The international situation in the first five years (the cycle of history of the CPSU). (1973)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Vladikin V.

Script writers: Poselyanina O.


The film is about the economic and political situation in Europe, America and Asia in the period 1928-1932 years, the support of the USSR workers in the capitalist countries.


Reel №1

Newsreel, 1920: View of the streets of New York.

The Exchange Building.

People walking on the street.

Women see a shop window.

Woman with a dog in her arms.

Mannequins in the windows of a clothing store.

Women considering showcase.

Signs banks.

Assembling cars on the assembly line.

New cars at the site of the finished product.

Statue of Liberty in New York.

Empire State Building.

Cars and buses on the streets of New York (above).

People walking on the street.

Amusement Park.

People on the attraction "roller coaster".

Jewelery box.

Bracelet on a female hand.

Woman putting on a necklace.

Waving the American flag.

American settlement of the unemployed.

A man washes jersey in a ditch.

People cook over a campfire.

Panorama deserted New York harbor.

Idle factories.

Unemployed people are waiting in line at the unemployment office.

Persons unemployed.

Queue for free soup.

People are moving away from the boiler with a full bowl.

Man eating sitting on the street.

The trading of shares on the stock exchange.

US President Hoover speech.

American flag over the building of the US Congress.

Meeting of the Congress.

The head of the largest industrial corporations during the meeting.

Burning car.

One of the destroyed buildings.

Printing paper money.

The demonstration of mothers demanding milk for children.

People poured milk on the ground.

General view of the protests in New York.

A speaker on the rally.

Mounted police disperse a demonstration.

People scatter in different directions.

The arrests of demonstrators.

People put in a police van.

Political demonstration in Amsterdam.

Dockers rally in England.

The police are watching the rally participants.

She speaks at a rally dockers.

Political demonstration in one of the European countries.

Mounted police disperse a demonstration.

The police arrest people.

Crackdown in one of the colonies.

People go to the gala reception.

Face Switzerland.

Waiters are glasses on a tray.

People dancing.

A man and a woman driven cart with things.

Of all unemployed in Germany.

Persons unemployed.

People dismantled bowl of free soup.

A man with a poster of the job search is on the street.

Hungry children.

Speaking at a gathering of workers.

Striking German workers leave the factory.

General view of the protests.

The sign above the door of the building, "Karl Liebknecht House."

Political demonstration in Berlin.

Police patrol at an intersection.

Members of the Communist Party of Germany at the demonstration.

People welcome demonstration of the windows of the houses.

Demonstrators walk down the street.

In the back of a truck traveling the police.

Police pushes people.

People run through the area, breaking through the police cordon.

On the streets marching Nazi stormtroopers.

The woman on the sidewalk welcomes the Nazis.

Stormtroopers go through the Brandenburg Gate.

Storm troopers marching through the area.

Clash of stormtroopers and workers.

People in the area run.

German Communists carry on their shoulders the coffin of slain comrade.

Communists in protest.

German General, on horseback, a parade.

Infantry and horse artillery on parade.

Spectators watch the flight of the aircraft.

The sky flying aircraft units.

Destroyer military campaigns.

Japanese Emperor Hirohito accepts before.

Troops pass in front of the emperor.

The station is suitable division of the Japanese army.

Face of a Japanese soldier.

Loading ammunition on the ship.

Newsreel, 1932: Participants of the Geneva Conference on Disarmament.

MM Litvinov acts

View of the conference hall.

The conference participants listen to the speaker speaker.

Newsreel 1929: Meeting of the Black Sea Fleet sailors.

Sailor speaks at a rally.

Participants of the meeting held in the hands of the slogan.

Participants of the May Day demonstrations in Moscow and go to Red Square.

IV Stalin, Voroshilov KE welcome demonstration from the rostrum of the Mausoleum.

Cavalry at the May Day parade on Red Square.

Stalin and Voroshilov on the platform of the mausoleum.

He advocated a workers' meeting in one of the European cities.

People listening to the speaker.

She acts.

People greet a speaker.

Working meetings and demonstrations of solidarity with the USSR in the cities of Europe.


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin - statesman and political figure
Maxim Litvinov - statesman and politician, diplomat
Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and politician, military leader
Hirohito - Emperor of Japan
Hoover, Herbert Clark - American statesman and politician




New York

Policy; Demonstrations; Rallies; International organizations; Towns and countries