Film-travel almanac 1977 № 118

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Gasyuk D., Golovnya B., Ezov E., Eratov E.

Script writers: Nadzhafov G.

Operators: Gorchukov A., Kuznecov I., Shuplyakov Yu., Ezov E.

Composers: Stihin E.

Text writers: Belyakov V.


1. "The sun of the North." 2. "You come - you will see." 3. "In the kayak on Uchur". 4. "On the shore of the Gulf of Guinea."

Russian cities and regions | Towns and countries

Reel №1

1. North sun.

Taiga mountain views.

Panorama of lakes and marshes.

Landing a helicopter.

Monument Yu.A.Bilibinu.

Gold mining.

Sifting breed.

Trees sway in the wind.

satellite communication station.

Bilibino to view.

City streets.

It drove the truck to the museum.

Unload archaeological finds.

Bilibino NPP. Alternation: dispatchers at the control panel, the reactor hall.

Power lines.

Dish satellite.

View of the main building of the station and the access road.

City view.

2. You come - you will see.

Panorama Sheki.

City streets.

A man riding a donkey in the transport stream.

Children in the park.

Woman watering flowers.

Horse-drawn carriage.

Fortress Galarsan-Gorarsan.

Illustrations to the legend.

The fortress wall.

River rapids.

The car stopped in the yard.

Out of the car the woman.

Women try on scarves.

Women served refreshments.

Tea with national sweets.

An older man talking to the girl.

Arch yard.

Master gets engraved on the cup.

Souvenirs made of metal.

Palace of Sheki Khans.

Palace Chambers, clearance items.

Stained-glass windows.

Master manufactures stained glass.

In the palace the lights go out.

Courtyard, fountain behind the trees.

The house-museum of MF Akhundov.


Book MF Akhundov.


Woman watering flowers.

People pass the bridge.

The street goes watering machine.


Chukotka Autonomous Okrug



Traditions and customs; Folk Art

Reel №2

3. Kayaking on Uchur.

Bird in the clouds.

Mountain View.

River Uchur.

From the shore flies a helicopter.

A flock of ducks gliding on the river.

Solar patches of light on water.

The operator removes a movie camera in a box.

People study the map.

The operator with the camera.

The man with the caught trout.

Descent canoe on the water.

River rafting.

leaves and moose hiding in the woods from the river.

Kayaks are on uchun.

He lit the fire.

Rest at a fire at dusk.

View from the camp to the river.

The river at sunset, rise and fall of an oar.

Raging waves.

Passage rapids.

River View from a cliff.

Flock of birds in the sky.

4. On the shore of the Gulf of Guinea.

Sculptural group.

Children on the stairs in front of the sculptures.

The building is in the shape of a flying saucer.

Students in the classroom.


The streets of the city of Cotonou.

The fruit of the oil palm on the conveyor.

A man inspects the fruit and puts it back.

oil production.

Manufacturing fabrics.

The fruits of the palm trees.

A pineapple.

Gathering herbs.

On the way are women with basins on their heads.

People's faces.

Market trade.

Masters carve sculptures out of wood.

A man with a carved walking stick.

National dances.

Teens beat the drums.

People are pulling the rope.

Boy throws into the water network.

Fishing boat out to fish.

Sea shore.


Khabarovsk Krai
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)



Geography and Nature; Countries of the world; Folk Art