A Word About the Mother.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lavrova T.

Script writers: Gorokhov V.

Operators: Reyzman O.

Composers: Kholminov A.


About Soviet women who are mothers.

Temporary description

The story of the woman-mother is in the film on behalf of the Minister of Social Security of Ukraine, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the former guerrilla, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, AF Fedorov. AF Fedorov meets with former guerrilla E. Rudoy and her son, Peter, born in a partisan. Mother and daughter while working in the weaving shop. At the station, her mother accompanies her son, is on the platform after a runaway train. FV Tarovina in Radio Committee in anticipation of radio with his son in Arctic. Polar explorers in Antarctica. Family Grekhov to play "Irkutsk history. A scene from the play "Irkutsk history. Family artist AI Laktionova. The Artist's Wife - Olga at home with her husband and children. Kindergarten AK Laktionova with their former spouses of inmates Zharnitskimi. Test Engineer Automobile ZIL VP Teterina with her husband and sons sat in the car. The former commander of the female aviation regiments E. Bershanskaya during a meeting with former pilots of the regiment. Noble breeders farm "Karavaevo" Heroes of Socialist Labor and TI Smirnova and her daughter Nina.

Reel №1

The boulevard and the street of Kiev with his grandchildren walking Social Welfare Minister of Ukraine, member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Fedorov, on behalf of whom the story is told.

Building of the Ministry of Social Security - LS.

Plaque with the inscription: "The Ministry of Social Welfare» - CU.

Fedorov talking to the visitor to the office.

Fedorov sees pictures.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

In the footage walking through the forest partisans imprinted photos partisan Katie Rudoy Petka with a newborn son.

Fedorov arrived by car to the village where he lives with his son Kate Ruda.

He is met Catherine Ruda and her son Peter.

Sleeping in strollers with small children.

A child with a pacifier - CU.

Walking children.

Is a woman with a high school.

Mother and daughter are on the weaving shop, working at the bench.

Hands run by canoe - CU.

An elderly woman sees off at the station of his son.

Goes the train.



Road, all-terrain vehicle on the road.


Polar perform research.

Fast V. Tarovina radio comes in for a session with her son, she is in the Radio Committee, speaks into a microphone.

Girl postman is a entrance of the house, puts the letter in the mailbox.

Mailbox on the door - MS.

Nock on the door, showing the growth of the child - CU.

Sick boy in bed.

Blog marked "2."

Mother puts things into a suitcase.

A scene from the theater Vakhtangov "Irkutsk Story" (synchronous): A young father takes newborn wife, released from the hospital (Yuri Borisov, Ulyanov).

Family is sinful in the box of the theater.

Alexandra looks Grekhova - CU.

Alexander Gordienko goes to the landing lights.

His wife Valentina and daughter is on hand in the room.

Child - CU.

The doctor listens to the girl - CU.

Grandmother in the kitchen preparing the child porridge.

Grandfather playing with granddaughter.

Hanging on a rope baby clothes.

Valentina and Alexander Gordienko skiing.

Go with skis Maria Ivanovna Savostyanova with her husband and adult son, skiing in the woods.

Mother Maria Ivanovna and son at home, son is the mother reads.

Reel №2

Exhibition of paintings.

Portrait of the Artist's Wife Laktionova Olga Ivanovna - CU.

Olga embroiders.

Her children: Sergei reads, Vanya with a toy car, is Svetlana.

Olga reads a letter from the sons of Leningrad.

Photo of her son Henry.

Portrait of his son Alexis.

Two girls painted father artist Alexander Ivanovich Laktionova.

Signs with the words: "Kindergarten № 367", "Kindergarten № 260".

Paint, sculpt children - CU., MS.

Anastasia K. Laktionova - kindergarten, with children in the garden - CU.

It is with his former pupils gathered in kindergarten, talk to them (simultaneously).

Zharnitskie spouses, children.

Engaged in adult son Igor laurel.

Basil V. and Vera F. laurel home at the table.

Vera F. rises, goes.

The street is a group of women who have created a children's club in the dispensation.

Ballet classes circle.

String class circle.

Children riding the yards rink (evening).

Standing, looking women, including Vera Fedorovna.

Passing car "ZIL".

Test engineer Vera Teterina in the car.

Vera's family brings the car in order.

Vera learns her husband actor Trophimus Ivanovich drive.

Former commander of the women's aviation regiment Evdokia Bershanskaya-Bocharov meets with her friends-pilots.

Everyone is sitting at the table.

Says Bershanskaya-Bocharov (synchronously), toast (synchronously).

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Pilots receive a combat mission, unmask the aircraft.

Pilot gets on the plane.

The aircraft "U-2" in the air.

Female Regiment.

E. Bershanskaya handed the flag assigned to the female aviation Guards.

Clink glasses at the table and talk to former pilots.

In the house of the Hero of Socialist Labor Taisii Alekseevny Smirnova calf farm "Karavaevo": Taisa A. knits - CU.; Granddaughter Galina sees her photo album: a hand turns the pages of an album - CU.

Medals, assigned Taisii Alekseevne and her daughter Nina Smirnova - MS.

Nina Smirnova - Hero of Socialist Labor - in the calf house - LS., CU.

PNRM. Karavaevo the village (above).

Area in the village, where there will be a bronze bust of Nina Smirnova.

Taisa pass and Nina A. Smirnov - CU.

The Boulevard in Kiev are Fedorov and his grandchildren (boy and girl), sit on the bench.

The boulevard is a woman with a child.