Film-travel almanac 1981 № 160

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Director: D.Mamedov, A.Babayan, E.Eratov, Yu.Egorov, O.Lebedev

Script writers: T.Lordkipanidze, A.Babayan, G.Halturin, Yu.Egorov ,o,Lebedev ov

Operators: D.Mamedov, Yu.Egorov, O.Lebedev

Text writers: V.Biljchinskij


The plot №1 «growing city in Siberia" The plot №2 «In the underwater world of the reserve" The plot №3 «In the old park Tervete" The plot №4 «Islands on the equator"

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Growing up in Siberia city".

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

A helicopter flies over the taiga.


The helicopter in the sky with a load.

A man takes a sample of oil from the pipeline.

The West Siberian petrochemical plant.

In the taiga terrain vehicle rides.

Three men get out of the jeep with the equipment.

Men go deep into the forest.

The construction of a house.

Nizhnevartovsk, a panorama of the new residential area.

A man with a teenage son in the room behind the Desk.

Room in the apartment, the table is set for tea.

The helicopter on the pad, it are shift workers.

Download helicopter.

The helicopter takes off.

Car loaded with pipes go on the road.

"Underwater reserve".

The rocks in the sea.

Ship jump into the water divers.

Underwater shooting.


scuba diver under water.

Sea urchins.


Large sea cucumber.

Scuba diver with starfish in hand.

A female scientist in a laboratory.

Underwater farm, farming scallops.

Scallops in mesh trays.

Peter The Great Bay.

A flock of small fish.

Starfish and sea urchins.

The inhabitants of the underwater world.

Seagulls over the sea.


Tyumen region



Russian cities and regions; Flora and fauna
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In the old Park of Tervete.

Snow-covered forest.

Riders gallop along the forest road.

Skier runs on the track.


On the river floating ducks.

Riders in the forest.

Wooden pointer in the woods.

A group of skiers at the sign.

Deer among birch trees in the snow looking for grass.

Old house in the Park.

Interior of one of the rooms of the house-Museum of A. Brigadere.

Books A. Brigadere.

A wooden figure of one of the heroes of the books of the writer.

Big head is another character of fairy tales.

The wooden stairs down girl with skis.

Jeweler at the table creates jewelry from amber.

Finished jewelry made of amber.

A herd of deer in the woods.

Islands on the equator.

Extinct volcano.

A bird soars in the sky.

The island from a helicopter.

Cannon at the fortress.

Promenade in Sao Tome.

On a city street.

Large faces of people.

A sign indicating the passage of the equator.

Shallow river.

Breadfruit tree with fruits.

The coconut palm tree.

Flowering trees.


The cocoa tree.

Harvesting cocoa.

Women collect discarded fruit from the ground.

Women break the fruit and take out the grain.

Cocoa beans on a conveyor belt.

Sacks of cocoa beans on a conveyor.

Sacks of cocoa in the warehouse.


The coast of the Atlantic ocean.


Sao Tome and Principe



Russian cities and regions; Literature; Museums and exhibitions; Towns and countries
Geography and Nature; Culture and Arts