Film-travel almanac 1984 № 195

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Director: A.Klyuchnikov, E.Eratov, D.Mamedov

Script writers: Yu.Gurvich, O.Larin, L.Belokurov.

Operators: Yu.Shkundov, Yu.Shuplyakov, A.Gorchakov.

Text writers: I.Mendzherickij


The plot №1 «City ancient city young" The plot №2 «Kargopol, meeting Spring" The plot №3 «Finding the Past" The plot №4 «The streets Tabor"

Reel №1

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"The ancient city, the city of the young".

Tashkent, a young artist with his easel.

Modern street.

Underground entrance to the metro station.

The building of the University.

The excavation of the ancient city.

Aktepa - the ancient city.

Archaeologists working on the excavation.

Ancient coins.

Writing stick.

Manuscript book.

The illustrations in the manuscript book.

Archaeologists working at the ancient settlement of Shashtepa.

The view from the ancient settlement to modern Tashkent.

The memorial complex "Courage", dedicated to earthquake in 1966.

Modern square with a fountain.

Young resident of Tashkent.

Folk festival, musicians play the karnay and tambourine.

A little boy plays the drum.

Two girls dancing.

The area filled with people.

Tightrope Walker.

Risotto in a large pan.

Big hands putting rice in the dish.

Modern Tashkent.


"Kargopol', spring meeting".

The sun through the birch branches.

Snow-covered forest.

On a snowy road ride sleds pulled by a horse.

Traces of a hare on the snow.

Wooden hut and fence.

Cathedral with a bell tower.

The people passing by.

White Church on the white snow.

Large dome.

For street riding the bus.

Grandma pulls out Russian stove teary - holiday cookies.

Big hands make intricate patterns out of the dough.

The entertainers on the street.

Grandma gives entertainers Goodies.

Feast on the street.

Grandfather frost and snow maiden.

Fair on the square.

Products of local craftsmen from wood and clay.

The famous Kargopol toy.

A woman painting a toy.

Large hands make figure.

Male sculpts figure.

Painted Kargopol toys.

Sled with a costumed ride through the streets of the city.


Arkhangelsk region



Russian cities and regions; History; Traditions and customs
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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A city of the past.

Raising the sails on the boat.

Sailboat in the sea.

Wooden boat on the shore.

Three men at a table near the house talking.

Two members of the expedition in the cabin of a sailboat decipher the code.

The man at the helm of a sailboat.

The two men drop the anchor.

Underwater shooting.

One of the participants of the water raises the stem from the old vessel.

The diver reports the find on the ship.

Close-up the face of one of the participants.

Hands on the wheel.

General view of Solovetsky monastery from the water.

Gun on the wall of the monastery.

One of the towers.

The dome of the temple.

Members of the expedition visiting the monastery.

Old boat in the Museum.

Members of the expedition take the measurements with the old boat.

Large parts boat.

The library of the Museum.

Books with descriptions of old boats.

Sailboat in the sea.

The streets of the Camp.

Panorama of the city of Tabor.

Bell tower.

In a historic building.

Street Tabor.

The Monument To Jan HUS.

High reliefs depicting Hussite movement.

Old map of the Camp.

The Statue Of Jan Žižka.

The arms of the Hussites in the Museum.

Square in Tabor.

View of the city from the opposite Bank of the river.


The white sea.


The Solovetsky monastery.

Scientific expeditions; Towns and countries
Science; Geography and Nature