It Happened In Squa - Vallet.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Leongardt U., Solovev N., Khavchin A., Khodyakov V.

Text writers: Kassil L.


The film is dedicated to the VIII Winter Olympic Games, which took place in Square-Valley in the USA, in 1960.

Historical background

In February 1960, in the United States, in Squaw Valley, passed VIII Olympiad, which was attended by over 750 of the strongest athletes from 30 countries.

Sporting events


Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the Winter Olympic Games which were held in Squaw Valley in the USA, in 1960. United States. California. Lake Tahoe. City of Squaw Valley. Sports facilities. The tourists on the streets. U. Disney among athletes. Landscapes of the city and its environs. Blizzard. Working snow machines. The opening of the Olympics. The training of athletes. Speeches skaters, figure skaters, skiers, hockey games (fragments). The number of athletes: T. Rylova, V. Hakulinen (Finland), S. Erinberg (Sweden), Anikin, N. Donchenko, H. Haase (GDR), Takamizava (Japan), K. Gusev, Kolchin , M. Gusakova, S. Fyutstrem (Sweden), A. Privalov, K. Hayes (USA), N. and S. Zhuk. B. Wagner and R. Pole (Canada), E. Pileychik (Poland), R. Eroshina, M. Gusakova, LA Baranova, E. Hinterseer (Austria), G. Shtrutts (Austria), Disney (USA), E . Grishin, K. Divin (Czechoslovakia), D. Jenkins (USA) and others. Award winners. Closure of the Olympics. The audience at the box office, on the stands. Among those present - Richard Nixon.

Reel №1

New York - LS.

PNRM. on skyscrapers in Chicago.

PNRM. at San Francisco.

In the Sierra Nevada helicopter flies - LS.

Mountain landscape.

Ate on the mountain slopes.

Christmas tree covered with snow - CU., PNRM.

PNRM. on Lake Tahoe.

Ice field and sports facilities - LS. (Helicopter).

Road to Squaw Valley, passing cars.

The figure of the Indian.

Sculptures of athletes.

Indian woman in traditional costume - MS.

Tourists and sportsmen buy souvenirs - MS., CU.

Among the tourists - Hollywood star Mansfield - MS.; Walt Disney - CU.

Athletes learn, talking, laughing.

Stand in formation Soviet athletes.

World champion skier Lyubov Baranova and skating champion Boris Stenin lift at Squaw Valley Soviet flag.

Raise the flag - CU.

Flags in the sky - CU.


Stairs, benches, cars covered with snow.

Operate blowers and snow machines, icicles on the rails - CU.

Landscape: mountains, forest (through the window).

Opening of the Winter Games on the Central stage.

Are sports delegation: Soviet athletes are - LS.

The spectators in the stands.

Among the spectators - U.S. Vice President Nixon - MS.

PNRM. by coats of arms of the participating countries Olympics.

Olympic athletes welcomed President of the Organizing Committee Trentis Hale.

From the mountains, accompanied by the skiers coming down the Olympic torch American skier Midlourens - LS.

Skater champion VI-X Winter Games, Kenneth Henry is on the ice track torch.

The Olympic flame is lit - CU.

Fanfaristy play - CU., MS.

Doves in the sky - LS.

PNRM. with the Olympic flame at the Olympic flag - LS.

Viewers travel to the center stage.

Cars in the parking lot - LS., PNRM.

Table with an inscription in English.

Reel №2

On the way to the central arena riding machines are spectators.

Tickets available at the box office.

Spectators on hand stamped.

The audience took place in the stands.

Are skiers.

Skaters have ice.

Tractor driven by a group of skiers in the mountains, skiers climb standing on skis and holding the rope attached to the tractor.

Race at 30 km.

On the course, running through the woods Veiko Hakulinen Finn, Swede Sikstin Ernberg Soviet athlete Anikin.

Finish Ernberg, Remgord, Anikin.

Icy track.

Natalia Donchenko - MS., CU.

Tamara Rylova - MS.

Trains Clara Gusev - MS.

Sprint at 500 meters.

Run Donchenko and American Mulholland, Helga Haase (GDR) and Takamizava (Japan).


Friends congratulate Helga Haase with a good result.

Tamara run Rylov and Finn Evie Huttunen.

Relieve operators - CU.

N. Donchenko comforting T. Rylov, kaput.

Helga Haase congratulations on winning friends and Donchenko.

T. Rylova experiencing.

H. Haase (I place), N. Donchenko (II place), American Jane Ashworth (III place) on the podium - MS.

German national flag flies in honor of the victory Haase - CU.

Start of Women's ski race at 10 km.

Start: Alevtina Kolchin, Maria Gusakova (USSR), Finn Spiro Rantanen, Radya Eroshina (SSR), Love Baranov (SSR), Swede Sonia Ryutstrem.

Athletes on the course, running through the woods.

The first to finish Soviet athletes - CU., PNRM.

Eroshina, Baranova, Gusakova, Kolchin.

President of Olympic medals Mary Gusakova (gold), Lyubov Baranova (silver), Rade Eroshina (Bronze) - MS.

Flying over the stadium three Soviet flag - LS.

Friends congratulate athletes.

Mary Gusakov congratulates husband - skier Gusakov.

Reel №3

By trampoline is Gusakov.

Masha Gusakova and spouses Stenina among fans - MS.

Jump from a springboard Knutsen (Norway), Husak (USSR).

On the podium Tom (Germany) - gold medal, Knutsen (Norway) - silver medal, Gusakov - Bronze Medal - LS.

Giant slalom for women.

On the track, Heidi Bible (Germany), Korzukhina Stalin (USSR), Penn Pitot (USA), Yvonne Ryuzg.

At the shooting range shooting skiers combinators.

Fires Soviet athlete Alexander Privalov.

On the track Privalov and Swede Lestander.


Soviet athlete jumps Kamensky.

Downhill - LS.

French skier trails Guy Periyya.

Running at 1,000 meters on the ice track.

Run and finish Clara Gusev with German athlete and Helga Haase paired with Rohan.

K. Gusev congratulations on his victory.

On the podium: Guseva - I place Helga Haase - II place, T. Rylova - III place.

Awards: Swede Lestander - gold medal, Finn Torvaynen - silver, Privalov - bronze medal.

Awards: Swiss Yvonne Ryuegg - Gold Medal, American Penny Pitot - silver medal, Italian Minuchcho - bronze medal.

The winners are interviewed correspondents.

Hands correspondents typing - CU.

The work of the press office.

Powered counting electronic scoring machine - MS., CU.

Animation: newspapers with photographs of the winning athletes.

Between competitions athletes and fans sunbathe, read newspapers, knit, eat, sleep - MS., LS.

Lifts deliver skiers to the top of the mountain.

Are a boy and a girl.

Meeting players and the USSR.

Viewers - MS.

Reel №4

Played by Soviet and Czechoslovak hockey players (8:5 in favor of the USSR) - LS.

Spectators - LS., MS.

On the ice, practicing four-time world champion in figure skating Carol Hayes (USA), talks with Soviet athlete Lydia Skoblikova.

Carol Hayes acts, act Leningrad Nina and Stanislav Zhuk.

Canadian dance skaters Barbara Wagner and Robert Pole.

The Olympic flame is lit - MS.

Running at 1,500 meters.

Polka runs Elvira Serochinske.

Fleeing Polish athlete Elena Pileychik and Soviet athlete Lydia Skoblikova - LS.

Laughs Skoblikova - CU.

Applauding audience.

L. Skoblikova awarded the gold medal, E. Serochinske - silver, E. Pileychik - bronze.

Flown by Soviet and Polish flags - LS.

Running at 3,000 meters.

Runs and finishes L. Skoblikova.

L. Skoblikova awarded the gold medal, Stepin - silver, Evie Huttunen (Finland) - bronze.

L. Skoblikova congratulate, taking interview her.

Skiers prepare for Relay 3 x 5 km.

Soviet skier Radya Eroshina - CU.

Maria Gusakova - MS.

Love Baranova - LS.

Start skiers.

R. Eroshina falls.

Run and pass the baton to a Swede Johansson, polka Runner Raptanen Finn, R. Eroshina.

Reel №5

Run and pass the baton to a Swede and Maria Strandberg Gusakova.

Run and end up the baton and a Swede Ryutstrem Baranov.

Men's slalom.

Willy Bogner down (Germany), Leitner (Germany), Charles Bozon (France), Ernst Hinterzeer (Austria).

Winners slalom podium: Hintergeer - gold medal, Leitner - silver, Boson - bronze.

Spectators come down from the mountain.

Competition on the ice track.

Ran Disney (USA), and Herman Shtrutts (Austria).


Ski Relay Men 4 to 10 km.

Run and pass the baton to skiers.

Stopwatch - CU.

On the ice track Tart Yevgeny Grishin and Austrian Offenberger.

On the podium: Grishin - gold medal, Disney - silver, Rafael Rook - bronze.

Continued male relay: Finn Veiko Hakulinen, Norwegian H. Brusven, Vaganov, Kuznetsov, Anikin.

Winner relay Veiko Hakulinen athletes are on hand.

Anikin - CU.

On the ice arena Central serves Czech skater Charles Divin - MS., LS.

The audience applauded - MS.

Reel №6

Acts skater David Jenkins.

Animation: the newspaper with pictures of Olympic champions - CU.

Tourists and sportsmen exchanged badges and autographs.

Meeting of Soviet and American hockey players.

Points a game.

Spectators - LS., MS.

On the podium Victor Kosichkin - MS.

1,500-meter race.

They run the Norwegian Roald Os and Finn Järvinen.

Ran E. Grishin and Australian Hickey.

Grishin and Hos-congratulation.

Grishin and Os on the podium.

Gold medals - CU.

On the podium, Soviet athletes (come and go).

PNRM. by flags of the participating countries Olympics - LS.

Olympic flag - CU.

Farewell parade.

Descend the Olympic flag.

The Olympic flame is extinguished.

Fly balloons.

See the spectators and athletes - LS.