Women's tractor brigade (1935-1939)

Footage №55090, 1 footage, duration: 0:04:10

Scene №1 Women's tractor brigade

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Woman wears overalls.

Hands, buttoning suit.

Wheeled tractors, standing in a row, ready for release in the field.

Tractor driver passes a field trailer on the go wear a hat.

Women running for crawler tractors.

Tractor driver inspects the tractor before leaving the field.

Face tractor driver.

Hand on the motor assembly.

Face tractor driver.

Smiling faces of tractor drivers.

Woman gets tractor engine crank.

Tractor driver inspects the engine.

Tractor driver sitting at the controls of the tractor.

Tractor driver starts the engine.

Tractor driver controls crawler tractor.

Tractor driver climbs into the seat of the tractor.

Tractor tows harvester threshing.

The woman behind the levers moving tractor.

A woman leads a tractor.

Caterpillar moving tractor.

Standing in a number of trucks.

Crawler tractor rides.

Members of the tractor brigade in the classroom for professional development.

Traktoristka introduces young people to the management of the tractor.

The man's face.

Peasants learn to read under the guidance of the tractor.

Woman writes letters in a notebook.

Book for learning to read.

Woman writes in a notebook.

Persons tractor.

A sign with the inscription: "Karnogorovskaya labor school."

Tin in the pocket of the child.

Faces of the children.

Children and teachers endure parties from the school building.

Children endure desks and put them in the yard.

Top school signs nailed another, with the inscription "Nursery".

By standing in the yard run up the wooden cribs children.

Girl crawl under the bed.

Children raised beds and carry them to the school building.

Boy collects the board.

Children make a crib in the school building.

A boy carries a board.

A boy carries a wheelbarrow toy drum and pyramid.

The boy's face.

Children are toys.

Girl turns the wheel.

The girl's face.

Boy sitting on the combine, spins the wheel.

The boy turns the wheel drive combine.

Of a wooden trough water flows.

Water flowing out from the gutter to the wooden wheel.

The boy's face.

The boy pours water from a bucket.

Faces of the children.

Children pour a bucket of water in a wooden trough, water from the trough rotates the wheel.

Rotating toy windmill.

The smiling faces of children.

Rotating windmill.

View field with tractors from the window of the tent field camp.

Tent field camp, passing by a tractor.

Women talk, standing at the entrance to a residential trailer on the field camp.

Ears of wheat.

Children sleep in cribs.

Calendar: 1935-1939

Locations: Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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