Film-travel almanac 1975 № 98

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Klyuchnikov A., Kuznecov V., Mirimov A., Rahomyagi S.

Script writers: Kuznecov V., Mirimov A., Hmelevskij Yu.

Operators: Voroncov A., Rahomyagi S., Suprun V., Ciganov M.

Composers: Stihin E.

Text writers: Mendzherickij I.

Other authors: Voroncov A.


1. "In the land of Partisan Glory." 2. "In the footsteps of Eduard Toll." 3. "My Land, thoughtful and gentle ..." 4. "Very close to the Equator."

Towns and countries

Reel №1

1. At the end of Partisan Glory.

Streets Bryansk.

Bryansk Regional Drama Theatre named after AK Tolstoy.

The fountain in the park.

Father and child collect fallen leaves.

Park alley.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War:

The ruins of the building.

Soldiers and civilians are in the woods.

The alternation of fragments of the memorial on the Square of Partizan, a change of the guard of honor.

Rear view of the monument.

The Eternal Fire.

Stela "Bryansk - the city of Partisan Glory" at the entrance to the city.

Desna River.

Natural landscape along the river (shooting from the water).

Birch in the field.


Tree branches.

Berry bushes.

The branches of a maple.

Natural scenery.

From the land of sticking fragments of weapons.

Crohn tree.

White Beach, Memorial complex "Partisan meadow".

People go to the monument.

Veterans stand around the Eternal Fire.

Guerrilla dugout.

View of the entrance to the dugout.

Plates with the names of the dead, the fire burns.

Veterans around the Eternal Fire.

View of the area in front of the obelisk.

2. In the footsteps of Eduard Toll.

Arctic natural scenery.

Photos E.V.Tollya polar expedition.

Cape Depot.

View of the river, the banks of snow.


Between the ice floes flowing water.

Entries E.V.Tollya.

Panorama tundra.

Wooden poles in place of wintering expedition.

In the excavation work, archaeologists and members of the expedition of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Scientists lay a new supply of products in the warehouse E.V.Tollya.

People with glowing smoke bombs in their hands.

Hydrographic Vessel "Eduard Toll" at the pier.

A ship at sea.


1941-1943 1976


Bryansk region



History; World War II; Scientific expeditions

Reel №2

3. My Land, thoughtful and gentle ...

Dawn over the Oka.

On the field, the horses graze.

Autumn natural scenery near the village of Konstantinovo.

Past the houses is a woman.

State Museum SAEsenin.

Pictures on the walls.

Furnishing the house, museum exhibits.

View of the house L.I.Kashinoy.


View from the window.

Portrait L.I.Kashinoy.

Open the gate.

The branches of trees, the wind.

Roofs of houses.

View of the church.

Panorama field.

Teens with horses on a ferry.

View of the river, the river is a boat.

Map Oka, floats over the water mist.

4. Equator nearby.

Map of Kigali, Rwanda's capital.

City streets (shot out of the car).

The inhabitants of Rwanda.

The exposition at the Presidential Palace Museum.

Children and adolescents learn ancient crafts.

Museum exhibits: a wooden sculpture and masks.

Driving on a country road.

Kagera National Park.

Signs at the entrance to the reserve.

Nature Kagera.

Crowned Crane.

Herds of antelope.

Impala (antelope Chernopyatov) among the trees.

Hartebeest (an antelope cow) galloping across the savannah.

Antelope in the grass.

A herd of zebras.

Long-tailed macaque monkeys running across the grass and jumps on the tree.


Flowering shrubs.

Oasis Panorama.

Coast of Lake Kivu (shooting from the road).

The crowns of palm trees.

Asphalt road.

Waves lap the shore.

Children swimming in shallow water.

View of the lake.


Ryazan region



Geography and Nature; Museums and exhibitions; History of foreign countries