...Because I'm lonely. (1988)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Ulanova L.

Script writers: Mihajlov A.

Operators: Ermolin Yu.


A film about elderly people living in an old people's house.

Social life

Reel №1

Movement along the dark corridor to the exit.

Women sit on a bench and sing a song.

Elderly people in the yard.

A blind man reads Braille.

Elderly people in the yard, men smoke cigarettes.

A man with a stick goes through the stage.

The stems of herbs, old women on the bench.

Person singing people.

In a bucket of water floats the flower.


A woman carries a man in a wheelchair.

A flock of pigeons.

The alternation of the residents and employees of nursing homes, interviews with the poet-veteran, the cat in the tree.

People playing cards in the common room.


The corridor is old, leaning on a stool.

The conversation in the barbershop.

The red area.

People collect paper grid.

Woman with a flower on his knees.

The slogan on the wall.

A woman enters the hallway.

A woman in a wheelchair enters the room.

The party meeting.

Rehearsal of Amateur.

People sit on the bench.

Bust Of Lenin.

Key words

Retired. Veterans. Persons with disabilities. Loneliness.


Krasnoyarsk [923]


Summer [824]

Reel №2

A wall clock.

Lunch in the dining room.

Distribution of sweets.


The veteran is prepared to take pictures.

The alternation of the stories of the patients, feeding pigeons.

Painting and wall clock.

Movement along the dark corridor, entering the room.

The icons on the pillow.

A woman reads prayers.

The storm clouds.


A blind man reads Braille.

The decor of the room.

The bus is loaded the coffin.

Woman gets out of the wardrobe nodules and talks about preparing for death.

Bundles of things.

People on the balcony.

The road in front of the house.

Woman sitting under a tree.

The men on the bench, next running puppy.

A woman smokes on the balcony.

Woman goes to court, the camera focuses on the fence.

People play the guitar and the accordion.

The flight of the dove (slow motion).

Says an elderly woman.

The girl went off along a country road.

Key words

Retired. Veterans. Persons with disabilities. Loneliness.


Krasnoyarsk [923]


Summer [824]