The establishment of Soviet power in Lithuania (1940)

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Scene №1 The establishment of Soviet power in Lithuania

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Panorama of the river valley.

Pine forest.

Cart before the gates of the estate.

Peasant Silvestras Vatutis.

Hand Vatutisa.

A woman gets off the wagon.

In the open gate drives the cart.

New house Vatutisa.


Vatutis and his wife go to the house for them in the cart going children.

Wife and children Vatutisa unload the cart and brought into the house things.

Furrow plowed field.

Vatutis goes on the field.

Clods of earth in the hands of Vatutisa.

Vatutis in his field.

Farmers are going to meet each other, hello.

Apple orchard.

Juozas Davidius neighbor shows his new homestead.

Davidius neighbor shows his horse.

Davidius and his neighbor visiting the horse.

Calf in the stable.

A woman comes out of the barn with buckets of milk in his hand.

Davidis with a neighbor visiting the plow.

Davidis and his neighbor.

Old house Davidis.

House windows, boarded.

Lock on the door of an old house.

Construction shed and a roadside cross.

Wall of the old barn.

The leaders of the Soviet Lithuania at the construction site of the plant "Elf."

Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) Lithuania Snechkus AY Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Lithuania Gedvilas MA Chairman of the State Planning Commission of Lithuania Shumauskas MU Wall factory building.

Workers wheeled trolley on rails.

Shop Klaipeda paper mill.

Coiling of the finished paper rolls.

Shipment of finished products plant.

Wall building of power in scaffolding.

One of the buildings of the power plant.

Inside view of the power plant.

Work includes power circuit breakers.

Gauging devices installed on the plant.


Snechkus Antanas Yuozovis - public figure poitichesky Gedvilas Mechislov A. - statesman and political figure Shumauskas Motiejus Yuozovich - statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1940

Locations: Lithuania [128] Klaipeda [955] Kaunas [956]


Village Construction Power plant

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2 The establishment of Soviet power in Lithuania

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People take out things from the old house.

A man throws a truck assembly with things.

Loading furniture and other things in the truck.

The man is carrying the table.

A boy carries a stool.

Girl gets into a truck.

Workers dismantle the roof of the old house.

Demolition of the old house.

Lithuanian peasants going to divide the landed estates.

Lithuanian peasant.

Lithuanian peasants receive new documents on land.

The face of the Lithuanian peasant.

Surveyor at work.

Land surveying.

The boy helps his father to drive peg.

The meeting of the village council.

The members of the Land Commission at work.

The farmer signs a document to obtain a plot of land.

Farmer plowing the land together with neighbors.

General view of the Lithuanian village.

Lodge deep in the apple orchard.

Blossoming apple tree.

Girl goes on the porch of the house.

The girl looks around.

Girl watering flowers from a watering can.

Flowers under running water.

Blossoming apple.

Children playing, sitting under a tree.

Key words


Calendar: 1940

Locations: Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №3

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Panorama Lithuanian village.

Plan of land in the hands of a surveyor.

Lithuanian peasants set new boundaries of land.

Farmers follow the work of surveyors.

Surveyor buried in the ground landmark column.

Farmers help surveyor.

The farmer digs a hole under a landmark bar.

Persons Lithuanian peasant.

Old village house near the road.

Wayside Cross against the country house.

Key words

Land Management.

Calendar: 1940

Locations: Lithuania.


Field. House.

Seasons: Spring.

Scene №4 Issuance of Soviet passports Lithuania.

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Elderly man wears glasses and leafing through your new passport.

Entrance to the passport office, coat of arms hangs above the door of the Lithuanian SSR. The man puts his signature in the passport, puts pen.

An employee of the passport office gives the woman a passport.

Man gets passport and signs.

Key words

Soviet citizenship

Calendar: 1940

Locations: Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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