Film-travel almanac 1984 № 197

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Director: V.Kuznecov, T.Martinceva, L.Popov., D.Demin

Script writers: V.Kuznecov,I.Sklyut, A.Tarasov, D.Demin

Operators: V.Kryuchkin, L.Fomin, A.Klimentjev

Text writers: V.Belyakov


The plot №1 «Cape Chelyuskin" The plot №2 «In the land of tales, gems" The plot №3 «Kostroma and stand forever" The plot №4 «Argo" off the coast of Colchis "

Reel №1

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"At Cape Chelyuskin".

Halo over the ocean.

S. I. Chelyuskin in the North pole (figure).

Cape Chelyuskina.

Terrain vehicle rides through the snowy plain in the village of Chelyuskin.

Explorers at the station.

The ship in the ice, over them flies a helicopter.

Dog watching from the mountain.

The baby is rolling down the hill.

Children on a sled without slipping with the snow.

Girl hugging a dog.

One of the oldest houses of the village.

A helicopter flies over a herd of deer.

The meteorological.

Polar in the cockpit of a helicopter.

A helicopter flies over the Peninsula.

The Arctic coast of Taimyr Peninsula from a helicopter.



The baby seal - Belek.

Walrus rookery.

Laying eggs on the ground.

Icebreaker in the ice.

The first spring flowers of Taimyr.

"In the land of tales of gems".

Natural gems.

Lizard on a rock.

Illustration for the tales of Bazhov.

The Picture Bazhov.

The book Bazhov "malachite box".

Book Bazhov.

River Sysert.

Sredneuralskaya landscape.

Panorama of the city Sysert.

Large old man's face.

Street with wooden houses in the town Sysert.

Windows with carved frames.

The house where they lived Bazowy.

Room in the house on the dresser a photo of the future writer.

Panorama rooms of the house-Museum of the writer.

Photos of parents Bazhov.

The Ural mountains.

Old photo of the Ural mines.

The Picture Bazhov.

Illustration for the tales of Bazhov.

River Sysert.

The Ural mountains.


Illustration to the tale.

Processing of Ural gems at the grindstone.

Stone flower.

Box from the Ural gems.

Works from the Ural stone.

Lizard on a rock.

Monument Bagova.

Ural landscape.




The Village Chelyuskin.
The City Sysert.



Russian cities and regions; Literature
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Culture and Arts

Reel №2

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"And stand Kostroma forever."

Snowy forest with old trees.

View of the Kostroma river.

A Monument To Ivan Susanin.

Kostroma Kremlin.

Ipatiev monastery.

Canopy in a peasant hut.

A wooden house.

The wooden Church.

Shopping arcade in Kostroma.

People on the streets.

The building of the Kostroma theatre.

Bust of Alexander Ostrovsky in front of the theater.

Favorite gazebo playwright.

The court in river port.

Kostroma hydroelectric power plant.

The trolley on a city street.

Panorama of the Volga river, encased in ice.

"Argo" off the coast of Colchis.


Panorama of the village in the mountains.

Mountain river.

Shestnadtsatiletnyaya Galera 20th century off the coast of Colchis.

The galley in the waters of the Black sea.

"Argo" at the pier in Poti, a crowd of people looking at prikliuchenia the ship.

Large expedition leader T. Severin.

The Soviet flag on Board the "Argo".

Modern Argonauts rowing.

Ruins of the ancient city-temple in the village of Lany.

The fortress wall.

Collection of gold jewelry.

The ancient method of gold mining.

National dances for the members of the expedition.


Kostroma region





Russian cities and regions; Scientific expeditions
Towns and countries; Geography and Nature; Science