Film-travel almanac № 209 (1986)

Newsreel №55200, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:36
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Camera operators:A.Klimentjev,S.Komarnickij,M.Komolikov,V.Bajkov
Text authors:I.Linkova


The plot №1 «Sulak cascade" The plot №2 «Road to Zurbagan" The plot №3 «Cobra in the palm" The plot №4 «Meeting and Spain"

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Sulakskiy cascade".

Panorama of Caucasus mountains.

Mountain river.

Panorama of mountains.

The Sulak River.

A large flock of sheep with shepherds in the mountains.

Panorama mountain village.

Along the street of the village are women with jugs of water behind.

A woman carries a huge MOP of straw behind.

Rotating the Potter's wheel of the vessel.

Women at work in the pottery workshop.

Clay figurines revolve on the wheel.

Panorama of snow-capped mountain village.

A woman weaves a carpet.

Dagestan carpets.

Panorama on top of the Dagestan village.

A man working on a wooden dish.

Kubachi masters at work.

Vessels of craftsmen from the village Kubachi.

Kubachi masters at work.

Works by Kubachi craftsmen (dishes, vessels).

Holiday in the village square.

Women dancing a folk dance.

Rough mountain river (Sulak).

Dance of the highlanders in traditional dress.

Cheering villagers.

Panorama of mountains.

The construction of the dam in the canyon of river Sulak.

A welder at work.

Worker welds the bars.

The truck carrying the equipment to the construction site.

Calm R.


Hydrostation on the river.


Panorama of the dam under construction Cherkaskoy HPP.

Building Cherkaskoy HPP.

The remote control power plant.

Miatlinskaya HPP (construction).

High-voltage transmission lines.

A woman works on a loom (weaves a portrait of Lenin).

Views of one of the GES in the mountains.

"The road to Zurbagan".

Bust A. green in front of the memorial house-Museum in Yalta.

Photo A. green in bed.

Sill, it is an ashtray and a vase with roses.

The sea through the branches of Mimosa.

Seagulls over the sea.

The sea and cliffs.

Museum of Alexander grin in Feodosia.

A group of tourists in front of the Museum.

Interior of one of the rooms of the Museum with a map Grinlandii.


Panorama of the office of the writer.

Photo: A. green in the office behind a Desk.

Panorama of the Museum's halls.

Photo: A. green with the hawk on his shoulder.

Another photo by A. green marine cap.

Photo A. Greene in the chair.

A group of cadets sailors in the Museum.

Close-up feed of a sailboat against the sky.

Small fish.

The helm of the frigate.

The captain's cabin,on the table a map of the cap (through water ripples).

The girl on one of the stones against the sea and mountains.

Genoese fortress.

Fortress tower.

One of the turrets through the hole.

Wall with arch.

The illustration to the works of A. green.

Boat racing on the sea with mountains in the background.

The illustration to the works of A. green.

Columns Of Khersones.


One of the palaces of Feodosia.

Swallow's nest.

Sculpture of a lion.

Panorama of the Palace.

Monument to the fallen sailors in Sevastopol.

Sailboats in the sea.

The naval station of Sebastopol.

The girl on the bow of the sailboat with scarlet sails.

Sailboat with red sails on the background of the city.

Locations: The Republic of Dagestan [741] Crimea [981]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Cobra on the palm".

Big Cobra's head.

Panorama of mountains.

The car rides on a mountain road.

Zmeelov in search of snakes.

Herpetologist with a stick for catching snakes and a bag in grass thickets.

Crawling in the grass snake.

Zmeelov examines roadside bushes and grass.

(Large)the head of the snake and the hook from the stick for catching snakes.

Large hand holding the head of the snake.

Snake catcher sticks his snake in a bag.

The man-snake catcher catches a snake on the trail.

The head of a Cobra in threat posture.

A man catches a large Cobra.

Herpetology with a bag of snakes walking down the path.

Machine scientists herpetologic next to the tent.

A group of scientists examines the freshly caught snakes.

Scientists are measuring the length of the snake.

The hands with the tweezers open mouth of a snake.

The snake is lowered into the bag.

Snake on the lab table.

Collection of poison snakes in the laboratory.

Large head of a snake, the venom dripping in a Petri dish.

Hands pour crystal powder into bottle.

The egg of a Cobra on the scales in the lab.

Lab herpetologia (Institute of wildlife conservation, the Turkmen agricultural Institute).

Scientist gets a baby snake from a small terrarium.

Baby snakes measure.

A small snake wriggles on the table in the laboratory.

The baby Cobra pose threats.

Scientist hand holding a small Cobra.

The "ball" of young snakes.

Caught a snake put in a special box.

The man behind the wheel of a forwarding machine.

The car rides on a mountain road.

Snakes from the box is produced in nature.

Two snakes with raised heads.

"Meeting with Spain."

View of Barcelona from above.

People sitting on pier on the background of the sailboat.

Panorama of the Caravel.

The Gate area of the world with the Columbus monument.

Columbus Monument.

View of the square from above.

Child feeding pigeons in the square.

A mother and her child feeding the pigeons.

Big girl's face.

People on the street.

Tourists taking pictures.

The ancient streets of Barcelona.

Panorama of the square at the Catholic Cathedral.

Cathedral of the XIII century

The musician plays the guitar in front of the Cathedral.

A group of girls.

Two musicians on the street playing guitars.

The guitar case with the coin.

Playing music (large).

Old narrow street of Barcelona.

Arch leading to the courtyard of the Museum Picasso.

Young people sitting on the steps in the courtyard of the Museum.

School of art, where he studied under Pablo Picasso.

Now the Museum.

The photo of the young Picasso.

One of the early works of P. Picasso.

"Portrait Of Margot".

"Portrait Of Madame Canals".

The Work Of P. Picasso "Harlequin".

Tourists photographing the sights.

View of the city from the observation deck.

Fortress in Toledo.

The two towers of the fortress of Toledo.

Panorama of the old part of the city.

Painting of El Greco "the Burial of count Orgaz".

A fragment of the painting "the Burial of count Horace" self-portrait of the artist.

A fragment of the picture "SV.

Dominic in prayer".

Painting of El Greco "Removing clothes with Christ."

The View Of Toledo.

Modern Toledo street with the flow of cars.

One of the areas of Toledo.

The stream of moving cars on the street.

The modern building.

A picket of protesters with placards on the street.

Tourists on the street.

A man reading a newspaper.

Two men talking on the street.

People in front of the kiosk with the press.

The monument to Pushkin in one of the parks of Madrid.

Man and woman on the bench.

City street with people.

Monument To Cervantes.

Sculptural group:don Quixote and Sancho Panza in front of the monument to Cervantes in Madrid.

View Of Madrid.

Locations: Spain [205] Turkmenistan [225]

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