Development of world aviation (1901-1937)

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Scene №1 Development of world aviation

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The Eiffel Tower in Paris.

A man dressed in a makeshift parachute, standing on the railing of one of the levels of the Eiffel Tower.

View of the central part of Paris through the metal tower structure (top).

Man jumping off the railing of the tower down.

Man falls from the tower, the parachute does not have time to open up.

Hands policemen inspect the crash site.

People are at the hands of the crashed test.

Man jumping from a high stone with homemade wings falls.

Bike with wings starts to run, leans to one side.

Wings fall off the bike picks up speed.

Glider soars, falls.

People bring to the start of the balloon with the motor design A. Santos-Dumont Santos Dumont in the gondola of his balloon.

Balloon in flight.

Wright Brothers at the airport.

Wright brothers' plane is removed from the hangar.

Mechanics check serviceability of aircraft components.

Mechanics start the engine.

Foot control aircraft rudders.

Flapping flight of the Wright brothers.

People at the airport watching the flight of the aircraft.

People derive aircraft new construction to start.

The plane begins to run.

Louis Bleriot in the cockpit of his plane.

People derive Bleriot aircraft at the start.

People watch the flight of the telescope and binoculars.

Bleriot airplane flying over the English Channel.

People on the roof of a house in England waving flag signal Bleriot aircraft.

Bleriot meet in France after his return.

Bleriot sit in the car next to the driver.

People on the streets of Paris greet Blériot.

VP Chkalov stands at the aircraft.

AN Tupolev hugs Chkalov.

Floe under the wing of the aircraft.

Americans welcome Chkalov.

Americans welcome Gromov on the street of a town.

Russian pilots in the cockpit before takeoff.

The plane takes off and begins to run.

Face Nesterov PN

Nesterov talking with the officer.

Plane taking off.

The aircraft performs a "loop the loop".

GY Sedov studying a map of the route for future expeditions.

Sedov working with marine instrumentation.

The ship "St.


People see the Sedov expedition.

Sedov on the bridge of the ship "St.


The deck of the vessel. "Holy Fock", frozen in the ice.

The grave in the ice.


Pyotr Nesterov - Pilot Louis Bleriot - French pilot and aircraft Alberto Santos Dumont - Brazilian balloonist and aircraft Andrei Tupolev - aircraft Valery Chkalov - Pilot Mikhail Gromov - Pilot George Y. Sedov - polar explorer

Calendar: 1901-1937

Locations: Paris [850] France [77] England [67] Russia [1]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Scene №2

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The explosion of the balloon during the flight, the basket falls to the ground.

People hold the tail of the aircraft before takeoff, the pilot raises his hand, people let their tail, the plane starts to run.

Man departs from the plane ready to take off.

The plane takes off from the airfield.

The pilot, the pilot's sitting on the seat under the wing of an airplane, buttons helmet.

The aircraft were scattered on the airfield.

Airplane in flight.

Flying airplane wing collapses, falls and breaks, people run to the wreckage.

People help the pilot out of the wreckage of the crashed plane.

Parachutist prepares to jump from a bridge while testing a new parachute.

Parachutist jumping from the bridge, falls into the water.

Calendar: 1905-1913

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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