Cossacks come back from the War. (1946)

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Scene №1 Return to War Cossacks

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In a ditch near the house is broken German tank near grazing cows out of the house a woman with a bucket in his hand.

Scarecrow in a German uniform with a cross.

Watermelons on the collective farm plantation.

People floating on the river Don in boats loaded with watermelons.

Bank of the Don, on board the ship sitting returning from the front Cossacks, singing to the accordion.

Face of a young man playing the accordion.

Cossack and girl sing.

Cossacks sing to the accompaniment of an accordion.

Don steamer sailing on the "Moscow".

People look at the ship-to-shore.

People on board the ship.

Bank of the Don.

People on board the ship.

View of the river from aboard the ship.

Seagulls flying over the river.

People on the beach greeting the soldiers.

Kazak hand shows the shore to his companion.

Our people are standing on the shore.

Arrived veterans throw bouquets of flowers.

Returning Cossack kisses his wife.

One of the Cossacks talking about his dead comrade's widow.

Cossack picks up daughter kisses her.

Cossack kissing children.

Wife hugs and kisses her husband returned.

Cossacks embrace their wives and children.

Cossack greeted with an old man.

Cossack wipes tears with a handkerchief, kisses his wife.

Returning home Kuban Cossacks are riding in carts in their village.

Women throw flowers Cossacks.

Cossacks ride on the road, women throw flowers.

People greet returning soldiers.

The girl's face.

An old man with a beard toast, drinks.

Cossacks clink glasses, drink, sit down.

People sit at the banquet table in the street, drink and a snack.

People sit at the table, drink.

Woman puts on the table a dish with pears and apples.

People are talking, sitting at the table.

Cossack talking to a girl eating watermelon.

Face Cossack.

People drink sitting at the table.

Accordion playing.

People dancing to the accordion.

Man and woman applauding the dancers.

People dancing.

Old people are applauding the dancers.

People continue to dance.

An old man with a beard applauds dancing.

The girl's face.

The old man starts dancing, he's joined by veterans.

The audience applauded the dancers.

People dancing.

Cossack girl and applauded.

The old man is dancing.

Women applaud.

People dancing, standing in a circle.

Veterans talking with an old man sitting on the river bank.

Sunset over the river.

Cossack talking with a girl sitting on a swing.

Boy and girl talk, lying on the grass in the garden.

View of the river at sunset.

Women listen to accordion playing.

Girl stands leaning against a wattle fence.

Women listen to the accordion.

Boy and girl sitting on the bank of the river.


Man and woman sitting on the bank of the river.

Sun, vshodyaschego over the river.

Sunflowers on a background of the rising sun.

The sun rises over the river.

The wind rustles the branches of trees.

Tree on the bank of the river.




Krasnodar region



World War II