7-Day Stay on Madagascar.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Podgoreckaya O.

Script writers: Prozhogin N.

Operators: Kasatkin P., Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


About the celebrations dedicated to the proclamation of an independent Malagasy Republic.

Historical background

26 th July 1960 was declared independent Malagasy Republic.

Temporary description

Indian Ocean, flowers, cacti, flowering trees. The port city of Tamatave, ships at berth, quay, rickshaw on the streets of the city, type of houses, cars at petrol stations. Peasant huts made of palm leaves in the village. The farmer plowing a field with oxen, rice seedlings. Harvesting of sugar cane, a man dries coffee. Tananarive city - the capital of the Republic. People on the streets. Market "Zuma": sale of fruits, handicrafts. Arrival in Tananarive Soviet government delegation, led by AP Volkov, on the occasion of Independence Day of the Malagasy Republic. Visitors are welcomed by President John Philibert Tsiranana. Foreign Minister Louis Rakutumalala. Celebration in the central square of Tananarive, dedicated to the celebration of Independence Day, the opening of the monument of independence, the performance of the President of the Republic, a military parade, a popular parade, folk dancing. Present at the celebrations, Prime Minister Michel Debre.

Reel №1

About the celebrations dedicated to the proclamation of an independent Malagasy Republic.

The IL-18 in the air - close-up.

Madagascar's landscape - mountains, valleys, vegetation.

Flower - close-up.

Cacti - medium, large, general plans.

Indian Ocean (coast) - average, common plans.

City Tamatave - an outline of the sea.

Panorama of the port of Tamatave, the ships are in port.

Promenade with motion machine - the average plan.

The streets of the city - the average, common plans.

Villa foreigner - an average plan.

Cars at gas stations - the average plan.

Rickshaws on the streets of the city - medium, large plans.

Palm - medium, large plans.

PNRM. the village with huts made of palm leaves - medium, the general plans.

Residents of the hut - the panorama, the close-ups.

The girl's face - medium, large plans.

Men on the hillside put plants - average plans.

Men prepare land - big plans.

The farmer with oxen plowing a field - average common plans.

The farmer, standing in the water, blocks a rice field - the general plan.

Shoots in a rice field - the general plan.

Coffee fruits on a tree - close-up.

Drying of coffee beans - medium, the general plans.

Man cuts sugar cane - medium, large plans.

A man carrying stalks of sugar cane - medium, large plans.

On the way to the ox cart driven pear farmers - the average plan.

The capital of Madagascar - Topanarive - general panorama from a helicopter.

The streets of the city with the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

Cinema building - a common, big plans.

Villas foreigners - the average plan.

Ruva - the residence and tomb of the last kings of Malagasy - a common, big plans.

House on the outskirts of the city - the overall plan.

A man washes his hands at the pump - the average plan.

Woman at home preparing dinner - average common plans.

The girl picks up the wood - medium, large plans.

General view of the market "Zuma" - general plans with the top point.

The market spread on trays fruit.

Hang folk crafts - medium, large plans.

Baskets and bags of palm leaves - the average plan.

Laid homemade craft - the average plan.

Buyers and sellers in the market.

The pavilion on the market an exhibition-sale of paintings and art objects - the visitors to the exhibition - the average, common plans.

Head made of black and rose wood - big plans.

Portraits and paintings - works Malagasy artists - close-ups

Reel №2

The people on the holiday on Independence Square - the general panorama.

According to popular tradition, spend two sacrificial animals.

Tsiranana President speaks - the average plan.

Listen - close-ups.

Landscapes of the valley - the general plan from the top point.

Landscape and the hills, stairs - an outline of the top point.

Ambuimango hill - the general plan.

House Andrianampuinimarina King with a plaque - the average plan.

Memorial board - close-up.

Antique gun - medium, large plans.

Monumento Gallpeni - medium, large plans.

Opening of the monument of independence from the obelisk falls veil.

National flag of Madagascar - close-up.

On the area of ​​guest AP Volkov - the average plan.

French Prime Minister Michel Debre - the average plan.

Parade - are the troops, horse rides, passing cars.

Pass two veterans of World War II, are students.

Different plans for the area during the holiday - removed from the top point.

Passing cars with protesters.

The people on the streets.

Concert - a little boy playing the accordion, the other dances.

Girls dancing national dance.

Girls dancing.

Dancing villagers.

Dancing citizens.

Youths played on national instruments - close-up.

Residents inspect a Russian aircraft.


Wolves and Swedes on the official visit by President Tsiranana.

AP Volkov send gifts from the Soviet government.

G. Tananarive.

Flowering tree - medium, large plans.

The streets are decorated with flags of the capital - common, middle ground, removed from the top point.

At the airport, Foreign Minister Louis Malagasy Republic Rakutumalala meets delegation of the Soviet Union, led by AP Volkov - average plans.

AP Volkov and other bypass the guard of honor.

Panorama of the building - the residence of the politician Madagascar XIX century, the prime minister-Raynilaya rivuki - panorama from the top down.

At the entrance to the Malagasy Republic President Philibert Tsiranana meets foreign guests attending the celebration of the independence of the Malagasy Republic.

President meets Tsiranana AP Volkov Shvedova.

AP Volkov president sends message of Khrushchev - medium, large plans.