Film-travel almanac № 112 (1976)

Newsreel №55069, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:56
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Goljdenblank B., Kuznecov V., Popov L., Puntakov I., Ezov E., Yurushkina N.
Screenwriters:Goljdenblank B., Drozdov N., Nikitin L.
Camera operators:Zotov N., Kuznecov Yu., Puntakov I., Ezov E., Yurushkina N.
Composers:Zolotarev V.
Text authors:Vahnyuk B.


1. "Kholmogory - the birthplace of Lomonosov". 2. "The way to Susamyr." 3. "In the city of towers and colors." 4. "Journey in the spring."

Reel №1

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1. Holmogory - the birthplace of Lomonosov.

Vintage card.

Clouds above the river.

Rainbow in the sky.

Boardwalk path through the field.

House-Museum of University.


Pages of old textbooks.

Sailing vessel.

Ancient compass.

Through the clouds make their way rays of the sun.

Fishing nets out to dry near the houses.

The fishermen dismantle the network.

Horses in a corral eating hay.

On the way, the rider rides.

The boy with a fishing rod bends around the house.

View of the village.

Holmogorskoj natural scenery.

View of the village from the opposite bank of the river.

Church on the hill.

On the river float boats.

River sunsets.

Portrait University.

Cover pages of the Doctrine.

People laid flowers at the pedestal.

Memorial University.

2. Way to Susamyr.

Shepherds on horseback leading a flock of sheep on the road.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

The boy's face.

Herd of horses.

Sheep running on the road.

Lamb in the back of a truck.

In the body go women and young children.

Top view of a mountain road.

Shepherd on horseback.

Panorama road.

Riders customize flock, trail rides a truck.

Sheep on the road.

Otaru are under the avalanche peak.

View of the mountain road.

Otaru driven into the tunnel.

Out of the tunnel.

Sheep on the road around the mountain peaks.

The rider carries the saddle of lamb.

View of the road from the back of the horse.

The old man and the children in the truck.

Sheep in the meadows differ.

Rider circles around the flock.

Sheep cross the creek.

Horse's head.

A man watches the sheep.

Animals at the watering.

View of the hills.

Flowering herbs.

People set up the tent.

Sheep on a mountain pasture.

Man covering frame tent carpet.

Horses on vacation.

Man pours into cups mare.

Mare feeding foal.

People drink mare's milk.

Flock of sheep near the yurt.

Mountain View.

Locations: Arkhangelsk region [768] Kyrgyzstan [120]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

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3. In a city of towers and colors.

Parking in Erfurt.

People visiting the annual flower show.

Garden sculpture.

Panorama of city roofs and towers.

The street in front of the cathedral.


Mary's Cathedral.

The river Gera.

Most shopkeepers.

Transitions, streets and buildings on the bridge.

Blooming flower bed.

Home "The old swan."

The emblem on the house.

House "In general furnace."

House "High lily."

House "Red Bull".

View of the house across the street.

University building.

Monument M.Lyuteru.

M.Lyutera outbuilding in the yard Augustinian monastery.

Old houses.

The fountain in the square.

City streets.


View of the roofs of Erfurt.

Modern streets and buildings.

4. Travelling in the spring.

Winter natural landscape.

Spring Brook.

Mother and stepmother flowers on the banks of the creek.

Jackdaw on a tree.

View of the river.

Blossoming willow.

Grouse on a lek.

The spring flood in the forest.

Seagull walks on ice.

A flock of seagulls in the sky.

Seagull dives.

View of the river.

Seagulls walking on the ice, fly over water.

Rooks above the trees.

Rooks sit on the branches.

Bird goes down into the slot.

Courtship courtship rooks.

Birds fly over a nest in a birch grove.

Marriage dancing swans on the water.

The trunks of birch trees blossoms foliage.

Locations: Germany [84] Russia [1]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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