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1. "Sinegorye". 2. "Murghab oasis". 3. "Mezenskaya mail". 4. "Elba".

Russian cities and regions | Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Sinegorye.

Blue Mountain.

House under construction.

Mountain View.

ATV Rides.

From the all-terrain vehicle out people.

Surveyors at work.

Delivery of specialized equipment for the construction.

rover driver.

Frozen River.

The explosion in the mountains.

Construction of Kolyma HPP. Construction tunnel.

Bridge over river.


Panorama building.

Village Sinegorye.

Streets and villagers.

The school choir performs in kindergarten.

Adults and children skiing.

View from the rocks on the road.

Mountain slope.

On the road all-terrain vehicle rides.

2. Murghab oasis.

The Karakum desert.

Screech agama.

Shooting from a helicopter desert, the ruins of Merv.

Lizard runs.

Remains of fortifications Tekin.

Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar.

The ruins of the fortress.

Stone arch-entrance.


Ornament on the vault.

Descend down.

In the desert there is a train.

The woman at the window.

The view from the train window.

View from the boat.

Foam trail astern.

Irrigation system.

Flowering gardens.

Female tractor driver.

Tractors in the field.

Because the pipe is flowing water.

Rice fields.

The woman at the window of the train.

The station Bairam-Ali.


Holidaymakers in the park.

People holiday, people are dancing.

Woman drinking from bowls.

Family at the dinner table.

Craftswomen weave carpets.

Musician with a tambourine.

People walking on the street.


Magadan region



Construction; National culture; Architecture
Sectors of the economy; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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3. Mezenskaya mail.

Winter landscapes of the Far North.

Snowmobiling in the tundra.

Country house.

Snowmobiling and aircraft at the aerodrome.

Unloading mail Machinery and snowmobile.

The driver closes the car door.

Snowmobiling leaving.

Alternation: snowmobile on the road, mail delivery to villages and villages.

Tea drinking at a party.

Snowmobiling in the way.

Women knit mittens.

The driver of the mittens.

Snowmobiling leave the village.

4. Elba Island.

Forms of the Tuscan Archipelago.

City streets.

The views from the city to the sea.

Napoleonic eagle.

Gate Villa San Martino.

Napoleon's Palace in Portoferraio.

Rooms Palace, the museum exhibits.

View from the window.

A view of the lighthouse from the land loopholes.

Three-masted ship in the harbor.

Burning Lamp.


A death mask of the Emperor.

The rocky slope of the island.


Elba Island View from the sea.


Arkhangelsk region



History of foreign countries; Museums and exhibitions
History; Culture and Arts