The May Day Moscow.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I., Setkina I.


The Military Parade and Demonstration held in Moscow on May 1, 1960 (the Day of International Solidarity of working People celebrated on May 1).

Temporary description

Celebration on May 1 in Moscow. Dawn over Moscow, fly pigeons. Red Square. The troops of the Moscow garrison ready for the parade. Party and Government leaders on the podium of the Mausoleum. Among them: Khrushchev, Voroshilov and others. Malinovsky takes parade. Moskalenko gives a report. Speaker Malinovsky. Military parade on Red Square. Pass students: the Frunze Military Academy, Military-Political Academy, Lenin Artillery Engineering Academy named after Dzerzhinsky, the Academy of armored and mechanized forces of the Stalin, the Military Engineering Academy named after Kuibyshev, the Air Force Academy Zhukovskii; are sailors of the Baltic, cadets, nahimovtsy. Drive through mechanized units of the Taman division, heavy artillery, is combined orchestra; athletes, protesters, and the children are awarded to members of the Government flowers. Evening Moscow. Salut.

Reel №1

Waving flag - CU.

PNRM. Moscow at dawn.

Pigeons on a bridge over the Moscow River and in the air - MS., LS.

Moscow (with the top point).

Flowers - MS.

PNRM. at the Grand Theatre.

Girl with flowers.

The boy is a girl.

The demonstrators in the streets - LS.

Red Square, there are troops (on top).

Faces of the soldiers, sailors and officers - CU.

Guest Tribune.

Guests in the stands - CU., MS.

Go and climb the podium of the Mausoleum leaders of the Communist Party and the Soviet government - LS., MS.

Parade commander Marshal KS Moskalenko gave a report parades Soviet Defence Minister Marshal of the Soviet Union Rodion Malinowski (synchronously).

RY Malinowski, accompanied by KS Moskalenko goes round and welcomes troops in Red Square, and Hunter's Row on Gorky Street.

Marshal Malinovsky gets out and goes to the Mausoleum.

Fanfaristy play - MS.

Marshal Malinovsky Speaks (synchronous) - MS.

Troops are stationed - MS., CU.

Officer stands with a banner - CU.

Fireworks in the Kremlin, shoot guns - LS.

Pioneers on the guest stands (salute) - MS.

Marshal Moskalenko travels by car - MS.

Ceremonial parade.

On the mausoleum of the Soviet government members and guests: KE Voroshilov, NS Khrushchev, Otto Grotewohl, MA Suslov, FR Kozlov, AB Aristov, EA Furtseva, AI Mikoyan, O. Kuusinen, NM Shvernik, NA Mukhitdinov NG Ignatov, RI Malinowski and other military leaders.

Pass the sailors of the Baltic Fleet.

Go to students of the Higher Military Command School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

Go to the border guards.

Students pass the Moscow and Tula Suvorov schools.

Students pass Leningrad Nakhimov schools.

Reel №2

On Red Square passing mechanized Taman Division Kalinin.

On the podium - Voroshilov, Malinowski, Khrushchev, NA Mukhitdinov Ignatov Grotewohl and others.

Moving units of airborne troops.

On Red Square are tanks, artillery of various calibers.

Pass the missile troops.

On the podium of the marshals of the Soviet Union.

Guests in the stands - MS.

On Red Square is the combined brass band.

On Red Square are the pioneers, the Komsomol, the columns are the workers of Moscow.

The parade of athletes.

The Mausoleum of children are running, give members of the government flowers.

On Red Square are crowds of demonstrators with flags and various banners.

Government members and guests in the stands greeted the demonstrators.

Evening Moscow - LS.

Illumination on a building telegraph at the Kiev station.

Fireworks in the Kremlin.

Shooting guns, fireworks in the sky and on the background of the Kremlin towers.

Illuminated slogans.