Sea Tales.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lebedev A.

Script writers: Egorov YU., Lebedev O.

Operators: Egorov YU., Lebedev O., Yurchenko B.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Sadkovich M.


A report about a submarine expedition of operators-divers held together with hydrologists in the Kinburg Spit area in the Black Sea.

Reel №1

Odessa port - LS., PNRM., MS.

Embarking passengers on the ship "Russia."

Passengers say goodbye to the mourners.

Expedition of Fyodor Leontovich, Lenny Belyakov (future operator), Tanya Gavrilova - students VGIK Fame Malyshev - assistant operator at the Odessa port is ready to go to sea on a catamaran.

Camera mounted on a catamaran.

Ship "Russia" departs from the pier.

Catamaran at sea - MS.

Catamaran against the ship "Russia" in the sea - LS.

Members of the expedition on the catamaran - CU.

Catamaran at sea - LS.

Animation: A map showing the route of the expedition on a catamaran on the Black Sea.

Rock the Black Sea coast - PNRM., MS.

Catamaran sailing along the coast.

Berezan Island near Ochakov - LS.

PNRM. the island - LS.

The ruins of a house on the island - MS.

Flock of seagulls taking off from the island - MS., PNRM.

The plaque on the ruins of a house on the island of Berezan, where he was shot by the royal gendarmerie lieutenant P. Schmidt in 1906.

Sunset over Kinburgskoy Slant - LS.

Old anchor on the sand - MS.

Catamaran to swim Kinburgskoy Kos.

Spit from the sea - LS.

Expedition participant Tanya Gavrilova on a sandbank collects shells thrown surf.

Operator takes on a sand spit - PNRM., MS.

Members of the expedition by the fire on a spit at sunset - LS., MS., CU.

Sunset over the Black Sea - LS.

Members of the expedition in masks are covered with water and examine the sea floor.

Underwater plans - MS.

Boy and girl swimming underwater.

Among the algae floating fish - MS.

The water on the rocks is stingray - CU.

Leontovich from the catamaran takes the submarine surfacing signal.

Tanya goes to the ascent.

Submariners appear on the surface of water.

Sea landscape with sand bar - LS.

Catamaran sailing on the sea - MS.

From the island of Eagles flies flock of birds.

On the shore and in the water near the shore located a flock of birds.

Woman looking through binoculars - CU.

Lighthouse on the spit Tondreau - LS., PNRM.

Rocky Tarhankut - western tip of the Crimean peninsula - MS., LS.

Members of the expedition removed rocky shore, float on a catamaran.

Seagull in the air.

Columns of ancient city of Hersonissos on the background of the sea - MS.

Excavations on the site of Chersonesos, workers and archaeologists at work.

Woman's hands clear of the ground clay vessel - CU.

Military vessel, placed at the disposal of scientists, floats along the Black Sea off the Chersonese.

The expedition, led by Professor Plavatskogo a military vessel is engaged in research in the bay of Hersonissos.

Bottom of the sea could be seen through the water - MS.

Members of the expedition on the ship's articles examine the ancient masters, raised from the seabed.

Expedition filmmakers and Director of Kherson Museum Irina Antonova on a catamaran.

Antonov introduces operators to plan submarine routes.

Members of the expedition along with scientists are covered with water.

Swim under water Tania Leon Belyakov and others.

Youths find shards at the bottom of the sea.

Reel №2

Human hand under the water reaches for fish.

Fish in the water.

Members of the expedition underwater filmmakers find an amphora and raise it on a catamaran.

Sunset over the sea, over the mountain - LS.

Tanya Gavrilova and Leonid Belyakov down under.

Hunter picks up from the bottom of a wounded fish.

Underwater scientist collects samples of underwater flora.

Underwater biologist monitors the life of the fish.

Crab crawls into shell.

Ruff pursues crab.

Scholar puts gear in the water.

Floating jellyfish - CU.

Scientist with aviation parachute exploring power and speed of underwater currents.

Hydrologists to recovery vessel produce research.

Underwater cameraman.

Group of divers led by Captain Nicholas hold the second rank of the lifting sunken ship: preparing underwater operations, divers underwater work.

On the sea floor is flooded by the Nazis ship "Georgia» - LS., MS., CU.

Tania Leon underwater visiting ship.

Reel №3

Members of the expedition under the water.

Diver produces electric welding under water - MS., CU.

Divers under water is supplied cables underneath the submerged ship "Georgia" and fix them on the pontoons - different.

Crane operator controls the crane cables feeding divers.

Rope is lowered into the water - MS.

Diver checks cable mounting on the housing ship underwater.

Deck wreck, covered with silt and algae.

A diver inspects the ship inside and out.

On the deck of the rescue ship preliminary work to lift the ship.

Machine pushes air through the hoses to the pontoons.

Compressor with hoses - CU.

Hoses extend from the ship into the water to the sunken ship.

Captain Nicholas at the compressor.

Agitated surface.

Wreck - MS., CU.

Ship "Georgia" is displayed on the surface - LS.

Steamboat whistle fireworks lifted from the bottom of the ship - CU.

Participants rescue rejoice.

Fish, shells, mud on the deck of the ship lifted - MS., CU.

PNRM. on the riverboat "Georgia" with pontoons, ship hull is covered with silt and algae.

Members kinogruppy swim under water, swim to the diver.

Divers underwater pipeline - LS., MS., CU.

Tanya oversees the work of the divers.

On the deck of a ship rescue mission in a suit sits diver Ensign N. Mishchenko.

Tanya out of the water and Lenya.

Mishchenko, talking with them.

Kinogruppa with Mishchenko midshipman in diving suits down under.

Two divers are under the sea.

At the bottom of the crab crawls - CU.

Fish lurking in the dredging - CU.

Divers are the sandy bottom.

At the bottom of algae is fighting underwater mine - MS., CU.

Diver at the mines.

At the bottom are large shells.

On the rescue ship declared an alarm signal to the divers who discovered the mines and shells.

Sailors shield danger zone flags.

Midshipman Mishchenko equipping for neutralizing mines underwater.

Diver underwater cables run by a mine, attaches the pontoons.

Mina rises to the surface.

The boat drove the mine.

Mina explodes.

Reel №4

Crimean coast - LS.

Swallow's Nest - LS.

Holidaymakers on the deck of the ship "Russia."

Ship "Russia" and catamaran at sea - LS.

Boy, girl children at the deck of the ship.

Kinogruppa catamaran - MS., CU.

Catamaran at sea in calm weather and during the rough sea - LS. (Top point).

Waves breaking on the rocks.

Film group fighting the storm.

The anchor dragged along the bottom - MS.

Sunset in the clouds over the sea - LS.

The moon in a cloudy sky - LS.

Light shines spotlight - LS.

The border guard in the spotlight.

The spotlight falls on a catamaran at sea - LS.

Border guards at night to help kinogruppe reach the shore.

Sunrise over the sea - LS.

Fishing boats in the sea - LS.

Dolphins playing in the sea - LS. (Top point).

Anglers surrounding a school of dolphins.

Dolphins in the networks.

Biologist swims among schools of dolphins.

Dolphins pick up on a fishing boat.

The underwater landscape.

Algae - MS.

Leningrad studio will shoot the movie "Amphibian Man".

Work lights, set designers, cinematographer, actors.

Kinogruppa catamaran sails along the coast.

Black Sea on a clear day - LS.