Film-travel almanac 1986 № 211

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Director: Klyuchnikov A., Man V., Martinceva T.

Operators: Ventcelj M., Klimentjev A., Moskalev S., Popov A.

Text writers: Linkova I.

Other authors: Zheludev V., Zanin A., Klimentjev A., Markovich A.


1. "Day of Magadan." 2. "Protected Land". 3. "Home country doctor." 4. "Plateau of dinosaurs."

Towns and countries

Geography and Nature

Reel №1

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1. Day of Magadan.

Winter natural scenery Magadan.

View of the city.

The streets of Magadan.

The monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Icebreakers in the Bay Nagaeva (Aerial photo).

Sea view from the icebreaker.

Icebreaker "Paromay" at the pier.

Go unloading ships.

View of the main streets of the city.

Residents of Magadan.

The building of the Ministry of Geology.

Samples of rocks.

Monument to the landing of the first geological exploration.


Computing Center of the USSR. Laboratory work in the laboratory.

Welder at the facility.

Operating controls technology.

Shop plant for the production of building structures.

Used materials.

On the road going trucks.


Aircraft at the airport.

Residents of Magadan, public transport.

Carved ivory figurines.

A fragment of a theatrical performance for children.

Applause students.

People walk in the park.

Magadan State Music and Drama Theatre.

People walk past the theater posters.

Employees of Magadan television studio.

View of the construction site.

Construction of a residential home.

People pass between the houses.


2. The protected land.

Karadag Nature Reserve.

On the hillsides bloom meadow grass.

Web in the grass.

On the ground lizard runs.

The slopes of the Kara-Dag.

View of the sea from a cliff.

Trees on the slopes.

An array of "the king and queen and their accompanying entourage."

Kyzyl-Agach Reserve.

The creek swans.

A flock of mallard ducks in the reeds.

Pelicans floating along the shore.

On the edge of the reeds are people.

The photographer takes pictures.

Man shifts the photos.

Tourist Group in the rocks.

People watching from the cliffs to the sea.

Crohn tree.

Flowering steppe and mountain herbs.

Steppe feather.

Cacti in the grass.

Flowering rush.

Above the water circling flock of birds.

People in a boat sailing through the reeds.

The photographer takes pictures.

Along the path there is a man with a butterfly net, a dog running ahead.

Lzhepestryanka spot on a flower.

Insect on a daisy.

Tolstogolovka stud on the field.

Beetles daisies.

Meloidae Schrenk on field bindweed.

Most perlamutrovka (perlamutrovka Pafiya).

The man is running through a meadow and butterfly catches.

Butterfly in the net.

Askalaf pied (mottled bulavouska).

A man considering a butterfly.

The butterfly flies away.

Saga pedo.

Blue (Crimean) beetle running over rocks.

Ants crawling on the ground.

Small cormorant near the reeds.

Swan floating on water.

Flies flock of swans.

Sunset over the sea.


Magadan region



Russian cities and regions; Geography and Nature
Towns and countries

Reel №2

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3. House of the village doctor.

Moscow region, village Melikhovo.

View of the village from the trees, on the children play.

Horse driven sled (shot from the sledge).

Portrait of Anton Chekhov.

On the way, a horse driven sleigh.

Chekhov House (State Literary-Memorial Museum of Anton Chekhov).

The bell at the entrance.

Workers restoring order in the museum rooms.

Opened the curtains view from the window: a man cleans snow on the track.


Christmas decorations outside the house.

Snowman Chekhov at the door.

View from the street into the room through the window.


Brewed tea.


In a dark room lit candle.

Lit table lamp, shadows dancing on the walls of people.


The table in the room, Anton Chekhov, man leafing through medical books.

The angle of the room.

On the table a vase with a bouquet of herbs and set to play bingo, spinning trick thrown.

Woman collects chips in the bag and puts the card in the box.

Bobs empty rocking chair.

Type of the room through the window, on the wall hangs a gun.

On the chair sits a cat.

Exhibits on display under glass.


Photo on the wall.

On the path past the well is a woman.

Male horse harnesses.

Birch Grove.

The horse pulling the sled through the snow.

Room house museum.

Sani pass by an old building.


View: horse chewing hay.

Museum exhibits at the medical office of Anton Chekhov.

Tree branches against the sky.

Children look in a window.

Interior layout open Chekhov school.

Forest road.

By rooms is a woman with a lamp.

Pictures on the wall.


View from the street into the room through the window.


A view through the inner door.

View: to the museum is a tour.

A check mark on the house.

Excursion in the yard.


4. Payment of the dinosaurs.

Mountain Kugitangtau.

Car rides through the gorge.

The car near the lake, people go along the coast.

Scientists climb the slope.

Snake in the bushes.


People go to the side of the plateau Kugitangtau.

Alternation: dinosaur footprints in the rock, scientists have measured and photographed footprints.

Paleontologists examining footprints in the museum.

Scientists at the museum among the exhibits.

Drawings of dinosaurs.

Scientists are studying the plateau Kugitangtau tracks.

The migration of the inhabitants of the valley.


Moscow region



Literati; Geography and Nature; Discoveries
Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Literature; Science