Nikita Khrushchev in Afghanistan.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev F.

Operators: Generalov N.


The film tells about the stay of the Head of the Soviet Government Nikita Khrushchev in Afghanistan.

Temporary description

Landscapes of Afghanistan. Types of Kabul. Landing the plane. From the airplane goes Khrushchev and his entourage. Meeting at the airport. Visits Khrushchev King of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah, Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud. NS Khrushchev's visit to Kabul airport, being built with the help of Soviet specialists, bakery, equipped with Soviet equipment. The meeting at Ghazi Stadium. The people welcomed Khrushchev. Speaker Khrushchev. The signing of the Soviet-Afghan communiqués and agreements on cultural cooperation. Communique signed by Khrushchev and Mohammad Daoud. Reception in honor of the Prime Minister of Afghanistan. Speaker Khrushchev. The Soviet delegation departs for home.

Reel №1

Landscapes of the mountains of Afghanistan - LS., MS.

Landscape mountain river - LS., MS.

PNRM. the oasis.

Irrigation canal and dam - LS., MS.

Power line.

PNRM. a village on the power line.

Kabul Bakery - LS., MS.

The aircraft "IL-18" in the air - LS., MS.

Kabul (the plane).

Street and area of ​​Kabul.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Afghanistan - MS., CU.

Meeting NS Khrushchev at the Bagram airfield.

Meet the king of Afghanistan Mohammad Zahir Shah, Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud and others.

Khrushchev, King Mohammed Zahir Shah pass before the guard of honor.

King Mohammed Zahir Shah delivers a greeting.

With the response the speaker NS Khrushchev.

Children presented with NS Khrushchev flowers.

Chehelsotuna palace - residence of Khrushchev.

Palace of the King of Afghanistan - LS., MS.

Khrushchev gives Mohammed Zahir Shah gives him a copy of the pendant and delivered to the moon.

NS Khrushchev, Gromyko and Mikhailov at a reception at the Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud.

Khrushchev and his entourage visited the construction of civil airport, which is constructed with the help of the Soviet Union.

Khrushchev examines mock airfield.

Mock airfield.

Construction of the airfield.

Reel №2

Bakery plant in Kabul, built by the Soviet Union - LS., MS. (Top point).

NS Khrushchev visits the bakery.

Khrushchev presented with a cake.

Shop cutting test - LS., MS.

Automatic planter - CU.

NS Khrushchev examines the bakery shop and talking to the workers.

Baked bread, rolls, loaves - CU.

PNRM. for cakes and bread.

Civic reception in honor of Khrushchev's Ghazi Stadium in Kabul, the people welcomed Khrushchev.

Khrushchev platform welcomes the people of Kabul.

Dzhangalaksky repair plant - LS. (Top point).

PNRM. The hull of the plant - MS.

Khrushchev, Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud and their attendants visiting the plant.

Afghan worker at the bench - CU., PNRM.

Pouring steel - CU.

Sledgehammer has a hot ingot - CU.

NS Khrushchev was photographed with the plant workers.

Flags of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union - CU.

The signing of the joint communiqué signed by Khrushchev.

Signs Mohammed Daoud.

Kabul city (night) - LS.

Reception of the NS Khrushchev in honor of Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud: Khrushchev greets guests at the table.

Acts Mohammed Daoud.

Seeing Khrushchev at the airport.

Khrushchev made a speech.

Khrushchev presented with flowers.

The aircraft "IL-18" up in the air.

The mountainous landscape of Afghanistan - LS. (The plane).