The basic economic law of socialism. (1980)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Lazareva O.

Script writers: Aljshic O.


The film is about the restoration of industry and agriculture in the Soviet Union after the October Revolution, the action of the basic economic law of socialism and the economic advantages of the socialist system.

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Launching of the ship "Maritza".

People waving their hands in greeting.

The motor ship coming from the slipway.

General view of the ruins of the Parthenon in Athens.

Columns of the Temple.

Steel plant one of the plants.

Roads (top).

Ancient Egyptian murals.

Medieval engravings depicting peasants and artisans.

Engravings depicting the labor of the workers in the mines and manufactories.

Statue of Liberty in New York.

Interior views shop aircraft factory.

Rocket in the mine.

Black cyclist rides through the city streets, weaving between cars.

Striking American workers.

Worth a truck with a trailer loaded with new cars.

American metro trains are on a siding.

Protests against economic oppression on the streets of US cities.

Police arrested protesters.

The demonstration in Japan.

Japanese police arrested put into trucks.

Protests in Europe.

Denominations of 1 to 100 dollars.

Photos J. Rockefeller.

The sign of a bank.

Hand employee of the bank, is considered the gold bullion.

Gold bullion.

Group photo of major American financial magnates.

Photos from the early 20th century office building Stroock plant in Russia.

Group photo of Russian industrialists.

Newsreel beginning of the 20th century: the peasant repairing the thatched roof of the barn.

Weakened horse hanging on a clothesline.

Photos factories in Russia.

Hand ringer beating the bell.

Newsreel beginning of the 20th century: people make the procession and prayer.

Peasant baptized before working in the field.

The farmer sows a field hand, a horse pulling a harrow.

Game footage from the film "October": July demonstration in Petrograd.

Lenin stands, standing on an armored car.

Soldiers and workers welcome Lenin.

Shot gun cruiser "Aurora".

View of the Palace Square in St.


Game footage storming of the Winter Palace.

Newsreel of 1920-1930: the working face.

Working in a foundry.

Finished fabric is wound on a roll.

Weaver check the function of the machine in the shop.

Weaver at work.

Miner working in the mine.

Mined coal on the conveyor belt.

Woman adjusts the tractor engine.

A woman sits behind the wheel of the tractor.

The woman's face, a tractor driver.

Theatre Square in Moscow in 1918.

People pass by the broken area of the hotel "Metropol".

People stand in line for bread.

Register an increase in the bread ration.

People on the street cook soup in the pot.

Woman with child in her arms.

People lost their homes sit near the tents.

Crying child.

Street children are sitting in a railroad car footboard.

Starving children.

Workers dismantle the ruins of shops.

Covered with snow locomotives.

People visiting the rails, damaged in a train accident.

Farmers seeded field manually.

Miners remove the consequences of the accident in the flooded mine.

General view of the construction of one of the plants.

People are digging with shovels pit.

Construction of the dam of the Dnieper.

Common types of construction of the Dnieper.

Construction site of one of the industrial enterprises.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Working in the shop steelworks.

Construction of the first five.

Volkhov hydroelectric power.

Wire electric lighting.

Workers assemble the wires on the pole.

The first Soviet tractor leaves the factory gate "Red Putilovets."

Rally to mark the arrival of the tractor in the village.

People applaud tractor driver.

Plowing with a tractor, people go to the plow, carry slogans.

Work on the construction of a house.

Painters to paint the walls.

Working tramp cement.

Cart loaded with things going down the street, followed by people.

The cart with things drove up to the entrance of a new home.

The child is removed from the cart.

People will wear the furniture in the house.

Novosel twists bulb.

Novosel sitting in my room and read the newspaper.

Fabric on store shelves.

Persons shoppers.

Buyers try on shoes.

People in the store considering the gramophone.

The child picks up a toy purchased.

Construction of the dam one of the hydroelectric plants.

The flow of water falling from the dam.

General view of the hydroelectric power plant.

Mast power lines.

Finished products in the shop engineering plant.

Equipment on the factory floor.

A person working-metallurgist.

Workers in the steel plant.


John D. Rockefeller - entrepreneur, financier




New York
Western Europe



Sectors of the economy; Industry; Agriculture; Construction; History

Reel №2

Field of ripe wheat.

Harvesting wheat harvester.

General view of the collective farm field (above).

Inside view of a textile mill shop.

Work looms.

Dairy products in bottles.

Production of ham and sausages at the meat processing.

A sample of the new TV.

Employee control department inspects the work of the TV.

New TVs on store shelves.

People come into the store in Leningrad.

Buyers on the trading floor.

Vendors serving customers.

Woman pays money to the cashier.

Samples of new products: watches, lamps.

People walking on the street.

People in the store purchased items.

Department of musical instruments.

International news: street city car rides, plane.

The driver in the cab.

Car throws wings and transformed into a light aircraft.

Faces of the audience.

The plane takes off and runs up.

The girl watches the flight.

Plane lands at the airport.

Demonstration of the possibilities of holography.

The driver sits behind the wheel of the car.

Car "Lada" leaves from the parking lot.

The assembly shop of the Volga Automobile Plant.

Workers install components and assemblies.

Playground finished products Volga car.

Newsreel 1920: cars on the streets of a town in the United States.

Ford factory workers go to work.

Pipeline in the factory Ford.

Ready-chassis cars leave the shop.

Powered conveyor.

Shop of one of the steel mills.

The hand on the remote controller.

Pouring molten metal.

Women work on the production line cannery.

Samples of the latest technologies in various kinds of industrial production.

A person working.

Confectionery factory production line.

Metalworker at work.

Employees of the company dispatch center.

Newsreel, 1920: people are engaged in the literacy courses.

The woman said the accounts.

Women sit at their desks and stand at the blackboard.

People sit at their desks.

Children at school during the lesson.

Students at the lab.

Teacher vocational school teaches classes.

Students during class.

Shelves of books in the library.

Librarian advises the reader.

View of the reading room (above).

People in the reading room.

People go to the theater in the Palace of Culture.

Posters performance.

Scene from the play.

Poster of folk theater.

Artists folk theater dancing on stage.

Persons artists.

Group photo of amateur artists.

Photos of artists on permanent jobs.

The audience applauded.

The area in front of the holiday home.

View of part of the territory of the holiday homes.

Interiors of buildings holiday homes.

Vacationers are on the balcony.

People walk along the paths of the park.

People walking on the street.

Workers in the shop watch factory.

Shop precision manufacture.

View of the new urban quarter (top).

Patients dental clinic in the chair.

New buildings.

General view of the shop floor grocery store.

People on the trading floor.

Construction of a house.

Panorama of new homes.

Children ride the rides.

Girl draws.

Children tell who want to be.

Cover the Constitution of the USSR. Texts of the articles of the Constitution.







Industry; Education; Culture and Arts; Childhood and youth