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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Kuznecov V.

Script writers: Pashenko

Operators: Bogdanov

Composers: Abramov


A film about complex problems coming up in process of development of the Russian nation.

Reel №1

1 part.

Panorama of a fallen monuments and gravestones in the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery.

A man is sitting at home, playing the harp.

General view of the river.

Newsreels: horse harnessed in harrow is on the field, running her small child with a stick.

General view of a wheat field.

View of one of the monasteries.

Celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia in Novgorod.

The public and the clergy at the monument to the 1000 anniversary of Russia.

Pageantry in honor of the holiday.

Barge with festival participants floats down the river.

Students in the auditorium of a school.

Writers V. Rasputin, and V. Nikitin D.Balashov students at the meeting.

Speech by V. Rasputin (sinhr.) at the meeting.

Handling in one of the river ports.

Interview D.Balashova (sinhr.).

Kind of ruined temple in one of the monasteries.

Interview JD G.I.Litvinovoy (sinhr.).


D.Balashov writer goes with his son on the road, talking with him. D.Balashov gives interviews (sinhr.).

Novgorod Grebennikov artist at work in his studio.

View the artist's paintings.

Artist interviews Grebennikova (sinhr.).

Family members Grebennikova the dinner table.

Religious procession in honor of the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia.

Interview writer V. Astaf'eva (sinhr.).


Leader of the national-patriotic society "Memory" D.Vasilev gives an interview in the Donskoy Monastery.

Type one of the destroyed temples.

Artist Grebennikov gives an interview at his home (sinhr.).

Interiors of rooms in the house of the artist.

Service in one of the temples.

View of the village street.

Wagon rides on the street.

Interview JD G.Litvinovoy (sinhr.).

View fallen monuments on the territory of one of the cemeteries.

National holiday in one of the villages were present lead dances, singing, swinging on a swing.

Key words

russians Christianity. City. Literature. Schooling. River and lake transport and road. Folk festivals. Life. Painting. Family. Crop. Socio-political movement.


Rasputin Balashov Vasilyev Lichutin

Reel №2

Reel №3