Donbass (1927-1929)

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Scene №1 Donbass

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A team of miners going to work.

View of the new quarter Gorlovki.

Go down the street people on bicycles.

Main Street Gorlovki.

Children swinging on a swing.

One of the streets Gorlovka.

Entrance to the building of a new seven-year school.

The building of a new technical school.

Fragment of a building.

Palace of Culture.

Fragment icon.

A woman inspects icon sits on a chair.

People view a copy of the ancient Egyptian figures.

A scientist with a bottle of Kaleidoscope in hand, giving a lecture.

Those listening to lecture people.

People in the literacy classes.

The woman behind the desk explains neighbor spelling rules.

The woman's face.

People write from dictation.

People in class technical mug.

Work moves he had assembled model of the coal trucks.

People involved in the technical modeling circle.

Women produce mathematical calculations.

Man draws a drawing.

Workers studied the device and operation of a pneumatic jackhammer.

Workers assemble a jackhammer.

Miner reading a newspaper in the library of the Palace of Culture.

A person reading a miner.

Poster on the wall of the library.

People in the reading room.

Girls walking down the stairs of the Palace of Culture.

People in the park make art panel with a portrait of Lenin.

People make panels with a mosaic portrait of Stalin.

Sports hall of the Palace of Culture.

People at the gym.

Man performs an exercise on the bar.

People jump through "horse".

People engaged in the gym.

Man performs an exercise on the rings.

People jump through "horse".

People engaged in the gym.

Man performs an exercise on the rings.

Girls dancing around the accordion.

Accordion playing.

People dancing, holding hands during the folk festival on the outskirts of the village.

People play on the boards and covers from the pots.

People dancing.

Children and adults sway to the music.

People play on the boards, saws and covers from the pots.

Spectators watch the performance of amateur artists.

Artists sing satirical verses.

Musician playing violin.

Artists sing songs, dance.

People dine in the dining room.

A hand holding a knife and fork.

Shakhtar dinner.

Person dinner miner.

Cow and calf on the meadow.

Cows drink water from the drinkers.

General view of the dairy farm.

Cows in the pasture.

Cows in front of the farm.

Milkmaid milking cows.

Hand takes the cup with milk.

Children drink milk - different plans.

Boy sitting next to his father, to drive a tractor.

Tractors with plows drive through the village street.

Passenger bus rides on the street Gorlovki.

People walking on the street.

Photographers on the street of the village.

Market Gorlovka.

Shakhtar draw a self-portrait.

Komsomol secretary FILONENKO talking with the workers, smoking a cigarette.

Workers talk to each other.

Hairdresser soaps Pomazkov face client before shaving.

Barber combs client.

Hairdresser soaps face client.

Client combs her hair after the haircut.

Guide one of the mines on the podium during the rally.

Calendar: 1927-1929

Locations: Horlovks Donbass Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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