Laboratory in the ocean (1965)

Documentary №53672, 1 film, duration: 0:17:50
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:N. Nikitkin
Screenwriters:V. Krasiljschikov
Camera operators:A. Popov


The film is about the study of the ocean with the help of fisheries research vessel "Akademik Knipovich."

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Calm waters of the ocean, the sky in clouds.

Path of light from the setting sun on the water.

Ship (research vessel "Akademik Knipovich") in the ocean.

From the ship wireline scientific equipment.

Scientists in sailor uniforms take out equipment from the ocean, take samples of raised ground.

Descends into the water apparatus for photographing the bottom.

From the ocean take out device, which makes the water sampling at a predetermined depth.

Laboratory on board the ship, the scientists treated the resulting materials, working with a microscope.

Close-up: hand with a pencil making digital recordings.

A drop of water under a microscope: small crustaceans.

Researcher in the suit in the depths of the sea: the study of the behavior of krill.

The ship sails.

Krill grazing alongside the vessel.

Special nets caught krill from the water.

Studying krill measure the ruler laid out on the banks.

Trawling dumps catch of krill in the open hatch on deck.

Krill is moving on the conveyor belt.

Ice floes in the ocean, the birds circling over the water.

Meeting in the ocean with another ship.

With one ship to another fuel pumped through the pipes.

Floe unusual shape.

The device is ready for use.

Descent from the deck of the ship trawl large flock of birds in the air.

Tral lifted out of the water.

Birds fly over the sea (albatross), one of them sits on the water.

Trawl on the deck.

Trawl fish under the pressure of the hose follows the deck.

Fish (herring) rolls on the conveyor belt.

Ocean waves.

On the horizon the sun goes down, the dark clouds in the sky.

Various plans of moving water of the ocean.

Appearance research vessel "Akademik Knipovich" Man climbs up the mast of the ship.

PNRM. from the top of the mast - water everywhere.

Trawl pulled from the water, the contents dumped on the trawl deck.

Crew treats fish.

Fish in his hands.

Ichthyologist measures the length of the fish.

Disassembly of the fish lying on the deck.

From the mountain slope take out the fish.

Separately is a big fish (longer than a meter), its measurement.

Seagulls on waves hunt for prey.

Photographing fish.

Copies of unusual species.

A lot of small fish.

On the deck of the ship being debated by scientists research.

Preparing a new type of networks for fishing from synthetic materials, nylon rope from, plastic floats.

Testing of new equipment.

Large purse seine prepared to throw in the ocean.

Flocks of tuna in water.

Network seine from the ship goes in depth.

Ship at sea.

Seagull hovering near the ship.

View from the mast of the ship forward, the water to the horizon.

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