Liberation of Paris (1944)

Footage №55060, 1 footage, duration: 0:03:52

Scene №1 Liberation of Paris

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View of Paris and the Eiffel Tower (above).

Road signs in German on the streets of the city.

Flags with swastikas on the wall.

Women crypto made armbands with the symbol of "Fighting France".

Woman putting a bandage on his hand.

Underground ready to fight anti-German grenades.

People are repairing the car.

Passes through the intersection light tank.

A police officer signals using a horn.

Truck stops in the street (above).

Resistance fighter throws a grenade out the window.

Truck flashes of body jumping soldiers in a burning form.

Medics run to the truck.

Truck on fire.

Resistance fighters around the corner of the house.

The armed men disarmed and searched soldier Parisian police.

People disarm a German soldier.

German soldiers are under escort.

Burnt truck Parisian police, standing next to a one-legged Resistance fighter.

Handwritten poster above the roadway.

Armed men are arrested collaborators.

Rebels briskly walking down the street.

People stand at the charred remains of the car.

Arrested collaborator.

The corpses of executed people.

People tear down posters from the walls of the Vichy government.

People rush through the gates to the town hall.

Town Hall.

Allied flags fluttering above the entrance to the town hall.

Resistance fighters sit in the back of a truck.

People have captured German tank with the national flag of France.

People go on the armor of the tank.

A man kisses a girl.

People on the streets of the city meet the Allied forces from the roof of the building starts shooting, Resistance fighters fire back.

People flee for cover.

People in the area welcomed the troops of General Leclerc.

General rejoicing on one of the squares of Paris.

People eat, sitting at the wooden box.

Area filled with people.

People climb into the truck.

People sit in the back of a truck.

Elderly people climb into the truck.

Truck pulls.

Fighters "Fighting France" talk with the soldiers of General Leclerc, those treated their cigarettes.

Emblem "Fighting France" on the jacket of one of the soldiers.

Women suspected of collaborating with the Nazis, sitting in the back of a truck, surrounded by men.

Women kollaboratsionistok shorn bald.

People watching haired women laugh.

Woman shorn bald.

Women with cropped heads.

Woman shorn bald.

Cropped cropped women sit in the back of the truck.

Women talk to each other.

Calendar: 08.1944

Locations: Paris [850]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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