Overview of world events (1934-1935)

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Scene №1 Overview of world events

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Tamer stands in front of the circus tigers sitting on pedestals.

By Tamer runs lion rebounds after hitting a scourge.

Tamer making the sign of the tiger click scourge.

Tiger and lion on pedestals.

Tamer calms lions.

Tamer works with tigers in the arena.

Tiger turns over command handler, then begins to spin in one place.

Tamer beasts signals by means of a whip.

Lions are on their hind legs.

Tamer whip snaps, animals run away from the scene.

Panorama open ice stadium, which runs a hockey game with the Canadian team.

Goalkeeper protects the net.

Spectators in the stands watching the progress of the match.

Hockey players on the ice.

Spectators in the stands applauding the players.

Hockey players attack gate of the opponent.

Goalkeeper protects the net.

Attack of the gate, hockey player shoots the puck from a distance.

Speed racing car "Mercedes" before the start, the car mechanic bypasses.

Fill the engine with oil.

A mechanic checks the oil level.

Human hand, pulls the starting wire.

Car roll out to the launch pad.

The car starts and picks up speed.

The car rushes on sections of the route under the bridge.

Device that measures the speed of the car.

Invited officers of the SS and the SA relegated to the margins of the road.

The car rides on a section of road speed limit.

Mechanic inspect the car after the finish.

Officers observed a moving car.

The car passes under the bridge.

Car rides at high speed on the highway.

Mechanics check the condition of the engine after another finish.

The car is restarted.

The car rides on the highway.

Destroyed by an earthquake at home in one of the cities of Chile.

People pass through the shattered to the ground outside.

Destroyed buildings.

Smoking ruins.

Destroyed buildings.

Past the ruins of bus rides.

Ruined house.

People are starting to rubble.

Destroyed buildings.

People on the street in anticipation of the arrival of government representatives.

Government officials are on the streets of the ruined city.

People sitting on the bed against the wall of a ruined house.

Loading the plane hit by the earthquake.

The wounded lay on stretchers in the aircraft.

The plane leaves the runway.

General view of the destroyed city (top).

General view of the construction of an ice castle.

Workers pulling block of ice.

Ice fortress tower.

Working hewing fortress standing in pod.

Man climbs on top of one of the towers.

A man stands on top of the tower.

Deck of an aircraft carrier, flies over it autogyro.

Autogyro sits on the deck.

Rotating propeller of a gyroplane.

Autogyro takes off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Flying autogyro.

Autogyro sits on the deck, people run up to him.

The pilot gets out of the cab of a gyroplane, unbuttons helmet.

Figure skating coach shows his students the technique of performance figures on the ice.

Girls watching a coach.

Coach finishes his speech and invites students to the ice.

Spectators watch the progress of the class.

Skater under coach takes shape on the ice.

Face coach.

Coach oversees the work of his pupils, standing in the middle of the rink.

The girl's face.

Girls perform elements of the composition.

Calendar: 1934-1935

Locations: Germany [84] Latvia [122] USA [851] Chile [45]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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