Film-travel almanac 1976 № 116

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Director: Burkovskij K., Mamedov D., Mirimov Ya., Holjnij G.

Script writers: Mirimov Ya., Sklyut I., Stezhenskij V.

Operators: Mamedov D., Pustovalov V., Sologubov N., Yurushkina N.

Composers: Kosmachev I.

Text writers: Vahnyuk B.

Other authors: Yurushkina N.


1. "The story of the old tower." 2. "Paint Khinalug village." 3. "In the taiga of Krasnoyarsk". 4. "In the homeland of Sibelius."

Russian cities and regions | Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. The story of the old tower.

Gediminas Tower.

Panorama Vilnius.

The ruins of the Upper Vilnius Castle.

Museum exhibits in the tower.

Panorama of the Old Town.

Church of St.


View of the Old Town.

Church of the road.

Memorial plaque.

Vilnius University.

Log into the arch.

The streets and courtyards of the Old Town.


Apartment M.K.Chyurlenisa.

On the streets of bus rides.

Vilnius residents relaxing in the parks.

Pedestrians on the streets.

Restoration of the building.

Neighborhood Ladzinay.

Multi-story houses.


Panorama Vilnius modern quarters.

Bell tower.

Panorama of the Old Town.

View of the Tower of Gediminas.

2. Paint the village Khinalug.

Mountain peaks, fog.

A flock of sheep on the meadow.


Sheep in mountain pastures.


Mountain slope.

Riders on the trail.

Crossing the river.

View of the village Khinalug (Khinalig).

Riders enter the village.

Tiers homes.

The man drove up to the house and dismounts.

Women collect water from a well.

Elderly man with a rosary.

Women spun yarn.

Woman examines wool.

Carpet Weaving.

Finished carpet.

Village Festival, people are arranged the dishes on the table.

Men cook.

Fried skewers.

Woman fry pita.

A man carries a tray of food.


Women in traditional dress clap.

The man waved his handkerchief.

The rider with a torch.

Procession with torches.

Bride on a horse driven.

People around the campfire.

Bride with relatives.


Dancing woman.

Villagers in the meadow.

Mountain waterfall. R.Alhas with students.

Mountain peaks.

Village View.


Alhas R. - hinagulsky poet, writer, linguist, translator, teacher.





Architecture; Traditions and customs; Holidays
Culture and Arts; National culture; Social life

Reel №2

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3. In the taiga of Krasnoyarsk.

State Natural Reserve Poles.

The inscription on the rock.

Memorial plaque.


Excursions along the forest trails.

Scala Santa.

People climb the rock.

Rock Feathers.

Alternation: sportsman rises on a rock, people are watching.

View of the taiga from the cliff.

The deer in the bushes.


The female sika deer with a calf.

Chipmunk washes.

Lynx jumps on a pine tree.


The bird flies away.

Trot down from the tree.

Panorama taiga.

4. At home Sibelius.

Natural scenery in Finland.

Monument to composer Y.Yu.H.Sibeliusu in Helsinki.

Fallen leaves.

Nature along the river banks.

Wooden churches.

Adults and children in the alleys of the park.

Bird feeder on a pole.

Children feeding ducks.

Moose on the river bank.

Natural landscapes.


Krasnoyarsk Territory



Geography and Nature; Countries of the world
Towns and countries