The beginning of the labor movement in Russia. (1981)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Z. Krashenkova

Script writers: V. Yakovlev

Operators: S. Belyaeva, I. Ershova

Recordist: N. Shknevskaya

Music designer: V. Sokolov

Painter: V. Kramskaya

Other authors: N. Serebryakova


Educational film about the beginning of the workers ' and social-democratic movement in Russia.


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cover of the volume of the Complete Works of V. I. Lenin.

The text of Lenin's article "In Memory of Herzen".

A painting depicting the Decembrist uprising on December 14, 1825.

Portraits of the Decembrists Pestel, Ryleev, Muravyov-Apostol, Bestuzhev, Kakhovsky.

The cover of the magazine "Polar Star" with profiles of five executed Decembrists.

Photo portrait of A. I. Herzen.

Portraits of the revolutionaries-the commoners and the people Dobrolyubov, Chernyshevsky, Zhelyabov, Perovskaya.

The revolutionary-democratic publications Sovremennik and Kolokol, published in Russia and abroad in the mid-19th century.

Portraits of Russian peasants, paintings from peasant life.

A picture depicting a meeting of one of the first Marxist circles.

Portraits of the ideologists of narodnichestvo P. L. Lavrov, Nechaev, Bakunin.

Newsreel: view of the pre-revolutionary village.

Peasant women knit sheaves.

Threshing with flails on the grain flow.

Repin's painting "The Arrest of a Propagandist".

A picture depicting the dispersal of a demonstration at the Kazan Cathedral.

Publications of the organizations "Land and Will", "Black Division" and "Narodnaya Volya".

Portraits of Zhelyabov, Perovskaya, Kibalchich and other leaders of Narodnaya Volya.

An engraving depicting the assassination attempt on Alexander II on the Catherine Canal on March 1, 1881.

Pictures of the trial of Narodnaya Volya terrorists and the execution of Narodnaya Volya terrorists.

Newsreel of the early 20th century: a panorama of one of the industrial enterprises.

Production processes in the foundry.

Panorama of one of the Baku oil fields.

The process of manual oil extraction.

Types of industrial enterprises.

Workers and female employees go on shift.

Descent into the bottom of the crate with the miners.

Miners work in the bottom with pickaxes.

Haulage of trolleys loaded with coal.

Production processes in a textile factory.

Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire.

Statues of angels, alternating with photographs of the living conditions of Russian workers in the late 19th century.

Newsreel of the early 20th century: manual metalworking in a locksmith's workshop.

Workers at the machines.

The cover of the Police Department's case file on labor unrest and strikes.

Photo of one of the factory shops.

Portrait of workers ' movement figures Pyotr Alekseev, Obnorsky, S. Khalturin, the head of the Morozov strike P. Moiseenko.

Photos of Odessa in the last third of the 19th century.

Portrait of the head of the South Russian Union of Workers E. Zaslavsky.

The text of the Charter of the Union.

Portraits of the founders of the Northern Union of Russian Workers, created in St.

Petersburg by S. Khalturin and V. Obnorsky.

Portrait of the Union activist P. Moiseenko.

Drawings of industrial enterprises of St.

Petersburg in the late 19th century.

The texts of the appeals and leaflets of the Northern Union to the Russian workers, indicating the main purpose of its activities.

Photos of industrial enterprises of St.

Petersburg and workshops that stopped due to the economic crisis in the 1880s.

Photo of one of the workers ' strikes.

Map of European Russia with the centers of the strike movement.





Industry; Agriculture
Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the building of the former St.

Nicholas the Morozov factory in Orekhovo-Zuevo.

Portraits of the leaders of the strike of 1885, P. Moiseenko, V. Volkov, L. Ivanov.

Panorama of the wall of the building of the Morozovskaya manufactory.

Paintings and engravings depicting the life of Russian workers in the late 19th century.

The text of the demand of the Morozov weavers, handed to the governor.

A painting depicting the Morozov strike.

Map of Russia with the centers of major strikes in industrial centers in 1885-1889.

Newsreel of the early 20th century: coal mining in the mines.

Removal of coal from the tunnels by horses.

Exit of workers from the factory.

Portraits of Karl Marx and f.


The first legal edition in Russian of the first volume of Capital.

Portraits of G. V. Plekhanov and members of the group "Liberation of Labor" - Axelrod, Zasulich.

Photo of one of the quarters of Geneva.

Editions of the works of Marx and Engels, translated into Russian by Plekhanov and his associates.

Map of the relations of the group "Emancipation of Labor" with the social-democratic organizations of Western and Eastern Europe.

Photos of St.

Petersburg University.

Portrait of the founder of the first Marxist group in Russia in 1883, D. Blagoev.

One of the issues of the newspaper "Worker", published by the Blagoev group.

Portraits of P. Tochissky and the leaders of the "Association of St.

Petersburg Artisans", created in 1885.

Steamboats on the Volga.

Photos of the center of Kazan.

Portrait of the head of the Marxist circle N. Fedoseev.

Portrait of the organizer of the first Marxist circles in Ukraine, Yu.


Portrait of M. Brusnev, one of the founders in 1889 of the " All-Petersburg Social-Democratic Organization.

The text of the program for classes in working circles.

An engraving depicting the first Mayevka in Russia in 1891.

Photos of St.

Petersburg and Moscow in the 1890s.

Portraits of P. Alekseev, V. Obnorsky, S. Khalturin, P. Moiseenko, figures of the Russian labor movement.

Map of Russia with the designation of social-democratic circles and organizations.

Portrait of V. I. Ulyanov in the period of the 1890s.

Photo of Kazan University in the 1880s.

The audience where the student meeting with the participation of V. I. Ulyanov took place.

A picture depicting a student meeting at Kazan University.

Views of Kazan.

Old books on the shelves.

The house in Samara, where the Sklyarenko circle classes were held.

Portrait of V. I. Ulyanov.

Edition of "Capital" in German.

Photo of the coastal part of Samara.

Portraits of the leaders of the first Marxist circle in Samara-V. I. Ulyanov, Lalayants, Sklyarenko.

The typographic text of Lenin's questionnaire, reflecting his participation in the first Marxist circles.

Portrait of V. I. Ulyanov.

The text of the manuscript of V. I. Ulyanov "New economic movements in peasant life", written in 1893.

Typographic text of the article with statistical calculations.

Newsreel of the early 20th century: views of St.


Portrait of V. I. Ulyanov.





Sectors of the economy