Film-travel almanac 1978 № 137

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Director: E. Eratov, L.Kupershmidt, A.Mironov

Script writers: K.Orlova, V.Aksenenko, L.Kupershmidt

Operators: N.Sologubov, R.Voronov, A.Chervyakov

Composers: E.Stihin

Text writers: V.Iljinskij


The plot №1 «Sakhalin Nivkhi" The plot №2 «In the busy road of history" The plot №3 «Spring in Dombai" The plot №4 «Bogota - the capital of Colombia"

Reel №1

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"Sakhalin Nivkhi".

Panorama of the coastal forest.

Boat frozen into the ground.

The spawning salmon.

Seals in the water.

Woman in national dress prepares the food.

Women butchering fish.

Fish are suspended on poles in the air.

Girls sew fur attire.

Metal utensils.

Nivkh carved fake wood.

Girls playing in the street on a primitive percussion instrument:sticks and logs.

Fighting in the snow.

Jubilant spectators of the match.

The skiers run down the track.

Children run to school.

School class, the teacher writes something on the Board.

The woman playing the national stringed instrument.

A fishing vessel.

Young Nivkh on the powerboat.

"In the busy road of history."

The car goes on the road past the houses of the city of Nesterov.

The monument to the pilot Nesterov.

Historic castle.

The city's Cathedral.

Panorama of the bas-reliefs on the Cathedral.

Trinity Orthodox Church.

Panorama of the wooden Church.

The iconostasis of the Church.

Ancient icon.

Panorama of the Apostolic row of the iconostasis.

Portrait Of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

The streets of the town.

Painting stay in the city of Peter the great during the war with the Swedes.

The documents of those days.

Panorama of the city.


Sakhalin Region



Russian cities and regions; Traditions and customs; History
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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Spring in Dombai.

The white peaks of the Caucasus mountains.


Tourists jump on the rocks over a mountain stream.


Girl in a swimsuit on a background of snow.

A group of tourists sunbathing on a boulder.

Skiers on the mountainside.

Skiers descend the mountain.

The hotel is in the shape of a flying saucer on the hillside.


A group of riders in the woods.

A group of riders passes through the mountain river.

Mountain river.

A group of hikers.

Few people drink water from the spring.

Young foliage.

Bogotá - Colombia's capital city.

Monument To Simon Bolivar.

High-rise building in bogotá.

Old town square with a Cathedral.

Tourists photographed against the backdrop of a historic building.

Modern skyscraper.

Old street.

The guard at the presidential Palace.

The Streets Of Bogota.

Woman is on the street two burros.

Three mules, Laden with bales, on the streets of Bogota.

People on the streets.

The man on the go reading a newspaper.

The faces of the children.

Street vendor of fruit.

Teen washes the car.

Soviet trolley on the streets of Bogota.

The monument to the Peruvian writer Ricardo Palma.

The view of Bogota from the top point.






Russian cities and regions; Towns and countries; History
Geography and Nature