The Spanish Civil War. (1936 - 1939)

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Scene №1 The Spanish Civil War

V. González (Campesino), E. Lister, M. Zalka during a meeting at the headquarters.

Children in the school yard receiving military training.

Children take training rifles at the ready to fire.

Girls sew linen soldier.

Faces of women sewing on the sewing machine.

Woman sews on a typewriter soldier undershirt shirt.

French gendarmes at the border digging in things Spanish refugees.

Women and children are on the road, carry things on their shoulders.

Sign of the French border crossing point.

Woman sitting on the ground.

The girl's face.

Girl lying on her mother's lap, the other sits next.

Boy sitting on the ground.

Spanish and French military guards greet each other.

Border nightstand checkpoint on the French-Spanish border.

French gendarmes digging into things refugees.

D. Ibarruri speaking before a microphone.


Dolores Ibarruri - Spanish revolutionary, statesman and political figure
Enrique Lister - Spanish revolutionary, military leader
Valentin Gonzalez (Campesino) - Spanish revolutionary, military leader
Mate Zalka (Bela Frankl) - Hungarian revolutionary, writer, commander





Russian civil war; Political figures; Armed conflicts

Scene №2

Trees on a hillside, a farmer plowing a field.

View of the Spanish village (top).

Eared wheat field.

Farmers are bulls.

Women sift the grain through a sieve.

People raked straw.

Women the right pair of mules.

Go drawn by mules.


Women the right to mules.

People in the field of clean wheat.

People pressed straw chaff.

Man and woman winnowing chaff.

Women the right to mules.

Peasants drink wine while relaxing in the field.

The woman knits sheaves.

People pressed chaff.

Rotate the wings of a windmill.

Women the right to mules, people pressed straw chaff.

Watermill wheel rotates.

Water flows.

Spin the wheel.

A horse walks in a circle, turning the wheel the water tower.

On a rope climb jugs of water.

The boy turns spinning wheel.

Arm spinner.

Ready rope.

Women wash clothes.

Woman combing child.

People climb the hill to the village.

View of the village courtyard (above).

Village Street.

Women in the village street.

He speaks to the peasants.

People listen to the speaker.

She speaks at a rally in one of the villages.

General view of the meeting.

Face the speaker.

General view of the meeting in Madrid.

She acts.

People welcome the speaker.

The meeting at the bullring in Madrid.

Participants of the meeting are in the stands, applauding.

General view of the stadium.

People on the streets are reading leaflets and posters on the walls.

Election posters of various political groups.

Election posters in Catalonia.

People stand near the building during the vote.

A man looks at the list of voters.

People come to the ballot box and cast ballots.

Troops and police on the streets.

People are going to demonstrate.

Demonstration in support of the Popular Front.

Representatives of the Popular Front welcome demonstration from the balcony of the building.

Demonstrators waving their hands in response.

General view of the mass demonstrations in Madrid.

People traveling in trucks, greet each other.

The demonstrators on the streets of the city.

The police and gendarmerie begin crackdown.

Mounted police leaves on the pavement.

Police officers on horseback galloping down the street.

People flee.

The police beat people with batons.

Demonstration in support of the Popular Front.

Horseback ride along the street gendarmes.

Gendarmes being encircled area.

A policeman passes between demonstrators.

Gendarmes begin to disperse the demonstration, people resist.

The demonstrators are on the streets of Madrid.

Children are red flags.

The man's face.

Go teenagers.

Soldiers Republican Army of Spain.

Rupture of the projectile.

Cathedral, shelled by artillery.

Damaged shells wall of the cathedral.

Republicans fired from rifles, hiding behind the barricade.

Barricade on a city street.

The soldiers are mules by the bridle.

Damage to the wall of the cathedral.

Republicans shot from behind the barricades.

Republicans shot through the wall.

The soldier fires from a window of the building.

The soldiers were firing from the corner of the building.

On the way are refugees.

Refugees return to Malaga, lead the horses loaded with things.

Persons refugees.

Family with young children are in the shade of the trees.

Boy and girl sitting astride a mule.

Mountain scenery.

Village in the foothills of the (top).

Panorama mountain scenery.

The soldiers are on the streets.

Soldiers unloaded from a truck large caliber artillery ammunition.

Katie shell soldiers on the asphalt.

Shell in the hands of a soldier.

Women and children wait in line to the field kitchen.

The child in the arms of his mother.

Sliced pieces of bread.

Chef pouring ladle soup.

People eat soup.

Machine guns, taken as trophies.

Soldier demonstrates a captured machine gun.

People go on the road, bus rides to people on the roof.

Soldiers sitting on the roof of the bus.

People sit on the roof of the bus.

People's faces.







Russian civil war; Armed conflicts

Scene №3

Soldiers Republican Army at the barricades in the streets of Madrid.

Military patrol comes on duty.

One of the streets of Madrid, a victim of an air raid, the children play with the broken traffic lights, passing truck.

The street is a tram.

Go down the street people, the undertaker carries on his shoulders the coffin with a cross.

Rides sanitary bus.

Under the guise of metro hanging flag with a red cross.

People down in the subway, military climbing stairs.

People on the streets of Madrid.

Women and children wait in line for food.

The closed doors of a department store.

People on one of the squares of the city.

View of one of the streets of Madrid, suffered from air attack.

The result of a bomb explosion at the corner of the house.

Soldier with rifle on shoulder accompanies people from the blast site.

Corpse, covered with matting, lies at the pile of broken rubble.

People visiting the site of the explosion.

Truck pulls funeral service.

People take the coffin, bring to a corpse lying on the sidewalk.

People placed the body in the coffin, the coffin placed in a truck.

Republican poster on the wall of the building.

People stand in queues in the streets of Madrid.

Horse pulling a cart with furniture.

Republican poster.

Women carrying parts iron bed.

People lost their homes, sitting on the sidewalk among his things.

Distribution of victims essentials.

Elderly woman drags bale.

Children are put into the back of a covered truck.

Signs of evacuation on the glass of the truck.

Children are put in a truck.

The face of an old woman.

Girl gets into the truck.

People's faces.

Women and children climb into the truck.

Truck with evacuees leaving.

Children sit on a barricade.

Volunteers marching through the streets of Madrid.

Recruits on the street are the initial military training.

Recruits stand in formation.

Recruits are on the streets of Madrid.







Russian civil war; Armed conflicts