Chechnya (1994)

Footage №53710, 3 footages, duration: 0:09:41

Scene №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Destroyed houses in Grozny.

People on the streets.

OMON. Market.

Departure from the balcony to the general plan of the destroyed building.

Destroyed building: window, the general plan of the building.

Panorama of the inscription "Mines" and on television, standing on the ground.

The TV screen.

On-screen crowd, a man playing the accordion.

TV on the ground near the building.

On the screen a woman with a child.

On-screen dancing man and woman.

OMON looking at the screen.

Face riot police.

Group of riot police.

On the TV footage of dancing men.

A man hangs on the shoulder of the machine, applauds.

Dancing man and woman.

Applaud the people gathered around.

Man shoots into the air.

Woman with child in her arms, passers-by.

Dancing man.

Woman with child.


On a swing child's toy - the tank.

Boys have a cast-iron fence.

PNRM. a ruined building on television, standing on the ground.

The man on the screen.

On the screen: woman preparing kebabs.

On the screen: The man in the cloak.

Two OMON soldier.

On the screen: a baby with a toy rifle.


Against the background of the ruins worth policeman.

Two riot policemen posing for the camera.

Gun in his hand.

PNRM. the ruined city.

OMON turn away from the camera.

PNRM. from the pedestal of the monument to the OMON.

Policeman posing in front of camera.

Military machine ..

Riot policemen near the ruins of the building.

The general plan of the streets.

It takes a woman.

Inspection of vehicles.

A passenger in the car.

Child near the barbed wire.

People near the fences.

The woman's face.

Calendar: 1994

Locations: Grozny [939]

Scene №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Market in Grozny.

Flip-flops on the counter.

Woman contemplates shoes.

Vegetable series.

Sale of garlic, cucumbers.

Buyers in the market.

The child in the arms of a woman, a man approaches them.

Woman with a baby.

Market - Panorama.

Rottweiler puppies in a box.

Panorama of the dog.

PNRM. on the market.

Traders in the market.

Sale of vegetables ..

Meat counter.

Buyers in the market.

Merchant fur cap.

Locations: The Chechen Republic [756]

Scene №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Men consider saber.

Monument with a broken head.

Destruction of monuments.

Locations: The Chechen Republic [756]

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