The Geography of the USSR. (1961)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tuzova Z.


A view film about the USSR expanses from the Far North and Syberia to the Caucasus.

Temporary description

Island of Kamchatka. Sunrise over the sea, volcano with the haze, the Valley of Geysers. Pacific Ocean; nutria down into the water. Passing fishermen from sturgeon in his hands. Far sika deer. Siberia. Camp geologists. Bear, lynx in the taiga. The desert Central Asian republics. Snake lizard, turtle, eagle. Cotton field. Collect cotton. Flocks of sheep on the alpine meadows of the Caucasus Mountains. Village of Eskimos. Eskimos have been flown. Dog, reindeer sleds. Eskimo with fur. Far North; snowy field; northern grouse, northern owl, white-bear with cubs. Black Sea coast of Caucasus. Black Sea beach, resting on water bikes. Vineyards, lemons. Barrels of wine. Collection tangerines. Caucasus Mountains. Ukraine. Field of sunflowers. Ukrainian village. Harvester removes rye, corn spilling into the back of the machine. Baltic. River through the trees. Moscow. Forest Glade, birches, and chamomile. City of Moscow, the Kremlin, high-rise building on Tinkers embankment.

Reel №1

Sunrise over the sea (sun rays shine through the clouds).

The top of the smoking volcano (the clouds).

Valley of the hot springs and geysers.

Mountain stream in the valley.

Rocky shores of the Pacific.

Swimming nutria - LS.

Pass two fishermen with sturgeon.

A field of flowers in the foreground - poppy - CU.

Far spotted deer - 2 MS.

River, PNRM. from one bank to another.

Geologists camp in the woods (geologists around the campfire and a tent) (Indian summer).

Two geologists in the creek washed rock.

Bear in the woods - MS., CU.

Muzzle lynx in the stones - CU.

Snake in the desert - LS., CU.

Lizards and turtles in the desert - MS.

The eagle on top of the rock - MS.

Dunes - MS.

The surface of the water.

Ditches with water in a cotton field.

Cotton bolls open - CU.

Laying of cotton in the riots - LS.

In alpine meadows grazing sheep - LS., MS.

Herdsman on horseback, horses grazing in the distance.

Rush horsemen.

A group of northern peoples in national costumes in winter arrived by plane polar aviation.

Unloading aircraft.

They run the dog and reindeer.

Letting furs storage center.

Skins - CU.

North grouse in the snow - CU.

North owl - CU.

White bear with cubs - MS. (Winter).

Wild poppies in the field - LS.

Red roses - CU.

Sea beach - LS.

People ride bicycles on sea - LS.

Vineyards, the sea in the distance.

PNRM. Bunch of grapes growing on - CU.

Barrels of wine - LS.

Growing on the branches of lemons - CU.

Picking oranges.

Peaks of the Caucasus Mountains covered in snow - LS.

Blooming sunflower - CU.

Field of sunflowers - MS.

Visible in the distance through the sunflowers Ukrainian village.

Harvest combine.

River, trees and meadows boat sails - LS. (Top).

Landscape: flowering meadow, far seen a forest.

Suburbs: a few summer landscapes, birch trees, blooming daisies.

Kotelnicheskaya promenade with high-rise building in Moscow.

Kremlin (across the bridge).