Film-travel almanac 1976 № 114

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Director: Berman V., Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Kuznecov V., Monglovskij Yu., Ezov E., Yurushkina N.

Script writers: Berman V., Gurvich Yu., Ignatjev O., Monglovskij Yu., Sklyut I.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Bgancev I., Tarasov A., Fomichev L., Ezov E., Yurushkina N.

Composers: Brilj I.

Text writers: Belokurov L.


1. "Zangezur". 2. "Alexander Sloboda." 3. "Borovoye, blue mountain ..." 4. "Portugal: the north and south."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Zangezur.

Flowering poppies on a background of mountains.

Caves in the rocks.

Stone Bell.

The walls and corridors of Tatev monastery.

View of the monastery from the outside.

View of the mountain village of the cave.

Panoramic views of the valley, the roofs of the villages.

City streets.

Older women.

Living on the streets of the city.

The monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Monument to the Heroes of the October Revolution.

A source in the wall.

Children drink from the source.

On the rock flowing water.

A woman collects water at the source.

River Vorotan.

The farmers cultivate the fields.

Water supply.

Mountain waterfall.

Shamb Hydroelectric Power Station Reservoir.

The opening of the spillway in the shape of a flower.

Alternation: water flows, people see vodosbros- "daisy".

2. Alexander Sloboda.

Winter natural landscape.

Panorama of the city.

Top view of the structure of Alexander's Kremlin.

Kremlin towers and mills.

Crucifixion church bell tower (the Church of the Crucifixion of Christ).

View Exclusionary body through the branches of a tree.

Golden Gate, made master of the Great Ustyug to St.

Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, fragments of decorative pattern.

Helmet with chain mail and weapons.

Interior painting of the dome.

Alexander settlement scheme under Ivan the Terrible.

The royal seal.


View of the Kremlin.

Church bell tower.

Vintage school book (suburban Psalter).

The old printing press.

Dungeons Kremlin.

Repin painting "Ivan the Terrible and his son Ivan on November 16 1581" ("Ivan the Terrible kills his son").

The sculptural portrait of the king.

Church dome of branches of a tree.

Types of Alexander's Kremlin.


Vladimir region



Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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3. Borovoye, blue mountain ...

Kokshetau elevation, panorama Borovykh lakes.

The forests on the shores of lakes.

View of the rocky island Zhumbaktas from the forest.

A group of tourists on a forest trail.

Lake view from the cave.

The trunks of the pine trees, a heap of stones.

Resort "Borovoe", a view of the hotel from the forest.

People drink mare's milk in the dining room.

Holidaymakers on the shore of the lake.

She straightens her hair.

She feeds the squirrel out of hand.

Squirrel eats seeds.

The grass is deer.

In the woods there is the deer.

Forester rides on horseback.

Deer in a birch grove.

Grove "dancing" birch trees.

Panorama of lakes.

4. Portugal: north and south.

Map Almada.

Statue of Cristo Rey (Christ the King).

Panorama of Lisbon.

Gulls on the beach.

Ocean waves, coastal cliffs.

Stone Cross at Cape Roca.

Ancient rustic stone houses.

An elderly man with a cigarette.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

The man leads the oxen on the street.

A woman carries a jug on her head.

Elderly woman spinning flax.

A woman climbs the stairs with a pitcher of water.

The driver with the oxen walking down the street.

Barns for storing corn.

Women carrying corn barns.

Cork trees.

Vintage crust.

Bundles crust are transported by truck.

Processing the bark at the plant, the production of tubes.

Panorama of the valley.

Olive trees.

The fruit on the branches.


Shepherds from the thickets of cactus.

A man lights a cigarette.

In the valley of grazing sheep.

Manor landowner.

The street is a man with a donkey.

People in the square.

Plowing the land.

Flocks of gulls fly over fishing vessels.

Fishermen unload the catch.

Buyers and sellers in the county fair.

The Portuguese celebrate a religious festival.

An elderly woman with a camera.

Catholic Cathedral.

Flowering dandelions.

Ruins of ancient buildings in the modern streets.

The streets of the city of Oporto.

Panorama of the coast.





Geography and Nature; History of foreign countries