Film-travel almanac 1976 № 108

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Director: Mamedov D., Mironov A., Mishin V., Spiglazova N., Eratov E.

Script writers: Guseva E., Mironov A., Nadzhafov G., Filimonova I.

Operators: Mamedov D., Mishin V., Suprun V., Ciganov M.

Composers: Ziv M.

Text writers: Iljinskij V.


1. "Kura tamed." 2. "Wrangel Island, summer ..." 3. "Mongolian sketches." 4. "The "Sun" in Istria. "

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Kura tamed.

Panorama settlement on the banks of the Kura River.

River view from the bow of the ship.

Cargo barge.

Caravan of camels on the beach.

Barge "Kirovabad".

The forest on the shore.

Fishermen pulled from the water network and shake out the catch on the bottom of the boat.

People have a big fish on the scales.

View of the river, the river is a powerboat.

Elders drink tea on the beach.

Chronicle of the early XX century:

Soldiers help residents of coastal villages to deal with the consequences of flooding during the floods of Kura.

Elders continue to tea.

Motor boats on the water, overlooking the mountains.

Panorama Mingachevir reservoir.

Facilities Mingechevir (Mingechevir) HPP.

High-voltage power lines.

Trolleys with ore on the cable car.

Work Metallurgical Plant in the shop.

Pours the molten metal.

Boiling water.

A man walks down the stairs to the bridge over the irrigation canal.

View of the canal.

Gateway channel.

Streets Mingechevir (Mingechevir).

People in the square in front of the cinema "Kosmos".

Holidaymakers on the beach.

Children's competitions in rowing.

People walk around the fountain.

People in the square.


2. Wrangel Island, summer ...

The sun over the sea.

Walruses on the ice floes.

Rookery of walruses on the beach.

In the sea swims a polar bear.

View of the polar station.

Powered radar equipment.

Scientists make weather reports.

Signaller sends a message.

Man launches probe.

Above the station is flying a helicopter.

ATV on the street of the village Ushakov.

Women are sewn skins.

Man repairing sledges.

Man hangs to dry skin.

Women sew shoes.

Men checked the boat.

Man knitting units.

Children playing with a dog on the beach.

Tundra bloom.

Seagulls circling above the cliffs.

A man with a family sitting on a rock.

The view from the cliffs on the ship in the bay.

Seagull on a rock.

Man climbs into the boat, the boat sails away.

Motorboat in the sea.

The ship at anchor.

Unloading the ship.

Divers prepare to dive.

People go in the tank water.

The operator removes the film camera on a herd of walruses.

Scuba divers in the middle of the herd.

Walrus heads sticking out of the water.

Walruses dive.

Photographer on board the boat.

Polar bears in the water.

Bears swim alongside the boat.

Polar bear diving.

Bear runs along the shore.


1976 1910s-1920s





Construction; Geography and Nature; Arctic and Antarctic
Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

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3. Mongolian sketches.

Nature of Mongolia.

On the path people ride on donkeys and horses.

Shepherd on horseback near a herd of cows.

Panorama of the river.

Rocky natural scenery.

Buddhist monastery.

A man prays before entering the temple.

The monks in the temple courtyard.

Bucket raking the ground and falls asleep in the truck.

On the road goes "BelAZ".

Young girl.

Unloading harvested grain.

A boy chases a horse.

Adults and children herding sheep on horseback.

Panorama neighborhoods of Ulaanbaatar.

The streets of the city.

Ancient monuments among modern homes.

Telecommunication towers.

The building of a television studio.

People work in the studio.

A doctor examines a child.

Children in kindergarten.

People on the streets of the city.

View Ulan Bator on.

Riders on camels pass by the satellite dish.

4. The "Sun" in Istria.

Natural scenery on the shores of Istria.

Over the river mist.

Reflections of forest and clouds in the water.

In a clearing carved wooden structures.

View of the river.

Boats on the beach.

Glade decorated wares director tourist center "Sunny" A.Redinskogo.

The girl on a swing.

Carved pillars. A.Redinsky at work.

Guests hostels to help the director.

Hut-birdhouses with fabulous birds and animals.

Gateway database.

Wooden hut.

Homemade chairs, lounge chairs are circled in the foreground poles with a chain.

Children and adults are swinging on a swing.

A man cleans the mushrooms.

People relax on the sun loungers in the sun.

Holidaymakers in the clearing, the girl pours tea from a samovar.

Top view of the family gathering at the dinner table.

A child eating watermelon.

Director of the guests sitting around the campfire.

People play the guitar.

Candles in forged candlesticks.

Hall dining room.

Young woman.

Director A.Redinsky.

A general view of a wooden living under the open sky.

Dogorevshimi candlesticks with candles, a fire burns.

Wooden chairs, the chairs are a guitar.

People boating.


Moscow region



History; Construction; Folk Art
Sectors of the economy; National culture; Culture and Arts