Fundamental changes in the international situation after the Second world war (1946-1958.) (cycle history of the Communist party). (1975)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Vyazovskij I.

Script writers: Dunaeva N.

Operators: Brun D.


The film is about the beginning of the confrontation of political systems, anti-colonial struggles in Asia and Africa, the creation of military-political blocs, the beginning of the "cold war", the struggle of the progressive forces of humanity for peace and disarmament.


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1945: Nazi soldiers abandoned the banners at the mausoleum during the Victory Day parade.

Japanese soldiers lay down their arms.

Jubilant people on the streets of Soviet cities.

His wife and children returned home hug soldier.

People on Red Square military shake.

A woman sits near the ruins of the house.

Burned village.

Dam failures Dnieper.

Ruined factory buildings.

Texts of the articles in the newspapers about rebuilding war-torn


Newsreel of 1945-1946: people restore and build houses.

Females lay bricks.

Miners put support in the mine.

People are clearing the ruins of the factory buildings.

View of the area of one of the cities (above).

Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Types streets of London.

People on the street to buy a newspaper.

People walking on the street.

Unemployed people standing on the street with placards.

Meeting in one of the European cities.

Statue falls from its pedestal.

People in the area have destroyed the statue.

Rally in one of Eastern European cities.

Map of Europe with countries of people's democracy.

Newsreel of the late 1940s: he speaks at a rally in Prague.

People applauded speaker.

Meeting of the Congress of the Bulgarian Communist Party.

GM Dimitrov acts

General view of the courtroom.

Eastern European peasants divide the landed estates.

Surveyor measures the boundaries of the land.

The farmer digs a peg in the ground.

The face of the peasant.

Land in the palms of the peasant.

The farmer reads he had received a certificate of land ownership.

The text of the certificate.

Persons peasants.

Farmers receive a certificate of ownership.

Peasant rally.

Type of industrial plant (above).

View of a portion of a chemical plant.

Locomotive passes the port cranes.

The cashier at the bank gives money to the visitor.

Interior view of one of the banks.

Blooming apple orchards.

Face of smiling farmer.

Women in the field to harvest.

On the road going tractor.

Workers assemble metal.

Passenger ship at the pier.

Map of Mongolia and China.

Newsreel of the late 1940s, people welcomed the soldiers of People's Liberation Army of China.

Soldiers tear off the flagpole flag Kuomintang, throw it down.

Playing a military band.

Raise the flag of the People's Republic of China.

Demonstration in Beijing.

People release balloons into the sky.

Flag of North Korea.

Rally in Pyongyang.

People greet Kim Il Sung.

Women bear the flag of the flag.

The soldiers are on the streets of Hanoi.

People greet soldiers standing on the sidewalks.

The girl's face.

The girl gives flowers to the soldier.

The socialist countries of Europe and Asia on the map.

Newsreel: The panorama of the central part of Delhi.

The meeting in New Delhi.

General view from the top of the rally.

Cannon gives salute.

The national flag of India.

The national flag of Indonesia.

Indonesia's President Sukarno salutes the national flag.

People at the meeting in Jakarta.

The national flag of Burma.

Meeting of the Burmese government.

The demonstration in one of the countries of Latin America (top).

Demonstrations on the streets of Latin American cities.

People are holding slogans and red flags.

Castro f. with their colleagues riding on an armored car on a city street.

Are armed Cuban militia.

Porters Africans are boxes in front is the overseer.

Blacks are white master on a stretcher.

Black workers on the plantation.

Taskmaster team of workers.

Workers digging a ditch with picks.

Face of black workers.

She speaks at a rally in one of the African countries.

Waving national flag of Algeria.

Algerian soldiers during the flag raising.

The soldier's face.

Statue falls from its pedestal.

Black soldiers climb into the truck.

The soldiers are on the streets.

People greet soldiers.

The demonstration is moving down the street.

Dvushki throw rose petals.

Rallies and demonstrations in the newly independent countries in Africa.

Session of the parliament of the countries.

Parliament Speaker stands.

Operating one of the European countries leave the factory.

Workers leave the factory gates on bicycles.

Striking workers in the streets.

Unemployed people stand in queues at the unemployment office.

Man considers showcase the grocery store.

Those people at the store.

Protesters fight with police.

Mounted police disperse people.


Police arrested protesters.

Crackdown water cannons.

Demonstration in London.

Portraits of characters Please communist European countries.

Newsreel: election rally in one of the European capitals.

World map with the territories of the socialist and capitalist camps.

Newsreel: rallies in cities across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Portrait of W. Churchill

Newsreel: Speaker Churchill, Eisenhower, Truman.

Street in Washington.

View of the Capitol.

US flag over the dome of the Capitol.

Bourgeois newspapers in Europe and the United States.

Newsreel of the late 1940s - 1950s: American tanks on the march.

British soldiers on maneuvers.

Panorama of the Athens (top).

Flying the flag of Greece.

Crackdown on the demonstrations in Paris and London.

The arrests of protesters in Germany.

Newspaper of the Communist parties of the European countries.

Key words

The postwar period


Georgy Dimitrov - Bulgarian state and political figure
Kim Il Sung - Korean statesman and political figure
Sukarno - Indonesian state and political figure
Fidel Castro - Cuban statesman and political figure
Winston Churchill - British statesman and politician
Harry Truman - American statesman and politician
Dwight Eisenhower - American statesman and politician, military leader







Rallies; Demonstrations; International cooperation; International organizations
Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; Space; Foreign policy; Policy

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1910-1920-ies: People stand in line for bread.

Homeless on the street.

People are looking for in the land of the remaining potatoes.

People in the slums.

Mother puts children.

Newsreel end of 1940-1950-ies: people walking on the street.

View of the New York (above).

US Secretary of State serves Marshall.

Girl sitting by the fire, looking at a pot of soup.

Bank of American stew.

Signs of US banks.

Fragment of the poster.

Ships at berth.

US soldier on duty.

Handling of American weapons and equipment on ships.

Commander of NATO forces in Europe during the meeting.

Go to the American soldiers.

German soldiers stand in formation.

Generals take hits.

The trunk of the ship's guns.

Eisenhower's face.

Tanks are on the streets of the city.

The commander of Panzer Group reports on the situation to General Eisenhower.

NATO soldiers on maneuvers.

NATO naval officers stand on the rising platform.

Map of the division of Germany in 1949.

Newsreel: German Chancellor Adenauer K. leaves the car.

Adenauer at a press conference.

Adenauer during a meeting with Eisenhower.

Adenauer arrival in the United States.

Adenauer inspects a German tank unit during joint exercises with the United States.

Prohibiting the inscription on road signs.

German troops in the NATO maneuvers.

Former Nazis with medals on his jacket.

The march of neo-fascists in Germany.

Parade of the Waffen SS in 1930 years.

Neo-fascists marching through the streets of the city.

Neo-fascist face.

Neofashistkaya literature in the stores.

Face of a US Marine.

Train soldiers, US Marine Corps.

Map location of US military bases.

Newsreel 1950: construction of a military base on Okinawa.

Persons protesters.

Military mark out the area for the construction of the airfield.

Flying the US flag.

The plane sits on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Floats submarine.

Dropping paratroopers.

Parachutist landing.

The soldiers are on the airfield.

Fly bombers.

Falling bombs.

Burning Korean city.

Flying aircraft.

Women fleeing the bombing.

Crying child.

A wounded baby.

Women cry over the bodies of those killed.

Flying aircraft.

People fleeing to the shelter.

North Korean soldiers on the march.

Broken American military equipment.


French tank goes through the field in Indochina.

Refugees are on the road.

French soldiers are on the streets of the city.

American soldiers in a burning Vietnamese village.

People flee, take away livestock.

Vietnam People's Army soldiers take an oath.

Vietnamese soldiers attack the enemy.

Officers at the observation post.

Fires artillery battery.

Soldiers fleeing the attack.

Tank on the road firing a machine gun.

Mortar fires.

Gunners firing at the Americans.

Mortar fires.

Burning building.

Map of hostilities in Egypt in 1956.

Photos fighting colonial troops.

Newsreel 1958: US troops in Lebanon.

British troops land in Jordan.

Soldiers riding on armored vehicles.

Anti-war demonstrations and rallies in cities around the world.

Article in the newspaper "Pravda".

He speaks from the podium.

People put their signatures to the Stockholm Appeal to ban nuclear weapons.

The text of the appeal with the signatures.

An article in the newspaper "Pravda".

Newsreel of the late 1950s: he speaks at an anti-war rally.

Anti-war rally in Leningrad.

Performing artists Cherkasov NK Participants listen to speakers antiwar meetings.

View of the Moscow Kremlin.

Session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in March 1951.

Persons deputies.

Deputies stand up, applaud.

The text of the "Law on the Protection of the World" in the newspaper "Pravda".

Types of Geneva.

Meeting of the Geneva Conference in 1954.

View of the Lake of Geneva.

Soviet-Austrian treaty of neutrality.

The signing of the Warsaw Treaty of Friendship between the USSR and the European countries of people's democracy.

Officers of the Warsaw Pact troops during joint exercises.

Soviet and German soldiers talk to each other during the holidays.

Foreign guests greet May Day demonstration on Red Square.

A general view of Red Square.

Persons demonstrators.

Persons of foreign visitors.

AI Mikoyan, Suslov, MA on the platform of the mausoleum.

Child on the shoulders of men.

A general view of Red Square.

Demonstration on Red Square.

A general view of Red Square from above.


George Marshall - American statesman and politician
Dwight Eisenhower - American statesman and politician, military leader
Konrad Adenauer - German statesman and political figure
Cherkasov Nicholas Roerich - film and theater actor
Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich - statesman and political figure
Mikhail Andreyevich Suslov - statesman and political figure




New York
FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)
North Korea



International cooperation; International military organizations; Military exercises and maneuvers; Rallies; Demonstrations; Army; Political figures; Foreign policy
Space; Defense and internal security; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; Biography; Policy