Syberia is on a Screen 1951 № 25

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: N. Lebedev

Operators: I. Andrievskij, A. Minorskij, A. Suhomlinov, G. Cvetkov

Reel №1

Production processes in the shop melange Barnaul plant.

Altay region.

Type of dam irrigation system Alei River Aley.

Start the water from the main channel interkolkhoz irrigation canals.

Patrol plane flies over the taiga in the Novosibirsk region, identifying the seat of fire;

pilot observer resets pennant over the point of reception reports of fires.

Firefighters extinguish a fire in the forest.

Kemerovo region.

Pioneer camp in Mountain Shoria.

Pioneers ascent to the summit of Mount Muztagh.

Key words

Textile industry. Irrigation. Water management. Air transport. Fire protection. Out of school education. Tourism.