera, Holuy. Embroidery; products of colored glass. Hall of tissues. Demonstration models of clothes, embroidered, lace, beads, made in Khokhloma. Hall of Russian folk toys. The demonstration room, product design craftsmen: furniture, rugs, knick-knacks.

Reel №1

About Applied Arts of the RSFSR in the Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow.

Hands of a potter working - close-up.

Hand writes picture varnish - close-up.

Attentive eyes of the artist - a close-up.

Lace hands at work - close-up.

Mistress paints toys - close-up.

Hands cut a figure of a tree - close-up.

Carver Badaev at work (in the pavilion).

Exhibition halls of folk art (panorama) Visitors view the exhibits.

Master Badaev the exhibition shows visitors the art of wood carving.

Wood products work Bogorodsko masters: "Bear photographed side of the moon" - Badayeva, "Troika" Maximov.

Products carvers cooperative "Folk Art" from the city Khotkovo, lamb and Churilov.

Panorama of boxwood chess - close-up.

Wooden children's furniture with paintings - the work of masters Gorodets Gorky region.

Khokhloma artists products (a large variety of subjects).

Artists who have graduated from art school Khokhloma Gorky region at work in the studio.

Khokhloma furniture (the combination of colors of black and red and gold).

Products from the horns on the exhibition stand - panorama, medium, close-up.

Products from plexiglas stand - close-up.

Visitors to the Hall of ceramics - the overall plan.

Ceramic articles - close-up.

Panorama - the masters of the city Skopin Ryazan region.

Products from Gzhel porcelain - panorama, medium, close-up.

Pottery, created in the Dagestani village Balkhar, at the stands - medium, large plans.

Water pours from the black key in the crock - close-up.

Women go with pitchers on stony street Dagestani village.

Balkhar mountain village in Dagestan - the overall plan.

On the roof of the home dried pottery, yard female artist potters and make pots and paint them - medium, large plans.

Products Dagestani goldsmiths at the show: a wine master Dzhamaludinova service, flower vase of Alikhanov and other products.

Russian rugs in the exhibition hall - a common, large panorama.

Carpets from Kabardino-Balkaria - medium, large plans.

Kabardino-Balkaria in the exhibition hall carpet woven carpet in the presence of visitors.

Carpets "South Ossetia" and "Soviet Bashkiria" in the exhibition - a close-up.

Russian hand lace and lace products.

Products from the farm village craftsmen bone Lomonosovo Arkhangelsk region.

Cup "New Tundra" carver Tur'eva bones and other work.

Miniature three-dimensional sculptures Tobolsk masters.

Reel №2

Jewelry Russian masters of the Red village near Kostroma of the farm "North mob" Veliky Ustyug - medium, large plans.

Products from the Ural stone - medium, large plans.

Products craftsmen lacquer painting - an outline.

Fedoskino box: "The Humpbacked Horse" Tolstov, "Dance" Troika "Kopasheva," Boldin "insurance.

Fears artist at work in the studio Fedoskino (lurid box "Boldin") - medium, large plans.

Young artists Fedoskino at work in the studio - panorama.

Boxes made of papier-mâché works by artists Fedoskino.

Wall with embroidery work in different areas.

Wool and fur of Nanai masters - the average plan.

Hall Research Institute of Arts industry - the overall plan.

The best examples of folk art at the stand in the hall of the Institute.

Craft of stained glass works of masters Krasnoye Ushna.

Institute staff talk with visitors.

Hall of tissues by Russian masters: decorative handicraft fabrics, fabrics for dresses.

Demonstration of women's dresses from artisanal fabrics and embellishments of folk artists (on models).

Demonstrates elegant dress on a girl - the average plan.

Hall of Russian folk toys - the overall plan.

Variety of toys on the stand - medium, large plans.

Tula and Vyatka toys on the stand.

Samples of living rooms, decorated products craftsmen.

Exhibition hall with a model of Russian nature.

Visitors to the exhibition - the general view.

Sculpture of Lenin from a tree in the exhibit hall.