Advice of 1905.. (1960)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Slavinskaya M.


About the creation of the first Soviets (People's Councils) in Russia.

Temporary description

Stay of Japanese tourists on Lake Baikal: a journey on the lake by boat Hydrofoil - the "Rocket", a visit to Irkutsk hydroelectric station. Japanese tourists stay in Moscow: examination of the Moscow Kremlin, the meeting with the 1 st Vice-President of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Mikoyan, the presence at the opening of the Japanese industrial exhibition. Japanese tourists stay in Leningrad. Sightseeing, Peterhof. Japanese tourists stay in Kiev: sightseeing, visiting the farm "Mayak", the pioneer camp and the Caucasus: tourists swim, sunbathe, view Lake Riza. The return of tourists from Japan to Moscow: visit Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow subway, VDNH USSR.

Reel №1

Landscape of the Eastern Siberia - MS.

By Taiga Highway bus pass.

Rocky shore of Lake Baikal - MS.

PNRM. with the flag "Society Japan - USSR" waving in the background of the taiga, to tourists.

Japanese tourists are getting off the bus and take pictures on the shore of Lake Baikal.

Pictures of the lake.

Lake Baikal - LS., PNRM.

Japanese tourists inside the ship - LS., MS.

Lake Baikal - MS.

Baikal racing boat "Rocket" (with flags) - LS.

Japanese tourists visiting the Irkutsk hydroelectric facilities on the Angara - MS.

PNRM. with tourists on hydroelectric dams - LS.

Irkutsk hydroelectric dam - MS., PNRM.

Scheme of power station Krasnoyarsk GES, built on the Yenisei - CU.

Tourist taking notes on a pad.

Japanese Hand writes in a notebook - CU.

View of the skyscraper at Tinkers with Kremlin courtyard - LS.

View of Moscow from the Kremlin Palace (see MSU) - LS.

Japanese tourists acquainted with monuments of the Kremlin - MS., LS.

Kremlin cathedrals - MS.

Halls of the State Armory - LS.

Japanese tourists visiting the historic relics in the Armory.

Exhibits: Monomakh and others.

The throne of Ivan the Terrible - CU.

Eagle ivory - CU.

Moscow Kremlin - LS., CU.

First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers Anastas Mikoyan at the Kremlin takes a group of representatives of the Japanese business community in Moscow on the eve of the Japanese industrial exhibition.

Speaks at a reception MP, Executive Board Member, "Japan - USSR" Nohara.

Grand opening of the Japanese industrial exhibition in Moscow park "Sokolniki» - LS.

Mikoyan, Kuznetsov, representatives of the Japanese government at the opening of the exhibition.

Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Union Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the society, "Japan - USSR" Mikhail Nesterov welcomes the crowd.

By Ministers of Trade and Industry Mitsudziro Ishii.

Japanese reporters shoot rally.

Mitsudziro Ishii cuts the ribbon and invites visitors to view the exhibition.

Mikoyan and others pass through halls.

Visitors to the exhibition hall - LS.

Japanese colorful fireworks, hosted the evening to celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

Sunrise over Leningrad - LS.

Sculpture of a lion on the Neva River - MS.

Boat on the Neva (at sunrise).


Isaac's Cathedral - LS., MS.

Sculpture at the foot of the rostral column - MS.

The General Staff building in Leningrad - LS.

The building of the Hermitage - LS.

Japanese tourists on the Neva River, the cruiser "Aurora".

Smolny - LS. PNRM.

Sculpture of Lenin at Smolny - MS.

Japanese guests at Smolny.

Pedestrians on the Anichkov Bridge.

A lot of people on the Nevsky Prospekt - LS.

The building of the Hermitage - LS.

Sculptures in the Hermitage.

Malachite vase - CU.

Japanese tourists visiting the halls of the museum.

Paintings in the Hermitage.

Japanese tourists on a bus passing through the streets of Leningrad.

Fountains in the park's museum Petrodvorets - LS., PNRM., MS.

Japanese tourists visiting the park and fountains of Peterhof.

Fountain "Samson» - CU.

Monument to Prince Vladimir on Vladimir Hill in Kiev.

One of the areas of Kiev.

Khreschatyk - LS.

Pedestrian traffic on the streets of Kiev.

Japanese tourists are the monument to Taras Shevchenko.

In talking to the people of Kiev parks, tourist pins on the dress flower girl, drink carbonated water.

Japanese tourist photographs - CU.

Monument of Glory to Soviet Army - MS.

Japanese tourists at the eternal flame commemorating the soldiers a moment of silence.

Nohara puts an icon next to the monument of his visit with a wreath.

Japanese tourists are the flag of society "Japan - USSR" on the streets of Kiev, Kiev welcome guests.

Kiev escort Japanese guests.

Nohara thanks residents for their warm welcome.

Nohara boy pin badge, visit the buses leave from Kiev.

Farmers and pioneers of Ukrainian collective farm "Lighthouse" solemnly greeted with flowers Japanese guests.

Funny interview guests with residents of the village collective.

Guests give postcards from Japan in memory of his visit to the farm.

Guests and farmers pass on the street of the village.

Reel №2

Japanese tourists are visiting a camp, "Pine Forest": the pioneers sing Ukrainian dance, accompanied by the children's orchestra.

Japanese photographs - CU.

Pioneers and guests together lead dances.

Nohara in Pioneer tie and other guests applaud - MS., CU.

Japanese guests in the Caucasus: Airboat ride in the Black Sea.

Face laughing girl - CU.

Beach, vacationers - LS., MS.

Waves breaking on the Black Sea, concrete blocks on the shore - MS.

Building resort on the Black Sea in the rain - LS., MS.

Vacationers under umbrellas through the territory of the sanatorium.

The empty coffee shop on the beach.

Flower beds in front of the resort - LS.


Japanese tourists in the rain walking to the sanatorium, the streets of Sochi.

Bus passes on the way to Lake Riza - LS.

Bubbling mountain stream - MS.

Tourists admire the mountain river - MS.

Lake Riza - LS.

Japanese tourists ride on a boat, talking to the Soviets.

Tourists take pictures of boats scenic shore.

Speed-boats on Lake Riza - LS.

Moscow Kremlin, the Moscow River boat sails - LS.

Monument to Alexander Pushkin and the building version of "News» - LS.

The building of the Moscow Soviet and Soviet square, a fountain - LS.

Japanese tourists in Red Square.

Guests pass in the House of Friendship.

Head of Department of Foreign Languages ​​Institute Yudina talks with Japanese tourists.

Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences Tekuchev answer guests' questions.

A group of tourists, Japanese manufacturers are introduced to production at the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant named after Ordzhonikidze.

Shop factory during working hours - LS., MS.

Lomonosov monument against MSU in the Lenin Hills - LS.

Japanese tourists in front of the Moscow State University.

Young man photographing the top of a university building.

Japanese tourists in the Museum of Earth Sciences, in the auditorium, watching on Moscow from the top floor of the building.

New multi-storey residential buildings in the south-western part of Moscow - LS.

Green square between the new houses.

Construction of residential buildings of large blocks.

Vehicular traffic on the streets of Moscow.

Passengers on the Metro escalators.

Kiev subway station - LS.

Boarding the train.

Passengers on the Metro "Arbat» - LS.

Station "Arbat» - LS.

ENEA - LS. (Top point).

Fountain "Friendship of Nations» - LS.

Building of the main pavilion at the exhibition - LS.

Japanese tourists at ENEA.

Pavilion of the Georgian SSR - LS.

Tourists in the pavilion "Nuclear energy for peaceful purposes."

Demonstrated mechanical hands in action.

Model satellites, space launch, a copy of the pennant delivered to the moon.

Tourists take pictures, take notes in a notebook.

Flag Company "Japan - USSR» - MS., CU.

Nohara speaking at the final press conference (synchronous).

Japanese talk with director M. Donskoy and others at the press conference - CU.