Return of Maxim Gorky in the USSR (1928)

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Scene №1 Return of Maxim Gorky in the USSR

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Train coming to the platform of the Belarusian-Baltic Railway Station, on the platform are people, atmosphere - KS Stanislavsky People in the square greet Gorky.

Out of the car with a bouquet of flowers goes GK Ordzhonikidze, followed by Gorky and Yaroslavl YM People are welcome at the car Gorky.

Bitter, standing in the doorway of the car, is responsible for greeting people.

Bitter at the station stands in front of a microphone.

KE Voroshilov listens as Gorky.

A general view of Tverskaya Zastava (top), the area goes motorcade.

Gorky car, accompanied by riders going to the Bolshoi Theatre.

The car drove up to the theater, Gorky out of the car, run up to him people.

General view of the auditorium of the Bolshoi Theater during the solemn meeting of the plenum of the Moscow Council on the occasion of the arrival of Gorky.

Bitter talking to a woman in a red scarf.

The participants of the plenum in theater boxes standing welcome Gorky.

Bitter Welcomes Participants in the plenary.

General view of the Dnieper.

Bitter Dnieper.

Workers carry out excavation work at one of the sites of the Dnieper.

General view of the meeting at the farm "Giant".

Bitter of the floor in front of the farm workers.

People listening to the Gorky.

People applaud Gorky.

Baku oilmen welcome Gorky before the meeting.

Bitter sitting in the Presidium meeting.

The streets of old Baku.

Oil workers raised from the well of his friend.

Oil rigs Baku oilfields.

Towers reflected in the water.

Oil derricks.

Type of Baku (top).

Bitter talks with the workers and engineers of the Baltic Shipyard.

Timber "The Hammer" is launched.

Bitter talking with engineers and factory workers.

Face Gorky.

Tribune of the Moscow "Dynamo" stadium.

Participants of the International Pioneer rally.

Bitter talks with Voroshilov at the stadium.

Persons delegates gathering.

Bitter talks with Mikoyan AI Delegates gathering of the Central Asian republics.

Face pioneers.

Bitter speech to delegates gathering.

Participants of the rally welcome Gorky.

People in the stands listening to the Gorky.

Participants antiwar rally in Central Park of Culture and Rest listening to the Gorky.

Bitter war is accompanied by a meeting with the Red Army.

Going through a bitter old military camp.

Red Army soldiers are awaiting the arrival of Gorky.

Bitter listens welcome address of the Red Army.

Red Army soldiers were listening to the Gorky.

Small-bore rifle donated by the Red Army Gorky.

Plate with an inscription on the butt of a rifle.

The meeting with the workers of Gorky Moscow correspondents sit in the auditorium.

Bitter of the floor.

People in the hall applauded Gorky.


Bitter (foot) Gorki - writer Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky - director, theatrical figure Ordzhonikidze Grgory K. - statesman and political figure Yaroslavsky Yemelyan M. (Gubelman Izrailevich Saints) - a revolutionary and party leader Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and politician, military leader Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich - statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1928

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Baku [948] Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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