The Train Is Standing for One Minute.. (1960)

Film-document №5371 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:40, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Legat E.

Operators: Legat E.


About the town of Krasnoturynsk in the North Ural.

Temporary description

The story of Krasnoturinsk Sverdlovsk region - the center of the aluminum industry - the movie is on behalf of the journalist Guseva, who came to work in urban construction editor of the newspaper "Work Bazstroya. Streets of the city, museum, building radio club Popov (Popov's House "), an aluminum smelter. Production processes in the shops of the plant. Smelting aluminum. Construction of new buildings aluminum plant. Crane raised panel boxes with bricks. Bricklayers working on masonry walls. Welders weld metal constructions. Guseva at a construction site collects material for writing notes about the builders: a talk with the workers, oversees the work rises to the crane. Visit Guseva family builders Galina and Valentin Vinogradov. All the family at the dinner table. Shop for printing. Rotating rollers, superimposed sheets. Nina Guseva, in the version by the printer is waiting for the first impression of the newspaper; reads his correspondence.

Reel №1

There is a train - LS.

Pass the train cars - MS.

Train is approaching the station.

Station house - MS.

Car № 6 - CU.

Nina Guseva out of the car.

The station name on the building, "Vorontsovka» - CU.

Moving away from the station and goes quite a train.

Railway traffic light - CU.

Nina sits in a taxi.

Taxi rides on snowy country road.

Winter landscape: in the foreground snow drifts away forest.

Far seen Krasnoturinsk city.

A few plans for streets and buildings.

Building a house.

Nina's face.

Plans for the winter forest.

The branches of trees in the snow.

Forest on the mountain slope.

The streets of the village Turkinskie Mines.

With buckets on a yoke is a woman.

On the streets of the village is a tram.

Building museum.

An employee of the museum looking through a microscope - LS., CU.

Increase under the microscope of a fossil.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Aluminum smelter - LS., PNRM.

City building Krasnoturyinsk.

Aluminum factory and shop - LS.

From the ladle pouring molten aluminum.

Workers smelters watching melting aluminum.

Persons working - CU.

Removed from the shop ready aluminum rods.

Street of the village Turinskie mines passing car "Victory".

The house in which he was born scientist Alexander Popov - MS.

Signs in the house: "The house-museum of radio inventor Professor Popov."

Radio operators - a girl and boy - the radio (zoom).

Members of the City Club of radio assembly.

The TV screen is "Temp 2": The screen shots from the movie - CU.

A person watching TV Nina - CU.

Nina at the window in his room.

High-voltage line and smoking factory chimneys.

Factory chimneys - LS.

Lighted windows of the buildings.

Plan of the city at night.

In printing machine at work girl.

Printed newspapers.

Running machine - CU.

Plans Krasnoturyinsk (top point).

The construction of the building.

Nina goes to the construction site.

Brigadier FA Weber room reads worker distribution list (synchronously).

Listen to the workers.

Laying wall.

Work on the construction of the building.

Container with a brick in the air, then drops to the site of the second floor - CU.

The lower part of the crane on rails.

Nina oversees the work.

Reel №2

Nina Guseva, sitting at a table in the wording, trying to write an article about the builders.

Her friends at the hostel: a kindergarten teacher Svetlana Bagina children, Nastya Kolmakova moyschitsa dishes in the dining room technician Svetlana Bragin in a brick factory.

Nina returns home.

Sleeping girl on the table a note: "Nina, your porridge."

Night plans of the building blocks.

The crane lowers the bar.

Welder works.

Stack panel.

Spring in the forest are running streams and trees in the water, melting snow.

Girls on the street jumping rope.

Played indoors kindergarten children - CU., MS.

City - LS. (Top point).

Nina on building talking to a girl with an electric welder, a crane operator Galey Vinogradova.

Vinogradov in the reading room of the library.

Nina visiting Galina, plays with her two year old son.

Galina's mother prepares dinner.

Husband comes Ghali Valentin working crane.

All dine at the table - LS.

Printing shop.

Printed next issue of the newspaper.

Woman typing on linotype - CU.

Rotating rollers with portraits - CU.

Matrix - CU.

Make a mold of the matrix.

Nina in the press in anticipation of first impression with her article.

Crane Larisa Novikova - Member of the City Council - down from a crane - LS., MS.

FA Weber in construction - LS., CU.

Work on the construction read the newspaper - LS., MS.

Nina arrives at the construction site.


Nina climbs into the cab crane.

View from the crane cab to the construction site and the city.