The 29th anniversary of the October Revolution. (1946)

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Scene №1 The 29th anniversary of the October Revolution

Cavalry Regiment goes to Red Square.

The regimental commander, Colonel Vasily rides on Red Square, will salute with his sword standing on the platform of the mausoleum.

SM Budyonny on the platform of the mausoleum.

Cavalry held on Red Square.

Red Square leaves horse artillery and machine-gun carts.

Carts held on Red Square.

Carts and cavalry are on the Red Square, general view from the top.

Lieutenant General Ryabov leaves on Red Square at the head of the column of artillery.

NA Voznesensky on the platform of the mausoleum.

On Red Square, passing anti-aircraft guns.

Calculations guns in the truck.

People dancing at a Moscow street.

Lights inscription: "October 29".

Chandelier illuminates the room with dancing people.

People dancing in the hall.

General view of the hall (top).

Flags are flown in the night sky.

Artillery give fireworks.

Fireworks in the sky.

Glowing inscription: "Glory to Stalin."

A general view of Red Square in the evening.

Shooting guns.

Glowing inscription: "Party of Bolsheviks glory!".

Portraits of Lenin and Stalin.

A general view of Red Square in the evening, fireworks over the Kremlin.

Shooting guns.

Lights inscription: "Glory to the Soviet people."

Spotlights shine in the night sky over Moscow.

Fireworks in the sky.

Lights inscription: "Glory to the great Stalin!".

Illuminated portrait of Stalin.

A general view of Red Square.

Spotlights on the roof of a building.

Lights inscription: "Glory to the great Stalin!".

Fireworks in the sky.

Red flag flying over the Kremlin.

View of the Kremlin from one of the bridges across the Moscow River.

Banners on the facade of the building.

Portrait of Stalin on the corner of the building.

A general view of Sverdlov Square (above).

Portraits of Lenin and Stalin on the facade of a building.

Portrait of Stalin.

Stakhanovite Bulls P. goes to the demonstration.

Shtyrov A. Weaver is the demonstration.

People are Shtyrov portrait.

Engineer Davydov among the demonstrators.

Demonstrators greet each other.

Averianova milling machine operator, master Reinhold, working Bulanov among the demonstrators.

Writer Leonov LM goes out of the house and going to Red Square.

General Antonio comes out of the door and gets in the car.

The car pulls away from home.

Academician Lysenko ETC. go to Red Square.

People buy balloons for children.

People dancing in the streets of Moscow.

Brass band plays.

People dancing.

The column moves on the street.

Go representatives of the plant "Rubber".

Go factory workers "Tryokhgornaya manufactory."

Pass the protesters carry slogans.

Go to the factory workers of the Stalin.

Go representatives of the proletarian district of Moscow.

Playing a military brass band.

Go representatives of the Kiev region.

The demonstrators carried mock aircraft and a portrait of Stalin.

Girls go and sing.

Person singing girls.

Person party demonstration.

Go to members of the sports society "Petrel".

Pass factory workers Stalin District.

The demonstration is moving past the hotel "Metropol".

View of the Sverdlov Square (above).

Portraits of Lenin and Stalin on the wall of the Historical Museum.

Military attaches of foreign embassies in Red Square.

General view of the mausoleum and guest stands (above).

The tribune of the mausoleum raised heads of state, among them - VM Molotov, Zhdanov AA, NA Bulganin People on Red Square welcome took the podium of the mausoleum.

Bulganin and Zhdanov on the platform of the mausoleum.

Shvernik NM, Shkiryatov MF, Ascension on the platform of the mausoleum.

A general view of Red Square (above).

The clock on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower show time 10.00.

From the Spassky Gate riding leaves Marshal LA Govorov Foreign military attaches salute.

Parade commander General PA Artemyev goes to meet Marshal Govorov.

Marshal Govorov on horseback.

General view of the Red Square.

Marshal Govorov receives a report of General Artemyev.

The cadets of naval schools are in the parade on Red Square.

Soldiers stand in formation.

General Artemyev concludes the report.

Marshal Govorov riding toured the troops.

Faces of the audience at the guest bleachers.

Speak and go round Artemiev parade (above).


Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov - statesman and political figure
Nikolai Bulganin - statesman and political figure
Andrei Zhdanov - statesman and political figure
Nikolai Voznesensky - statesman and political figure
Shvernik Nikolai Mikhailovich - statesman and political figure
Shkiryatov Matthew F. - statesman and political figure
Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander
Says Leonid Aleksandrovich - commander
Artemyev Paul Artemyevitch - commander
Antonov Antonov - commander
Trofim Denisovich Lysenko - breeder, a scientist
Leonid Leonov Maksimovic - writer






Spasskaya Tower



Holidays; Demonstrations; Moscow; Political figures; Army