Film-travel almanac 1978 № 136

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Director: V.Man,E.Ezov, D.Mamedov

Script writers: R.Aksenenko.

Operators: M.Kamionskij, E.Ezov, D.Mamedov, V.Chuprinini

Text writers: I.Mendzherickij


The plot №1 «Where the day begins" The plot №2 «My house - my museum ..." The plot №3 «High Alay" The plot №4 «From Baghdad to Babylon"

Reel №1

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Where the day begins.


Lapping waves and hills in the distance.

The Smoking hills.

Indigenous residents of Kamchatka.

A herd of reindeer.

Man throws a lasso on deer.

Excursion to the nature.

On the road rushing cars and buses.

Bus station in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Monuments to the fallen Russian soldiers in the war with Japan.

A group of kindergartners on a walk.

Quarters of new homes.

Avacha Bay.

Ships in port.

Fishing vessels.

Greenhouses in the thermal waters.

Collection of cucumbers.

Hill with snowy top.

A geothermal power plant.


The drilling of the well.

My home is my Museum.

The City Of Taurage.

The remains of the old fortress.


Quiet street.

The fence, built of ceramic products.

People on the streets.

The monument of the people the Nazis burned the village Abridge.

One of the authors of the memorial Antonas the Bogdandas.

A. Bogdandas cuts on wood the next sculpture.

The wife of the sculptor is working on amber and metal.

The House Of Bogdanov.

Sculptures around the house.

Park next to the house.

A pond with swans.

Lsodi up the steps of the Museum.

People in the home Museum of Bogdanov.

The exposition of the Museum.

The bus goes on the highway.

The lady of the house meets Pitakas tourists.

Slippers at the entrance to the Museum.

The owner of the Museum conducts a tour.

Pictures from bark in the Museum.

Objects of peasant life of Estonia in the home Museum.


Antonas Bogdanas - litovskij skuljptor


Kamchatka Krai



Russian cities and regions; History; Museums and exhibitions
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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High Alay.

Two men in traditional costumes play the karnay.

The City Of Sochi.

Monument Hamza.

Past the mausoleum of Hamza are students.

The Streets Of Sochi.

People on the streets.

The performance of the tightrope Walker.

The crowd watching the performance.

Girls in national dress.

Mountain road, the machine moves a bridge across the river.

The mountain chain.

The resort Sochi at the foot of the mountains.

The cottage on the hillside.

Tourists on motor boats on the lake of Kel Kel.

A shepherd playing the flute.

Flock of sheep on a mountain pasture.

Mountain river.

Snow-capped peaks.

From Baghdad to Babylon.


The bridge over the Tigris river.

The streets and squares of Baghdad, a string of cars.

The Golden mosque of al-Kazimiya.

A caravan of camels.


The front door.

Copy of the gate of Ishtar.

Ancient slab and walls.

The ruins of ancient Babylon.

Sculpture of a lion.

The remains of one of the seven wonders of the world.- hanging gardens of Babylon.

Street of ancient Babylon.

Images of lions and dragons on the walls.

Sightseers in Babylon.





Russian cities and regions; Towns and countries
Geography and Nature