In Senegal. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Podgoreckaya O.

Operators: Zenyakin A., Semin A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


About the celebration of the Independence Day in the Republic of Senegal.

Temporary description

Writer S. Usman wrote a book. Books Uthman about the plight of the people of Senegal. Landscapes: the coast, the island of Gorée, which last held the slave trade, ocean surf, palms, baobab, cacti. Fisherman Village. Fishing and fish processing. Extraction of salt. Senegalese drives sheep, arable land hoe. Peanuts - "Senegalese gold." Oil in bottles. Port. Village. City of Dakar. Streets, regulator, selling flowers on the street cafes. Market. Sale of vegetables and fruits. Luxury villas for the rich. Houses of the poor. House writer S. Usman. The writer is talking to people. The artisans weave baskets, curry, cut out figurines. Unemployed. Textile factory, owned by the French. Male weavers work on modern machines. Weaving workshop on the street, a worker works on a manual machine. University. School. They're coming sessions. The celebration of Independence Day. Representatives of France, Britain, Nigeria, Morocco, the Soviet Union congratulates President L. Senghor. Among the delegates of the USSR - Senkin, Malik. The people on the streets during the celebration. Sporting events at the stadium. The Soviet delegation at the reception of the Prime Minister Mamadou Dia, President L. Senghor. Soviet tourists visiting writer S. Usman. The rise of the flag of Senegal.

Reel №1

African writer Sembene Ousmane, author of the book "Son of Senegal", at home, at a desk - CU.

Books by Usman - MS.

Sea, Gore Island is visible in the distance, which lies three kilometers from the coast of the Republic of Senegal, to which traffickers were brought people from all over the African continent.

The coastal strip of the island.

PNRM. the old fortress on the coast of the island.

Cellars, where the slaves were kept.

Streets and squares, which sold slaves.

Stone pier on the island.

Soaring seagulls.

Animation: Map of Senegal.


Senegalese fishermen go to sea in boats.

Pie fight with surf.

Fishermen return with their catch.

Cutting and selling fish.

Extraction of salt by hand.

Coconut plantations.

Coconut fruit (nuts) on the palms.

Sun-scorched savannah - LS., PNRM.



Senegalese driving a flock of sheep.

Senegalese hoes work the land.

Burn the thorns, which goes to the ash fertilizer.

Mountains of peanuts - the main wealth of Senegal.

Loading at the port of peanuts to the French court.

PNRM. on port (from the sea).

Plans Senegalese village.

Everyday scenes.

Dakar, Senegal (the plane, with a / t).

Traffic on the streets.

Streets to travel.

Market in Dakar.

Sale of vegetables and fruits.

Cottages and villas of rich Frenchmen.

Hovels of the poor in Medina.

Sembene Ousmane room.

His things: the tube, the manuscript.

S. Usman on the street talking to people - the poor.

Reel №2

Working artisans: wood carving, stone, basket weaving, tanning crocodile leather.

Hands of the unemployed - CU., LS.

The building of a textile factory with modern equipment.

Weavers working-men.

Artisanal weaving workshop on the street.

Manual labor (shown in the arms and legs in) - CU.

University building.

Students at the entrance.

Entrance to the school.

Children of rich parents drove up to school by car.

Children of the poor in the streets.

The national flag of Senegal - CU.

Flags of the USSR and other countries participating in the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Senegal.

Leopold Senghor, President of the Republic congratulated the national holiday guests, representatives of France, Britain, Nigeria, Morocco, Sov.

Union (led by Sinitsyn), etc.

Soviet visitors to the President congratulated by NS Khrushchev.

Decorated streets.

Elegant Living on the streets - LS.

PNRM. the central square, now Independence Square (with a / t).

From the platform supports the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Valdnodio.

Name of the area - CU.

Military parade and demonstration of workers in honor of Independence Day.

Traditional folk dances in the streets.

Sporting events, mass gymnastics performance at the stadium.

The visit of the Soviet delegation to the Prime Minister of Senegal Mamadou Dia.

With Mamadou Dia talking TT Senin, JA Malik.

Senegalese read newspapers reported on the flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Visiting writer Sembene Ousmane Soviet painter and writer.

Senegalese schoolchildren in the classroom.

Students in the classroom.

PNRM. - Raise the flag of Senegal - MS., CU.

Senegalese salute - MS.

Sunrise over the sea (shot through the palm branch).