Film-travel almanac 1984 № 196

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Director: V.Man, D.Mamedov, B.Slomyanskij

Script writers: N.Dobrovoljskij, D.Demin, L.Belokurov, V.Paustovskij

Operators: V.Suprun, D.Mamedov, A.Gorchukov, N.Verblovskij

Text writers: I.Linkova


The plot №1 «Where Sofia, there Novgorod" The plot №2 «Living patterns of Turkmenistan" The plot №3 «Lidice" The plot №4 «I was born at the dawn ..."

Reel №1

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"Where is Sophia, there is Novgorod".

View on Yuriev monastery.

Panorama of the Novgorod Kremlin.

Saint Sophia Cathedral.

Bell, standing in the Cathedral.

Photo of the destroyed post-war Novgorod.

Restoration workshop.

The fresco of St.

Demetrius with the bullet hole.

A group of tourists in the Kremlin.

Bell tower.

The Wall Of The Novgorod Kremlin.

Panorama of the city.

The bell in the bell tower.

Yaroslav's court.

The archaeological excavation.

Large hands, to understand the findings.

V. L. Yanin speaks to a large audience.

Panorama of the findings of archaeologists, laid out on the table.

Janine shows gathered birch bark.

Birchbark manuscripts in the Museum.

Hall of the Museum with archaeological finds.

Hall with icons.

Helmet and armor of an ancient warrior.

Awards of the great Patriotic war in the Museum.

Novgorod embankment.

Workshop production of televisions.

The Monument "Millennium Of Russia".

Fragments of the monument.

The eternal flame at the Kremlin wall.

"Living patterns of Turkmenistan".

Desert, dunes.

Field of tulips.


Girls woven carpet.

Turkmen carpet.

Three girls weaving a large carpet.

Big girl face.

Large hands weaving carpet.

Close-up of hands with scissors cut long threads.

Turkmen ornament on the carpet.

Camel caravan in the desert.

Ruins of the ancient city in the desert.

Two turtles crawling across the sand.



Little snake crawling across the sand.

Large red tulips.

Blooming poppies.

Blooming fruit garden.

Big Apple flowers.

Figs on the tree.

Birds by the sea.

Flamingos and ducks.

White Swan.

Birds fly over the sea.

The sea in the evening.

The ornaments of Turkmen carpets.


Yanin V.L. - istorik, arheolog


Novgorod region


Novgorod Kremlin.



Russian cities and regions; History; Folk Art
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; National culture; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The Village Of Lidice.

A group of primary school children walking down the street.

A group of tourists.

The Museum in Lidice.

The people at the booth with photos.

Photos of the war years.

The destroyed village of Lidice.

People lay flowers to the memorial.

Large roses.

Book reviews the Museum of Lidice.

Inscriptions in different languages.

Memorial cross.

Photos of the war years.

One of the monuments of the memorial.

Photos of executed people.

The faces of the men of the village of Lidice, shot in 1942.

The pictures of the women of Lidice, deported to Germany.

Blooming roses.

The garden of peace and friendship in Lidice.

The coats of arms of cities and villages burnt by the war.

The faces of the people listening to the guide.

I was born at dawn...


Fog over the field.

Boggy meadow.

Dew on the grass.

The manor house in Novospasskoye.

Portrait Of M. Glinka.

Room for birds.

Chaffinch on a branch.


One of the rooms of the Museum.

Birch in the rain.

The Church in Novospasskoye.

'Round dance (figure).

Notes placed on the music stands.

The farmstead in the evening.

One of the battles of 1812 (engraving).

The window on the window sill the candle burns.

Outside the window the rain.

A piano in the room of the Museum.

Portrait of M. Glinka, I. Repin.

The open-air concert on the birthday of Glinka.

The faces of the people listening to the music.


The manor house.

A crowd of people in front of the house of M. Glinka.


Czechoslovakia, Smolensk oblast.


Novospasskoye, the House-Museum of M. Glinka.



Towns and countries; World War II; Museums and exhibitions; Composers
Geography and Nature; History; Culture and Arts; Persons of arts; Biography; Music