The first postwar harvest (1945)

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Scene №1 The first postwar harvest

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The head of one of the farms are discussing a plan harvesting.

Agricultural machinery, ready to exit a field.

Wheeled tractors towing hlebouborochnye harvesters.

General view starts moving machinery.

Tractors and combines out in the field.

Appliances moving along the road, past the wind turbine.

Women gather rake beveled bread.

Tractor pulls a Header Trailer, people gather the wheat into the stack.

Harvesting using a tractor-trailer reapers and horse-drawn.

Kolkhoznik ruled horses harnessed in the header.

Women's faces, folding harvested wheat stack.

Face the chairman of the kolkhoz "Red Partisans".

Chairman and chief agronomist of the collective farm check the quality of new crop wheat.

Harvesting wheat harvesters.

Harvesters go through the field.

A trailer combine threshing, forks casts straw.

From the sleeve spilling grain thresher.

Rolling in the grain.

Tractor pulls on the field hlebouborochny harvester near rides a truck.

Type of farm fields above.

Caterpillar tractor pulling a harvester, next goes to the truck.

Women in the field mowed wheat.

Women discarded straw from the thresher.

Persons working women.

Women in the break dismantle their children, sit in the shade in a hay stack.

Woman playing with his young son.

A mother feeds her baby breast.

A person working women.

Women poured buckets and shovels grain winnower.

Women poured buckets of grain in the truck.

Women's faces.

Women discarded straw remaining after threshing.

A person working women.

Women discarded straw.

Women folded straw stack.

Farmer's face.

People piled in a stack of straw.

People are raking in grain shovels.

House of the kolkhoz named after Molotov in the Altai, on the road moving a herd of cows.

Woman with braids and rakes on their shoulders go to work.

The farmers returning from work.

Children gather flowers.

Woman walking on the street of the village, the children run up to them.

Women and children are on the street.

The farmers with the bikes fit to govern.

Collective farm foremen come to the board.

Collective farm chairman Grin'ko FM talking with one of the team leaders.

Grin'ko sits at the desk, examining samples of the new crop of vegetables.

Grin'ko talking to the chief agronomist of the collective farm.

Apples on branches in a collective farm garden.

Women gather apples.

People work in the collective garden.

Grin'ko face.

Grin'ko talking with one of the team leaders.

Women gather apples.

Apples new crop.

The cart with boxes drove up to the aircraft on the collective farm airfield.

Calendar: 1945

Locations: Kuban Siberia Altai

Seasons: Summer

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